Black Yoshi's Girlfriend Problem! is the 177th episode of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi is having some girlfriend problems!


Black Yoshi is playing COD and he tells Delilah to make him a sandwich, she refuses and he hits her. She leaves with Popeye and he tries to get a can of spinach open to punch Black Yoshi but he does not succeed. They leave the apartment leaving Black Yoshi alone. Two weeks later he is seen crying over Delilah leaving him. Mario and Rosalina walk in and attempt to watch Dancing with the Stars, so they change the channel and a commercial pops up advertising a dating site named Mario suggests Black Yoshi goes on the site. Rosalina is also seen crying and having a Tantrum because there are no dancing stars on the show. To make her stop having a tantrum, Mario takes her to go see Star Wars. Black Yoshi signs up and meets a match with the name of Birdo. He tells her to come over so they can hang out.

Birdo arrives and Black Yoshi shows her around. They go to the kitchen where Chef Pee Pee is cleaning and Birdo spits out an egg and makes a mess. Chef Pee Pee yells at them and tells them to go, so they sit on the couch and Mario arrives. Mario says she is beautiful and Birdo said that she was a man and attacks them because Black Yoshi doesn't want to be gay. Mario gets knocked out and Black Yoshi throws another egg back and knocks her out as well. Mario later wakes up and goes to get Rosalina back from the movie theater.

Black Yoshi is no longer sad about having no girlfriend and says he will wait six months until he gets a job. Popeye comes knocking at the door and says he "got the spinach open" and to "eat your spinach kids!," ending the video.



  • Delilah and Black Yoshi are no longer dating as of this episode.
  • It is revealed that Mario and Rosalina saw Star Wars 15 times.
  • When Birdo fights Mario, a brief gameplay clip of Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario All-Stars version) can be seen.
  • This marks Yoshi's first appearance since A New Beginning.
  • This was the last video to feature Delilah.
  • This is the first time Rosalina uses bad language, and it's uncensored.
  • The "S" word is uncensored in this video.
  • This is currently Yoshi's last appearance in an SML Movie, even though he is named Timmy on this video.
  • This video was demonetized due to Black Yoshi hitting his now ex-girlfriend.