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[the title says the date November 15th, 2013 at 12:00am, Black Yoshi is cleaning up his gun with a napkin]

  • Black Yoshi: Cleanin' my glock, folk. Aw, man, a blood stain. C-can't let that be seen. Alright, got it.
  • Mario: (comes in) Black Yoshi, what are you doing?
  • Black Yoshi: (Still cleaning his gun) Man, I'm cleaning my glock, so I can go huntin', folk.
  • Mario: Oh, what are you gonna go hunting for, like a deer or something?
  • Black Yoshi: A PlayStation 4!
  • Mario: How are you gonna hunt for a PlayStation 4?
  • Black Yoshi: I'm gonna take my glock, I'ma go to the Best Buy, and I'ma find somebody with a PlayStation 4, and I'ma take it. That's huntin', folk.
  • Mario: But--
  • Black Yoshi: I'ma take it.
  • Mario: But, you're, you're, that's illegal, and you might go to jail.
  • Black Yoshi: Folk, I never been caught by the police before. And what makes things gonna happen now?
  • Mario: Because, I just, because a PlayStation 4 is so rare, and like everywhere was sold out, and, the--
  • Black Yoshi: Mario, you do you, and I'ma do me, okay, folk? (grabs his gun)
  • Mario: But, everyone's waiting in line, you're just gonna go and steal one?
  • Black Yoshi: That's plan, folk. Wanna come with me?
  • Mario: No, I'm not gonna come with you, but if you get arrested, I'm not gonna bail you out of jail tonight, so you know what, just go do whatever you want to do. (leaves)
  • Black Yoshi: Alright, folk.

[Black Yoshi goes to the door with a gun to hunt a PlayStation 4]

  • Black Yoshi: Going to Best Buy to steal me a PlayStation 4! Hmm! (he opens the door while Toad is carrying a PS4)
  • Toad: Oh, hi, Black Yoshi!
  • Black Yoshi: Uh, a PS4, I mean, I mean, Toad?
  • Toad: Yeah.
  • Black Yoshi: What ya doin', buddy?
  • Toad: I just came back from Best Buy.
  • Black Yoshi: Alright, come on inside.
  • Toad: Okay. (comes in the house with a PS4 box) Man, i'm telling you, the line around Best Buy was like all the way around just like 360, but you know, I just, I just got it in the store, I got it what I want it, and you know, I didn't even have to wait, you feel me? (puts the box on the table and sighs) Man, look at this, it's just gorgeous, right?
  • Black Yoshi: Yeah, folk. That's, that's pretty, that's pretty gorgeous.
  • Toad: It's like the guy just gave it to me for free, I was like "WHOA!"! You crazy, son. He's like just, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah you can have it." and then I just got it and left, and everybody was, people were just like steal standing in the line.
  • Black Yoshi: (looks at the PS4 box) Man, this PS4 looks so dope, man. When you gonna play it?
  • Toad: I'm not really sure, I don't think i'm gonna even play it. (Black Yoshi puts his gun down)
  • Black Yoshi: Are you crazy, folk?! Why you buy it, if you ain't gonna play it, man?
  • Toad: I mean, I just though it looked cool, it had "PS4" written on it, and it had actual PS4, just--
  • Black Yoshi: Folk, let me have it, come on, man.
  • Toad: I mean, I don't, you might break it, and I don't want you to have it. Y-you could buy it. Um, you got any cash on you?
  • Black Yoshi: No, folk. Man, I ain't got no money. Um. Uh, I can trade you somethin'. Man, I got these nice new Nike's. (shows Toad his new shoes) Right here, folk.
  • Toad: They do look nice.
  • Black Yoshi: Um... Mario's hat. I go, I get Mario's hat, folk.

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