Black Yoshi's Fried Chicken is the 64th video of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi forces Mario to go get him some fresh fried chicken...


The episode starts with Black Yoshi telling Mario to get a chicken from a farm. Mario gets help from Chef Pee Pee to get a chicken. Woody calls his pet chicken a cock. They get Woody's cock and they have to return it by 6:00. They use breadcrumbs to lure in the oven until he kills Chef Pee Pee and Mario shows the cock to Black Yoshi. The chicken Mario and Chef Pee Pee tried to cook is Black Yoshi's chicken friend, Tyreese. Black Yoshi shows Tyreese how to play Call of Duty. Woody takes back Tyreese to show his date and the video ends.



  • This video marks the 1st appearance of Tyreese.

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