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Black Yoshi and The Birds
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June 16, 2011 - October 9, 2014



Black Yoshi and The Birds is a series that serves as a sequel series to The Bird.

Main Characters

SML Movie: The Bird

While Woody is mowing, he discovers a mysterious egg in a tree. He starts to investigate it when a rainbow bird arrives to protect her child. Woody devises a plan to trap the bird by luring it into a rope circle with a plastic yellow egg sitting in the center. He plans to catch the bird to make shrimp omelets. Woody makes bird calls and it notices the Easter egg. She goes to retrieve it and Woody pulls the string, dragging her away. Woody takes the bird into the house and prepares to cut it up when he becomes sentimental over the bird. He decides to keep it as a pet and names it Skittles. Woody takes Skittles to Shrek's room. Later, Shrek returns with his Sara Lee cheesecake preparing for a long dirty night. Meanwhile, Black Yoshi is in his room playing Call of Duty when he hears Shrek calling for him. He grabs his glock and runs to the room demanding an explanation. Black Yoshi tries to deal with the bird and gets bit in the head. Shrek grabs the glock but accidentally shoots Black Yoshi. Woody comes into the room with cat food for the bird and releases Black Yoshi from her grip. Black Yoshi threatens to hurt Skittles if he ever sees her in the house again. Woody takes the bird to the bathroom to stay.

SML Movie The Bird20:12

SML Movie The Bird

Late in the night, Shrek has a bad feeling in his stomach and gets up to take a crap. He goes to the bathroom and slams his fists on the door, trying to make the bird hurry up. Shrek becomes impatient, and forces Skittles away. Black Yoshi returns from getting his nose fixed and finds the bird trying to eat his controller. He then scares her away. Woody goes to sleep while Shrek gets back from getting a Big Mac at McDonald's. Shrek leaves the kitchen to go get cheesecake and Skittles devours his Big Mac. When Shrek cannot find any more cheesecake, he goes back and finds the crumbs of his food. Shrek plans to kill the bird, and goes to Black Yoshi for help. The next day, Shrek and Black Yoshi plot to get rid of the bird, who runs to Woody in distress. Unfortunately, Woody is asleep and the bird is captured. The egg cracks as the episode ends...

Episode 1

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 108:42

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 1

Four birds are born and throw themselves at the house to break the bricks down. After they successfully manage to break the windows, the birds invade and destroy Black Yoshi's room. After finding his scratched Call of Duty, Black Yoshi finds the four Angry Birds sitting on his bed. Big Red, leader of the Angry Birds, explains their motives to Black Yoshi. They want revenge for what happened to their mother, Skittles. Black Yoshi claims he is innocent, and blames Shrek for the crime. The Angry Birds show video proof on YouTube, which shows that both Black Yoshi and Shrek were involved. Big Red agrees to a truce if Black Yoshi allows them to stay. Big Red also tells Black Yoshi that there is another bird, a gay one, is arriving at the house. Black Yoshi tells them that is alright, seeing as Mario, Toad, Woody, and Shrek are already gay. Big Red tells Black Yoshi that he doesn't understand, and that he will see just how bad the new bird is once he meets him.

Episode 2

Black Yoshi opens the door and is introduced to Tony. Tony feels left out and complains because nobody notices him. Black Yoshi explains several rules and restrictions that apply to the birds, especially Tony.

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 207:43

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 2

He tells him that he can't wear makeup and especially cannot touch him. Black Yoshi tries to make Tony act civilized when he is inside the house. Black Yoshi agrees to find Tony a place to sleep far away from all the normal people in the house. When they return to the room, they find that the Angry Birds completely restored the room. Black Yoshi starts complaining about Tony to Big Red, telling him to do something about the gay bird. After the rest of the birds refuse to sleep with Tony, they force him to go sleep in the closet. Meanwhile, a group of Bad Piggies has a secret meeting devising a plan against the Angry Birds.

