Black Yoshi's Job is the 45th video of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi needs some money to preorder the New Call Of Duty!


SteinbeckstaringatJunior WHAT IS IT?!

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When the new Call of Duty game is announced, Black Yoshi is desperate to buy it. When Mario refuses to pay the bill for him, Black Yoshi is forced to earn his own money elsewhere. Meanwhile,Bowser is watching a Charleyyy and Friends episode where Charleyyy has chicken pox; he starts getting itchy before clucking like a chicken. Bowser then feels itchy himself, and immediately thinks he has chicken pox, thus causing Chef Pee Peeto cut his hand. Bowser then realizes someone has to watch his son. Black Yoshi turns to Bowser, who is offering a babysitting job for Bowser Junior while he was away. While with Black Yoshi, Bowser Junior starts insulting him, causing Black Yoshi to shoot his toys, killing Toad in the process. Later, Chef Pee Pee and Bowser come with the former telling the latter he doesn't have chicken pox. Bowser offers Black Yoshi a large amount of money for watching Bowser Junior.



This video has received mixed to positive reception. Some Bowser Junior fans complained about the torture done to Junior, although people who disliked Junior to begin with due to past videos found the "torture" to be deserving.

It is on both Yoshi Player's and Dabhdude's favorite SML videos list.


  • It is revealed Black Yoshi's old gamertag was BlackYoshiDaKilla.
  • This video marks CharlieBrown678's first appearance.

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