American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 4 is an episode of SML's American Idol Series.


The video starts with the next contestant, which is Mr. Pig, who brought his father with him, whom he loves very much. He starts singing "The Monkey" and "Animal Crackers". All three judges gave him a yes and moves up to the next round.

The next contestant is Mr. M&M who was made in a factory with two million others like him, so he has no family. When he comes up to the judges, he doesn't know what to sing, so he demands them to give him a song to sing, but Mario decided that he should make up his own song. So he sings a bunch of nonsense with not much lyrics. As Mr. M&M keeps on dancing, Mario and Peach gives him a no because they want him out, but Tony doesn't respond.

The next contestant is Goofy who brought his Pa in the show. He starts singing "I Like Big Goofy Butts", and then he starts smelling something stinky. He finds Woody's dog, Scruttles' butt, which smells like poop, then he finds Tony's unnamed son smelling like the same thing. All three judges say yes, and he takes Tony's unnamed son away.


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