Black Yoshi's Girlfriend is the 9th video of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi rescues a Pink Yoshi from a drug dealer and she becomes his girlfriend. He takes her to the house and has to get everyone else out of the house so he and his girl can have their alone time.



  • This video marks Pink Yoshi's first appearance.
  • This SML Movie also marks the first SML video to feature mature content. The mature content is the use of cuss words and sexual jokes.
  • The song Black Yoshi was listening to in his car was the SML Theme Song.
  • The video was originally uploaded in c. 9 November 2010, but it then got taken down due to copyright.
    • This was re-uploaded on May 27, 2011 for unknown reasons.
  • This is the first time Black Yoshi says the N-word. He says it again in Toad's Stupid Idea.

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