• RussianBot4


    August 18, 2018 by RussianBot4

    I am Russianbot4. and today this is my blog! *English blog only.* As you can tell i am russian. But it matters when i have a blog! So its simple to make a blog. Click on blogs and write one! And people Say What is blogs? Its a thing you need to do! Like A Badge and Make another blog post! And Goodbye! The end :)

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  • Cedricadedje

    Jeffy Isn't Stupid

    August 18, 2018 by Cedricadedje

    Jeffy is a 13 year old boy, and has a step parents that are Mario and Rosalina. Also, he has his real parents that are Jacques Francois and Nancy + his Sister which is Feebee. He may be stupid at Math. But, not many things and the truth is he maybe telling the truth. He did saw a piggy bank running around, including the drawing Jeffy. But that's not all! His favorite thing to do, is hang out with his best pals that are Bowser Jr., Joseph and Cody and what he really hates the most are green beans. He's also ain't a bad boy, I'm telling you that he's always a good boy! Lastly, too end it of, the only person that Jeffy hates the most is Bully Bull. So those are what makes Jeffy not Stupid and it's all thanks to Logan who made this character.

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  • BlackYoshi19

    Plz buy me it pllzz!!

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  • Jetsy-1


    August 14, 2018 by Jetsy-1


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  • 2epicworlds

    So this user McRiley retired today and I felt like me and Trikkiboy where the only ones who cared and this is fucking stupid from the two users who were having a party about him leaving. (I’m Not going to say who the two users btw) I see this thread and both of them typed “yay he is gone!” Wtf is this give respect to the poor guy. He may not be perfect, he may not be the smartest, and he may not want to be friends with you but seriously. If I was admin I would have given these two warnings. I don’t get it since April came the wiki feels like a fight club and don’t tell me you have not been a part of one. And the worst thing is 99% of them are coming form 5 users (not saying any of them) it’s just plan terrible.

    Any questions? Put them in…

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  • 2epicworlds

    This is my opinion on sml/sll’s Problems

    10. Overusing characters. Logan Only uses bowser junior, Cody, Joseph, Brooklyn t guy, chef pee pee, Mario, and jeffy every two episodes and Brooklyn t Guy is every episode 12 times in a row. Logan has to use a new character like scooter, his fanbass is already huge.

    9. Recycling plots. This is a big problem foe sure. Yes Logan is running out of ideas. Yes Logan has used a lot of items in the world for his videos. But it doesn’t mean he should recycle plots now.

    8. Mama Luigi fanbass. I know most of them are gone but the ones that are still here can be annoying you: “where the jeffy fanboys you big shit!” Ok yes the jeffy fanboys suck too but i’ve hated mama Luigi so much i actually hate the super Mari…

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  • Junebug25

    Alright. I've decided that I'm gonna do a comparison of SML characters from when they first appeared on theass series to where they are now. SML characters are prone to having they personalities altered, so I thought it would be fun to see how they've changed.

    Why? Because I feel like it.

    I'll be doing characters who are, or were, in the main cast and in the order they first appeared.


    Then: Reasonable and Down-to-earth, but with an occassional mean streak.

    Now: Still probably the most normal of the cast, but is a bit tempermental and can be pretty unlucky.


    Then: The Butt-Monkey of the show, got bagged on and tormented by everyone for doing little to nothing, and killed so many times you could compare him to Kenny.

    Now: Hyperactive, loud, ca…

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  • UltraGod29


    August 8, 2018 by UltraGod29


    I made 2 edits on Chef Pee Pee's Restraunt. Tommorow after the Smash Direct, I will be making an enourmous change to the SuperMarioLogan Movie.

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  • 2epicworlds

    My new series?

    August 8, 2018 by 2epicworlds

    Thanks to User:Rh390110478 for inspiring me i’m Making a series called breaking point. I can’t tell you what it’s about because it would spoil most of the story. Anyway I hope you will tune in for that!

    Any questions? Write them in the comments below. Or write them in my message wall. Or you can ignore me bc i’m not your mom.

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  • 2epicworlds

    If you don’t know what this is then check out my last blog post Blog: 1 year anniversary on this wiki!

    On August 4th 2017 a “legend” was born his name was “2epicworlds”.

    It all started by creating my account, I was originally going for the username “2epiczombies” but apparently someone took the name. So I got this name, if anyone asked me “what do you think you were recognized for?” I would probably say “my blog votes” (the blog vote thing was explained in my last blog post as well) I met my 1st friend. I 1st saw him when he created a blog vote and of course I thought he was inspired by me (I was right btw) and yeah. Back then he had 7 contributions and now he is over 9000 (jk only over 2000) I was having a great time. Hitting 100 edits, g…

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  • 2epicworlds

    Wait it’s the 5th today not the 4th........shit

    Well I made it, one year. It was a hard year and a long year but I made it.

