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 (It all started when Mario and Mama Luigi was sitting on the bed).

  • Mama Luigi: I want a lollipop!
  • Mario: Shut up, Luigi, I am bored.
  • Mama Luigi: Me too for that lollipop! (While Mario sighs and Mama Luigi making a noise).

   (Mario and Mama Luigi are still bored).

  • Mario: Luigi, there is nothing to do.
  • Mama Luigi: Mario, do you remember the good ol' days when we were on the 'Super Nintendo'?
  • Mario: Hm, let's think about it.

(Mario is thinking about what happened).

  • Mario: Woohoo! It's so fun jumping on random pipes. Being old while I was super young. Oh My God! What the-

(Mario falls into pit)

  • Mama Luigi: IT'S MY TURN!

(Mama Luigi makes random noises)

  • Mama Luigi: I'm coming for you Mario!

(Mama Luigi falls into pit)

  • Mama Luigi: Hey Mario!

(Mario stops thinking about what happened)

  • Mario: Yeah Luigi, those were the days.
  • Mama Luigi: Yeah good ol' days. It took us 5 months to get out of that single hole.
  • Mario: Yeah. Peach was so...not...well she couldn't do anything.
  • Mama Luigi: Yeah.
  • Mario: I wish we could go back to the good ol' days and go on adventures and just do all those stuff. I mean, look how fat I'm getting.
  • Mama Luigi: Yeah I like getting all sweaty and hungry and stuff in the middle of nowhere.
  • Mario: Yeah and hit a mushroom block and get a mushroom I mean.
  • Mama Luigi: Oh the taste of those mushrooms. Oh Yeah!
  • Mario: I just wish we could do something.
  • Mama Luigi: Yeah me too. Oh I'll be back ok?
  • Mario: Ok.

(Mama Luigi runs over to the beach while humming the Super Mario Theme)

  • Mama Luigi: Bowser?! Where are you? Bowser you stupid koopa, come out of hibernation! Bowser!?! Bowser?!? There you are!

(Mama Luigi runs up to Bowser and a Goomba)

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