Episode 3

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 311:15

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 3

Black Yoshi informs the birds that he can sleep a lot better with Tony in the closet. Mario gets home from work and finds Black Yoshi and the Angry Birds. Mario tries to keep the birds from staying at the house, but Black Yoshi insists and introduces them all to Mario. Mario tells Black Yoshi that he owns the house and doesn't want them to stay. One of the birds gets really angry and Mario's hat comes off. Big Red and the other two birds start laughing at him and making fun of him. Mario leaves the room, embarrassed, and they all go to bed. Outside, the pigs prepare their attack on the house. They try to break in but they can't find a way to get in through the door or the windows. When the pizza delivery man stops to tie his shoe, the pigs sneak in the pizza box and get transported inside. Shrek drops off the pizza in the kitchen, and the pigs escape. Meanwhile, Tony tries to sneak into Black Yoshi's room at night. He wants Black Yoshi to go to the bathroom with him because he is scared. After Tony is forced to go to the bathroom by himself, he is locked out of the bedroom. He manages to crawl into bed with Toad, who mistakes him for Mario in his sleep.

Episode 4

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 408:12

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 4

Toad wakes up and finds Tony in his bed. After Tony introduces himself, Toad flips out and worries about what happened in the night. When Tony complains about how nobody likes him, Toad says that he likes "her" a lot (implying he thinks he is a girl). Toad says that he wants to be more than friends, and Tony agrees to be his girlfriend (despite a current long-distance relationship). Toad and Tony break into Black Yoshi's room and wake up the birds. Toad tells Black Yoshi that Tony is his girlfriend, leaving Black Yoshi confused, saying "there's too much gay in this house." Black Yoshi leaves saying he is going to go see his girlfriend, trying to explain how Tony is not a girl. After Black Yoshi leaves, the pigs arrive ready to torture the birds. The king pig agrees to take the fight outside. Toad joins the Angry Birds in the epic battle. All the birds besides Big Red, Tony, and Toad sacrifice themselves to destroy the pigs. Big Red believes the battle is over, but the main pig still stands behind them...

Episode 5

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 509:09

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 5

The pig announces his survival and shows off his gun. He prepares to shoot Big Red, Tony, and Toad when a bird flies out of the sky and defeats the pig. It turns out to be Chad, who gets really injured. Big Red and Tony take Chad to see a doctor. Chef Pee Pee decides to take Chad into a fake infirmary. The birds go into the kitchen while Toad unknowingly helps Chef Pee Pee cook Chad in the oven. Later, Chef Pee Pee brings the eggs (remains of Chad) back to the birds, leaving Tony emotional. Chad reveals that he is still alive, leading to the revelation of Chad and Tony's romance. Toad tries to get an explanation, and Tony breaks up with him. Chad then explains how he survived the cooking: Mario came to his rescue on the frying pan and took him to a real hospital. Big Red tells Chad that they have to defend the house and stop the pigs. While the birds are busy plotting their plan, the pigs overhear them...

Episode 6

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 611:54

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 6

The Angry Birds try to figure out their plan while the pigs try to bomb the house. Toad suggests a rap battle, but Big Red dismisses his idea. Black Yoshi returns and the birds tell him about the army of pigs. Black Yoshi doesn't worry about the pigs and tells them he can easily defeat them if necessary. Big Red convinces Black Yoshi that the pigs are a problem. Meanwhile, the pigs hire a female bird to distract Big Red while they sneak inside and get ready to destroy the birds. After watching the birds play cards, Black Yoshi gets ready to go to his room and hears a knock on the door. Black Yoshi notices the Female Big Red and lets her inside. Big Red admires her greatly and Black Yoshi goes to his room. The girl convinces Big Red to go somewhere else and leaves the door unattended. The pigs sneak inside. Big Red prepares to get in bed with the girl when she accidentally reveals the pigs' plan. Black Yoshi turns up to the front door looking for them but he is knocked unconscious and dragged away.

Episode 7

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 7 "Series Finale"15:35

Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 7 "Series Finale"

Mario wants the Birds out of the house, so he and the pigs plot to get them kicked out. Meanwhile, Black Yoshi is woken up by the pigs's leader, Mr. Pig.

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