    And since I made one year I will be creating: the story of me. I know it sounds stupid but it is about my journey so far being on this wiki. and I will be doing blog votes again. Blog votes are a blog post where there are nominees (sometimes) and you vote in the comments then I tally them.

    The story of me part 1 coming soon

    Have any questions? Write them down in the comments below or on my message wall or to an admin bc there here you know.

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  • Breakingcyborg75
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  • Trikkiboy

    Video base

    August 2, 2018 by Trikkiboy

    "This video" is the number episode of SML Movies. 

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  • Spidey78jd


    July 30, 2018 by Spidey78jd

    Tails is a character from titototer that is Portrayed by Chilly Jimenez

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  • Gaming25680
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  • UltraGod29


    July 29, 2018 by UltraGod29

    1. Why is Tripolar always making a fool of himself with his clickbait, ugh, I wish that he were his normal self.

    2. I hope SML gets his ads back, it is not his fault kids are idiots.

    3. I hope I can be more of use to FANDOM.

    4. Is there someone copying my work?! I hope they could be more unique instead of stealing content like those terrible SML reuploaders.

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  • LoudHouseFan777

    Hey Guys! It's LoudHouseFan777. I just wanna tell you why I hate Mr. Goodman Nowadays. I know I can be biased, but this is just my opinion so please respect it.

    1. He's rarely in his famous Police Uniform nowadays
    2. Nowadays, he just greedy. To me he's become the Mr. Krabs of SML!
    3. He always finding ways to get money.
      1. Example 1: The Fender Bender: Goodman pretends to be seriously injured after a non-fatal car accident so Mario can pay him
      2. Example 2: Jeffy's Shirt: Goodman changes his name to "PoopyButt" after he heard about Mario and Jeffy's check so he can get the money
      3. Example 3: The Bet: Goodman sues Walmart after he pretends to be seriously injured after pretending to slip on a water puddle.
    4. He treats Mario like a punching bag. 
      1. He always tells Mari…

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  • CuldeeFell13

    Chef Pee Pee The Robot Extended Ending

    Junior: Can you do the caption on this website so I can sign in.

    Chef Pee Pee: No.

    Junior: Why not?

    Chef Pee Pee: Because you can't go on sites like these their inapropriate. You know what i'm taking away this laptop. (He takes his laptop)

    Junior: Wait! So your a robot too!?

    Chef Pee Pee: What?! No its me Chef Pee Pee.

    Junior: AHHH!! Cody get the bat.

    Cody: I got the bat Junior!

    CPP: Wait! What are you doing!? (Cody swings the bat at him but Chef Pee Pee dodges it) Why did you try to hit me with a bat! I'm gonna tell Bowser!

    Junior: Oh my god! The Robot is gonna get my dad to be on his side. What are we gonna do?!

    Joseph: Lets go after him dude!

    Junior: All right lets go. Alright Chef Pee Pee The Robot, say your …

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  • CyanideCrayon

    Ok im bored so im gonna do requests. you can add a comment on THIS BLOG with a request and ill do it as soon as i can. i can draw something or design something or decorate your userpage. it depends on what you ask me to do. I dont expect many comments or people to even notice this but ya. OH and i made the current wiki logo so theres that.

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  • CyanideCrayon

    hi guys im bakc

    July 24, 2018 by CyanideCrayon

    ok.... well im back after a 90,000 year wikibreak............ can we get 50 like

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  • CyanideCrayon


    July 24, 2018 by CyanideCrayon

    ok now this is epic.

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  • Junebug25

    Alright, so here's my Idea for an SML Video.

    So we all know how Black Yoshi talks in slang all the time, right. Well over time, Black Yoshi realizes that people can't understand a single word coming from his mouth. So Black Yoshi goes to Mario for help, since he knows what Black Yoshi is saying with them being roommates. In turn, Mario calls a speech pathologist, Brooklyn T. Guy and/or Goodman, so they can work with Black Yoshi. Can Black Yoshi make a change for the better?

    So what do you guys think? Any suggestions?

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  • Junebug25

    I know I'm probably stepping into a minefield, but here goes.

    So it's generally agreed that the videos Jeffy's Bad Word and Locked Out are among the worst, if not the worst SML videos ever made, But I could never tell which one people seem to hate more. So I wanted to know from you guys.

    Which video do you think is worse, Jeffy's Bad Word (JBW) or Locked Out (LO), and why do you think so. This way, I'll know for sure which is SML's worst video.

