Black Yoshi's Money Problem! is the 135th episode of SML Movies


Black Yoshi got into some deep trouble with a loan dolphin!


The episode begins with Mario and Bowser starting a robbery at a gas station, then they think about what happened earlier in the day. Earlier in the day, Mario sees Black Yoshi playing Call Of Duty, Mario notices his new red jays (Jordans), Black Yoshi replies by saying they costed 300-400 dollars, he also notices his new gold chain he is wearing. Black Yoshi then replies that he is getting the money for this stuff by a Loan Dolphin who gave him 5,000 dollars which he uses to buy, some turtle headphones, a new gold chain, some red jays, watermelons, kool-aid, fried chicken, skittles, starbursts, and bailed his friend Pookie out of prison. Mario then complains that Black Yoshi didn't need any of that stuff, Mario then asked Black Yoshi how he is going to pay back is debt, Black Yoshi replies that a check should be able to pay the bills he owes to the loan dolphin, Mario yells at him again, saying that won't work, Black Yoshi replies that he has 3 months to pay and Mario asks him when the 3 months end, however, The Loan Dolphin knocks on the door, so Mario answers it. Mario talks to the loan dolphin about his jacket, than the loan dolphin needs Black Yoshi. Mario says he doesn't know and asks him if Black Yoshi Owes money, Black Yoshi turns out to be watching them speak on the door, and asks Mario if the loan dolphin is wearing a jacket, Mario replies with a yes. Black Yoshi tells him to say that he is in jail, however, the loan dolphin can hear Black Yoshi and isn't fooled at all, the loan dolphin asks for his money, Black Yoshi says he doesn't have any money, the loan dolphin replies you better have some money and threats Black Yoshi by saying he will be sleeping with the fishes. Black Yoshi said that he will give the loan dolphin a check, but the loan dolphin says he want's his money now and makes a weird noise. Mario says he will sell all of Black Yoshi's stuff and asks for another day to get the money. The loan dolphin says he could stay at a hotel with a pool for a while, and gives them till tomorrow morning. Mario Later asked his bank if he can Loan 5,000 Dollars but the Banker wouldn't grant us request as Mario has Very bad Credit Debt, Black Yoshi Later suggests that he rob a bank since he does that to earn moneys, Mario go asks Bowser if he wants to rob a bank, Bowser replies with a yes and says he hasn't did that since he was a teenager, They later told Black Yoshi that they agree to rob a bank when Black Yoshi handed them his Nintendo gun for the robbery and told them to rob the Gas Station on W Street at 2:00AM, The episode then skipped to 2:00 AM, and when they charged into the Store Bowser demand The Cashier to give them 5,000 Dollars But she seemed to play dumb and said that they have to buy something and that they have a bup 1 get 1 free sale on Granola Bars, Mario Bought the Granola Bar and accidently revealed both of their names and even though Bowser want to waste her (Kill) Mario stopped him, then the Cashier apparently gave all the money in the Cash Register which is $25. Bowser and Mario decide to Ransack the place as Bowser didn't want to leave with only $25, He got a slushy mixed with Coke/My. Dew,/Blue Raspberry/And Cherry, While Mario grabbed a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. They talked for a short while until they heard Police Sirens. Back at home they discover a Scratch Ticket while dumping out the bag, Bowser used a quarter/Coin to scratch off the stickers. However, since Bowser couldn't read it Mario said that they won $5,000, Mario said that he'll give the ticket to the Loan Dolphin. However Black Yoshi say that they should give half of the money ($2,500) to the Loan Dolphin while keeping the other half to themselves, But Bowser suggest that they should use it to buy some foods instead but then there was a knock on the door and when Mario answered it the Loan Dolphin was there stating that he couldn't find a hotel with a pool so he was wondering if he can crash at Mario's House, Mario later told him that they have his $5,000 Dollars and when he looked at the ticket he said "Holy (Dolphin Noise)" "Probaby saying Holy Shit!," He later left and Mario stated that all his worries are gone now but then he heard a second knock on the door and Found out that Officer Goodman is at the door and he questions Mario about where he was at 2:00AM, Mario lied that he was playing Bingo with his friends but Officer Goodman told him that he need someone to back him up, He called Black Yoshi and asked him where he was at 2:00AM However due to Black Yoshi not understanding the situation, He revealed that he was robbing a Gas Station with Bowser, and While Goodman said that Mario will be coming with him but before he can take Mario, Bowser Said "(Sigh) Now I gotta waste the bitch!), And even though Mario pleaded no Over and Over again a Gunshot is heard as the screen cut to black while it was presumed that Officer Goodman was killed by Bowser Because he didn't want to go to jail with a Armor Piercing Round/9mm Round.



  • The gas station in this video is the same gas station from Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack!.
  • Pookie has been revealed to still be arrested after the events of Mario the Gangsta.
  • From this video onwards, Black Yoshi's silver chain is replaced with a gold one and he now wears a pair of Jordans.
  • The SML Question this video is the same question used in Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures. Season 3 Episode 3 (with the exception of "and why").
  • This is the 2nd video to involve a lottery ticket. The 1st being Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket.
  • This is the first appearance of the Loan Dolphin.
  • According to some fans, the Loan Dolphin's voice somewhat resembles the legendary British actor Tim Curry.
  • The music played during the Robbery scene and the SML question plus the Disclaimer is called Destructiod MK2.
  • From this episode onwards, Tyrone is friends with Black Yoshi seen in very many later episodes, most famously Jeffy The Rapper!