"April Fools!" is the 114th video of SML Movies.


Toad shows Bowser Junior what April Fools is!


Bowser Junior is playing with Barbie Dolls until Toad comes in. Toad starts panicking, saying he killed someone and will go to jail for life. Bowser Junior starts crying with Toad, but Toad says "April Fools", saying he killed that guy 3 days ago.

Bowser Junior asks Toad what April Fool's Day is, and Toad starts saying that it's the first day of April, and you prank people. When they fall for it, you then say "April Fool's!".

Bowser Junior then says to Toad that Toad has a big nose, followed by an "April Fool's". They want to prank others, so first, they prank called 911. Toad said (to 911) that he killed all 5 of his children and his wife and slaughtered them. The 911 operator said "Are you serious?" Then, Toad and Bowser Junior said "April Fools!" and quickly hung up.

Next, they try to prank Chef Pee Pee, but Toad thinks Bowser Junior is ready to prank by himself. Bowser Junior said to Chef Pee Pee that his mom dies from a stroke last night. Chef Pee Pee starts crying, but when Bowser Junior said "April Fool's", Chef Pee Pee started yelling at Bowser Junior for almost giving him a heart attack.

Bowser Junior then pranked Bowser by telling him that he sold all his stuff on Craigslist. Chef Pee Pee noticed Thomas and hid him, and called out to Junior, pranking him by saying Thomas fell down in the garbage disposal by himself. Junior started crying, and after Chef Pee Pee said "April Fool's", Bowser Junior was wondering where it went and found it on the floor.

Bowser Junior wants revenge, so he told Toad and Toad put bleach in Chef Pee Pee's drink. Chef Pee Pee choked, making Toad want to call an ambulance. Toad then discovers it's April 2nd, ending the episode.



  • At 10:44 in the video, it is revealed that Logan owns a Blastoise plush.
  • This video marks the third time that Chef Pee Pee dies in an SML video. The others being Black Yoshi's Fried Chicken and Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack.
  • In a SuperMarioLogan interview, this was Logan's least favorite video during the move out because he thought it was kinda rushed. But he still liked the pranks in this video.