A Bird Problem is the 23rd video of SML Movies.


Speedy has a speech problem and needs help fixing it.


SteinbeckstaringatJunior WHAT IS IT?!

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This episode has received negative reviews from many fans. People did not enjoy Speedy's voice and found it very annoying. Dafawfulizer ranked the video as #5 on his Top 10 worst SuperMarioLogan videos list.


  • At 4:36 into the video, it revealed that Logan has a rapping NFL Frogz, a singing and dancing toy made by Gemmy Industries.
  • A flashback from The Bird is used.
  • This is the least viewed SML Movie, with only 792,201 views.


  • When Goodman shushes Toad, his mouth doesn't move.
  • At 6:35 when Goodman talks to Toad, a noise can be heard in the background. 

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