Black Yoshi April Fools is the 9th short of SML Shorts.


Black Yoshi can't take a joke!


The episode begins as Black Yoshi comes out of the bathroom. Just then, Mario comes in the scene and tells Black Yoshi that his PlayStation 3 and Call of Duty have been stolen. Black Yoshi then gets worried and goes to check. He then realizes that Mario was playing a prank on him for April Fools. Black Yoshi then wants to tell Mario a joke. Black Yoshi then tells Mario to turn around when he counts to 3 and turn back around when he counts to 3 again. Mario then turns around when Black Yoshi counts to 3, and when he turns back around, Black Yoshi shoots him. Mario is then dead on the ground and Black Yoshi thinks it's because he's laughing too hard.



  • This is the first ever April Fools Day special.
  • This is the first time Black Yoshi shoots Mario.

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