Black Yoshi's New Call Of Duty is the 18th video of the SML Movies.


While Black Yoshi is playing Call of Duty after spending six months in prison. Mario tells Black Yoshi that there's a new Call of Duty, Black Ops II. Black Yoshi doesn't believe him so Mario shows Black Yoshi an online picture of the official artwork. Black Yoshi accuses Mario of photoshopping the picture so Mario makes Black Yoshi call GameStop to ask if they have Black Ops II. After GameStop answers, they explain that they are but they are sold out but they could try calling the other GameStop in town. They then call the other GameStop to ask if they have any copies, but the GameStop told Black Yoshi and Mario that they just sold the last copy. Black Yoshi demands for his identity, car type, and route, and sets out to hunt for the guy. An hour before the plot of the episode, the scene changes to Lovell praising his new Black Ops II, and decides to get ice cream. An hour later, Black Yoshi finally meets Lovell and asks if he could give him for a ride. When Black Yoshi stops, he takes Lovell copy of Black Ops II and kills him in the process and hides his corpse in the trunk of his car. When he gets home, Black Yoshi tells Mario about his successful crime but notices that Mario is wearing a microphone and Officer Goodman arrives to take Black Yoshi to jail. Black Yoshi claims that he ain't going back and retaliates by hitting the officer and runs away while Goodman wails in pain.



  • Black Yoshi reveals that he was in prison for 6 months prior to this video.


  • Before Black Yoshi calls only to find out there are no copies of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 in GameStop, if one can look closely in the corner, you can actually see a copy of the game at GameStop.

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