Attack Of The Killer Shrimp! is the 46th episode of SML Shorts.


Who will save everyone from the killer shrimp?



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The video starts with Dr. Frederick Finkleshitz brewing a serum in his lab containing the part of a shark's brain that makes sharks malicious, which he intends to use to contaminate the world's water supply. To reward himself, Finkleshitz eats shrimp but accidentally drops it into his serum. The chemicals on the table explode, and the shrimp enlarges and attacks Finkleshitz.

Brooklyn T. Guy and Simmons discover cocktail sauce on Finkleshitz's table, which Simmons mistakens for blood. As they do so, the killer shrimp hits Simmons and bites his neck, though Brooklyn Guy has ducked in time. Brooklyn Guy shoots the shrimp, then goes to the side of Simmons, who is dying from his wounds. Simmons tells Brooklyn Guy to let his children know that they are adopted. When he moves on, Brooklyn Guy laments his death.

The scene cuts to the news, where Goodman reports that a police officer was killed by a killer shrimp; on the press conference, Brooklyn Guy explains what happened in the laboratory. Mario and Rosalina, who have been watching the news, discuss how the shrimp has to be stopped to prevent further accidents. Mario tells Rosalina that he knows someone who could defeat the killer shrimp, but is uncertain of whether he would take the job.

In Woody's lair, Mario approaches his friend to ask for his help in taking down the shrimp, though Woody refuses. He tells him that he is retired, and that now he buys his shrimp from Walmart. Despite Mario's best efforts, Woody still turns down the request, but looks at Mario before he leaves.

In a different location, a woman is telling her dog to do his business, but both are attacked by the killer shrimp. On the news, Goodman and Brooklyn Guy inform the world of another shrimp attack, though the latter is pleased to hear that the attacked woman is his wife (though he is sad about the death of his dog). He also warns that the shrimp could attack at any time.

Mario defeatedly tells Rosalina that Woody will not hunt for the shrimp, but is interrupted by the sound of crashing glass. They approach the noise, and find that the shrimp has entered the house and brought the body of the woman. Rosalina and Mario call 911, and Brooklyn Guy shoots the shrimp (before he does so, he attempts to make shrimp puns, though he fails miserably); however, the bullets only anger the shrimp, which takes the gun that Brooklyn Guy has thrown at him. The three of them run from the shrimp in a conga line, and are finally cornered by a locked door (Brooklyn Guy remarks the absurdity of this); to fend off the shrimp, Mario suggests pepper spray, though Brooklyn Guy points out that the shrimp does not have eyes. As they are about to be killed, Woody kicks the door open with a rifle, yelling his famous shrimp call. Mario tells the other two to duck, though he has to pull Brooklyn Guy down due to his misunderstanding of the order. Woody shoots the shrimp numerous times, and the killer shrimp explodes into several small shrimps. Mario congratulates Woody on his return, and Woody tells him that there are too many shrimpos out there for him to stop hunting. 

The video ends with Brooklyn Guy making up terrible shrimp puns, but the SML Question interrupts it.



This video received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike with fans praising Woody's return as well as the video being funny. However, some people criticized Brooklyn T. Guy's overused jokes. Fans new to SML did not really like the video and said it should've had Jeffy in it, and panned Woody for not being funny. Some fans said that this will rival "Toad's Mistake!" as the best SML video of the year. Some people hated the part where Simmons died and when Goodman returned as news anchor.

Kushowa loved the video and stated that he wants to see more classic SML characters return. SML Reviewer, MAFDOMiNUS and Dabhdude liked it too.


  • This is the first video to feature numerous things:
    • Woody's first actual appearance in 2017.
    • Woody's first appearance since 2016 without him driving his white truck.
    • Dr. Finkleshitz's first 2017 appearance since "Loch Ness Monster!".
    • Woody's first return as the Shrimpo Hunter ever since he retired when the old house burned down.
    • The first appearance of the Killer Shrimp.
    • The first SML video to have the community transcripts option enabled on YouTube.
    • The first time Dr. Finkleshitz's appears in a video without Bowser Junior.
    • The first appearance of Brooklyn T guy's wife since "The Purge!" and the first time she appears in 2017.
  • The Killer Shrimp resembles a chestburster from Alien.
  • Logan probably made this video to promote the new Shrimpo Hunter coming soon.
  • This is the 2nd time they used a conga line to run away from danger. The first was "Jeffy's Brain!".
  • This Woody's 3rd appearance in the new house.
  • This marks Woody's first return as the Shrimpo Hunter ever since he retired when the old house burned down.
  • This is Simmons' first appearance since "Jeffy Sneaks Out!".
  • This is the second time that Brooklyn T. Guy, Mario and Rosalina sings the 'Running from a killer' song, the first being Jeffy's Brain!.
    • Except in Jeffy's Brain, the lyrics were "Running from a killer! Hoping that we don't die!" In this one, it's "Running from a shrimp-ayy! Try not to get eat-en!"
  • This is a darker, more intense and serious retelling of the Shrimpo Hunter series.
  • This is the second video that has been hated by newer fans. The first was "Toad's Mistake!".
  • On the breaking newscast, above the killer shrimp picture it says "GumbOH-No!" which sounds really familiar to Gumbo, Bowser Junior's imaginary friend.
  • This is the second SML video to use closed captions, the first being "SuperPowers 2".
    • This is also the first SML short to use closed captions.


  • In Jeffy Sneaks Out, Simmons had only 2 days until his retirement, and the video came out a few months before this episode, so Simmons should have been retired in this episode.
  • Goodman is on the wrong side during the Breaking news.


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