Black Yoshi's Koolaid is the 39th video of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi needs a special energy drink to stay awake all weekend for the Call of Duty 4x exp weekend!


The episode starts off with Black Yoshi playing Call of Duty, (as usual) while talking to charliebrown678, and since Black Yoshi was annoying him so much, he threatened to report him, but he doesn't notice. Then he sees that Call of Duty is having a quadruple XP weekend, which after hearing that flips out and goes to Mario. Black Yoshi tries to convince Mario to let him borrow his credit card so he can buy a supply of energy drinks. Mario, who is checking his bank account, says no to Black Yoshi and gets back to work. Meanwhile, Bowser is angry at Chef Pee Pee for making him a steak and saying he asked for a hot dog. Chef Pee Pee, who is now upset, says that he remembers Bowser specifically asking him for a medium-rare steak. Bowser yells at Chef Pee Pee and tells him to make the steak into a hot dog or he will murder him and leaves. Chef Pee Pee gets mad and decides to hire a hitman to kill Bowser. Chef Pee Pee sees the phone number to call Black Yoshi which says (555)-Ohh-folk. Then he calls Black Yoshi by the word he read. After calling one (who happens to be Black Yoshi), Black Yoshi agrees to kill Bowser if Chef Pee Pee makes him an energy drink with Kool-Aid (Black Yoshi was originally going to charge him $5,000). Chef Pee Pee goes to the store and spends all his life's savings on 25 different kinds of Monsters and a pack of Kool-Aid. He starts mixing them all together while listening to music. After mixing them all together, Chef Pee Pee is about to add cherry Kool-Aid but Black Yoshi stops him and says he needs to add grape Kool-Aid. Black Yoshi dumps half the grape Kool-Aid container in the pitcher. Chef Pee Pee mixes it up and when Black Yoshi takes a sip, he shoots through the roof and into outer space. Chef Pee Pee calls him and said he still needed to kill Bowser. Bowser comes in and heard Chef Pee Pee and asked him what he said. Chef Pee Pee said he meant to kill his taste buds with his energy drink, and Bowser gets mad because he wanted a hot dog. Chef Pee Pee lies and says it's hot dog flavored. Bowser tries it and also shoots through the roof. Toad comes in and asks him what he's doing. Chef Pee Pee asks him if he wanted to try his energy drink in hopes that he would shoot through the roof as well.



Monster Energy Mix Taste Test04:28

Monster Energy Mix Taste Test


  • This video is technically the first appearance of Joseph in the SML World. However he is the voice of the gamer CharleyBrown678. He makes his first physical appearance in Bowser Junior's Cellphone.
  • Black Yoshi actually does have a job by being a hitman.
  • Chef Pee Pee is actually successful in this video instead of usually getting tortured.
  • Logan reveals that his favorite drink is Sprite.
  • A taste test video was released on SuperLuigiLogan.
  • The song that plays while Chef Pee Pee is making the Super Kool-Aid is Sunshine in Alaska1.
  • There were actually 25 different monsters which includes all of the Coffee ones, all the Rehab ones and all the Muscle ones.


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