For the series, see Baby Shrek (series).

Baby Shrek is the 14th video of SML Movies.


Shrek eats so much cheesecake that something astonishing happens.


It started in the room where the bed has a box of cheesecake and a toilet paper. Shrek was laying on the bed. His stomach was rumbling. He's trying to get a can of coke, but he can't reach it. He calls Mario for something, but his stomach doesn't feel well. He went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. He starts pooping and pooping then calls Mario for the doctor. Mario comes to the bathroom for the trouble, and Shrek told Mario that the devils have possessed his bowels. When Mario is about to leave, Shrek told him that the toilet will take his soul, and Mario will have his cheesecake. Shrek's stomach still doesn't feel too good, so he took an enormous crap. He lies on the floor from exhaustion. When all of a sudden, a weird sound came from the toilet. Shrek looks in the toilet and took out a baby that looks just like him. He took the baby to the bedroom. Mario leads Goodman to the bathroom, but Shrek isn't there. Mario found Shrek in the bedroom. Shrek surprises Mario by showing him a baby. Mario says that's not even possible that a male should give birth. Shrek explained to Mario what happened, then Mario asked Goodmanabout a male giving birth, and he says no. Goodman will research it by taking a DNA test on baby Shrek here, but he doesn't agree. Then Shrek says Mario and Goodman to get out. Shrek calls Mario back and says Mar

io should help the baby. Shrek then says Mario is the baby's father. Mario says he is not the father and leaves. Shrek takes the baby to the kitchen where he and the baby eat cheesecake but the baby Sherk hasn't even touched his first piece. Sherk then try's to feed the baby but the baby doesn't eat the cheesecake so Shrek eats it. Woody then appears with a fake cow  Woody then says he is seeing two Shreks.

Sherk then tells Woody that the second small Shrek is a baby. Woody then plays with the baby making the baby laugh Woody then says that the baby is perfect Shrek says no and gives a bad point wich is the baby doesn't eat cheesecake. Woody replies by saying what cheesecake is the baby eating Shrek points to it. Woody says the cheesecake is too big for the baby and it needs to be in liquid form Woody says to Shrek to stay right there he goes and comes back with jello(wich flavor is strawberry cheesecake). Shrek puts the jello in a bottle and feeds it to the baby( while in Sherk lap) and it works!! Woody leaves to go and hunt for some shrimps the baby burps and Sherk say they have to poop together.  Shrek poops on the toilet while baby Shrek poops on top of the toilet with a small toilet. Sherk and the baby head out of the bathroom and makes a crib for the baby Shrek says goodnight to the baby and almost forgot to pray to the god of cheesecake so they pray.

Shrek then proceeds to sleep. Later that night the baby started to cry Shrek started to get annoyed so he got up and opened the light Shrek then sees what's wrong with the baby. It turns out that the baby has pooped Shrek changes the baby's nappy when he comes back with the new nappy the baby starts to wee on Shrek. Shrek scolds the baby for peeing on him. Shrek takes the baby back to bed.

Shrek can't turn off the light because the light is powered by Shrek's farts but he can fart. Eventually he farts but the baby fats as well and a fart war happens.The next day​  Mario woke up Shrek and says to turn on the news so Shrek does so and finds out the cheesecake makes clones and if you dont want your clone you can give it to cheesecake company but Shrek denies and remembers all the times they had

18 Years later junior the name of the baby has grown up and is leaving we see Shrek pack junior stuff and Shrek  says good bye to junior.



  • The plot of this video was made by Chilly.
  • While the end of the video skips to 18 years later, when Shrek Junior is grown up and is heading to college, Logan confirmed that the following Baby Shrek miniseries would take place in the 18 years prior to the ending of the video, covering the large gap between the actual video and it's ending.
  • At 0:58 into the video, it is revealed that Logan has John The Talking Toilet, a singing and talking toy made by Gemmy Industries.
  • This is the 2nd time in which Sara Lee cheesecake is reported on the news by Goodman. The 1st being Shrek's Nightmare.


  • When Shrek said "One small crap for Shrek, one giant mess for donkey to clean up." it is a parody of what Neil Armstrong said when he landed on the moon.
  • When Woody said "Here's Woody!" it is a parody of what Jack Nicholson said when he breaks through the bathroom door in the 1980 film The Shining.


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