Baby Mutant Turtles is fifth episode of the second season of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


Peach is screaming in pain when Shrek comes to examine the scene. He looks for her newborn baby but instead finds Bowser Junior, who frantically begins to attack him. Bowser Junior begins breathing fire and starts attacking Mario once he knocks Shrek down. Mario punches Bowser Junior and knocks him onto Peach. Bowser Junior stands up, grabs Peach, and runs out of the hospital room. Mario manages to put out the fire and finds that Shrek is unable to help him save Peach. Luigi instead has to join him (but was never seen again until The Death of Black Yoshi). 

In the kitchen, Black Yoshi is busy pouring some "real, black man" Grape Kool-Aid for Mario with Mr. Pig. Before Black Yoshi can take the glass of Kool-Aid to Mario, Bowser Junior runs in and Peach cries out for help. Mario arrives and orders Black Yoshi to kill the turtle. Black Yoshi is able to ward off Bowser Junior and receives a huge thank-you kiss from Peach. Black Yoshi claims he is stealing Mario's girlfriend, so Mario tries to win her back over. Unfortunately, she protests and Bowser tackles Mario



  • This episode marks the very first appearance of Bowser Junior. However, Junior acts different in this episode. so is not the Real Junior
  • This is the shortest episode of the entire MALSADA series.
  • Luigi and Mr. Pig strangely disappeared in this episode after their short appearances.
  • The episodes title appears to be a parody of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".
  • Bowser Junior does not make his next appearance until Bowser Juice Informercial, which is also his first speaking role.
  • Luigi disappears after Bowser Jr was shot by Black Yoshi.


  • Bowser Junior was born in September 2008, not 2010. This video might've taken place in the past.