"A Retarded Beginning" is the 1st episode of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


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Mario and Mama Luigi are sitting on the bed being bored out of there minds until Mama Luigi asks Mario about the good old days when they were on the Nintendo Entertainment System, in which it cuts to a flashback of Mario and Mama Luigi jumping on pipes and Goombas until they got traped in a pit which Mama Luigi replied with "it took us 5 months to out of that single hole" when Mama Luigi leaves the room and goes to the back porch where Bowser is and pays him $20 to kidnap Princess Peach.

Then Mama Luigi returns to the bedroom where Toad called telling them the princess has been kidnapped by Bowser and walk towards the living room where Toad is and tells him that Bowser is at the Grand Canyon and Mario and Mama Luigi get ready for their new adventure.



  • This was uploaded on Logan's 14th birthday.
  • This is the first series episode.


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