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  • [Shrek is in the bathroom]
  • Shrek: Donkey. (farts loudly) Donkey. I should not have had that last... chicken leg. I had too much turkey and cheesecake. (poops loudly, then flies out of the toilet seat and sits back down) Oh, Donkey.
  • Mario: Shrek?
  • Shrek: Donkey!
  • Mario(opens the bathroom door) Hey Shrek, are you feeling okay?
  • Shrek: Donkey, I should've eat all the food at the dinner table.
  • Mario: Yeah, I just can't believe you ate everything. I mean, the turkey and the chicken...
  • Shrek: Donkey, after the last crap, I took, I just have to... I have to devour everything. Y'know what I'm saying? That is like, "Mmm! Cheesecake!" And then I'd like to devour all three cheeecakes.
  • Mario: You even ate part of the table.
  • Shrek: Oh. My bad, Donkey. I'll see what I can do about fixing that. Hey, maybe if we check my crap, it might be-- Oh, found a piece in there.
  • Mario: D-d-don't get it out. We'll just buy a new--
  • Shrek
  • Mario: No, we'll just buy--
  • Shrek: I'm still...
  • Mario: We'll just buy another table.
  • Shrek: Okay, Donkey. I will contribute the home, but just make sure you buy a metal table.

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