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  • Floppingcheepcheep

    welp, guys

    July 17, 2018 by Floppingcheepcheep

    i've done it

    i joined wikia

    the deed is done

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  • SkipDipTheUltimateHater
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  • Cramprules

    I made a rant video out of Logan Thirtyacre, aka SuperMarioLogan! CHECK IT OUT!!!

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  • Somerandomguy13

    So, i updated information on lovells page with information that came from dabhdudes lovell rant, than an admin took it down. This is not an attack on the admins, it just that I think the rules if this wiki is too strict. It seems no one can take critism, but then again, I guess that's why the reception tab was removed.

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  • 2epicworlds

    If you haven’t heard under forum post trikkiboy announced some new changes to the wiki (I might miss some, I will add them if I did)

    1. User of the month. I really like this idea because I see myself almost everyday on the top 5 most edits and you might too and this user of the month award is a great idea because you get noticed of your hard work.

    2. Fighting. I’m going to talk.......type about fighting on the wiki and I very sure witch 4 i’m Talking about. A month ago these 4 were creating drama with each other well not all of them, a better example is one of them was mean to the other not only that (the one who got bullied is really nice so that sucks) and the one who got bullied got mad and they got in a fight. Now the other two got in a …

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  • DanganronpaMania4800

    Check out of my new Danganronpa V3's video of the chapters. This game called about, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. I hope you like this, and No spoilers allowed. Let's do it!

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  • Vitomikespersonality

    So this could work as a stand-alone video or a series. The name is: Jeffy’s Karma. The idea is that all the bad jeffy has done catches up to him. This would see him get beaten up by bully bill, almost get hit by a car, etc and when things seem to look good for jeffy things get worse. How does his conclude? Simple either have him eat shrek’s cheesecake or touch Luigi’s nickel for a toads mistake homage that will eventually kill of jeffy permanently.

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  • Somerandomguy13

    In the livestream, zeke spoils the plot of the sml movie and talks about his time at logan's house. In the stream he states why Lovell and Elaina hate each other, Elaina smokes weed and hates chilly, chilly is actually shy, and logan isn't making the next episode of the Pokémon series even though he has a poliwhirl plush. Should we update these pages.

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  • TheShinyLucarioMaster

    I just got 100 edits today! (Including comments)

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  • Gabajeff900

    Uhlly Nation

    June 28, 2018 by Gabajeff900
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  • SkipDipTheUltimateHater

    I understand humor is subjective, you don't need to remind me.

    Cody's Mom:

    This is mainly one of the most cancerous gags I've heard ever since the beginning of Junior videos.

    "Lol Cody's mom is a fat pig lmao, get it guys? I'm funny. GIVE ME LIKES AND ATTENTION OR UR HIGH!!!!"

    A joke is meant to be passed, jokes like these that don't pass end up extremely ran dry and annoying, which is exactly what this has lead up to.

    Brooklyn T. Guy's Wife:

    Yeah, I get it, it's "FUNNY HAHA LMAO."

    Why can't we have more goofy slapstick than just him repeatedly calling his wife a fat whale? I don't see the originality here.

    Brooklyn Guy can be funny at some points, but he's nothing more than penis jokes and domestic abuse. I don't care for it, you enjoy yourself.

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  • Somerandomguy13

    At this point I can tolerate jeffy fanbrats because everyone else in this fanbase is absolutely disgusting. From cringey fanfic writers to flaggots. I'm not going to say names because I'm pretty sure everyone knows who I'm talking about. There are also those who dont understand basic comedy such a goodman, the joke is that his name is Goodman but he does bad things. And there are also those who acted like Logan making a bad video is a sign of the apocalypse, honestly everyone grow up

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  • SkipDipTheUltimateHater

    Anybody wanna support your boy for doing God's work? We did it! We finally completed the task! We are now in stage 2, prepare for any future updates. If this is done right, SML might be rightfully restored, thanks to us. I'd like to thank my friends and supporters. shout out to 12manny34, he was my first partner in crime! Everybody give it up for SkipDip aka me!

    This thread will most likely receive a lot of backlash, and I'm willing to take that in, not because of my so called "horrid" actions, but it's gonna be super hilarious looking through the comments.


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  • 2epicworlds

    I’m going to make a forum post for sml Survivor. I have made one in the past but it was poorly made. You can make a advantage request here. Here are the ones a have so far: (it doesn’t mean I will use them)

    The idol

    The legacy advantage

    Extra vote

    Steal a vote

    Super idol

    Those are the only ones so far. Sml Survivor coming soon!

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  • InternetProblem

    When I have been on this wiki for 30 straight days (which will be 24th June) I might take a 2 week break due to I high chance I will be banned so I am tired of jeffy I do want jeffy to be axed but if that happens SML Will fall From 5M Subs To 1M Subs and SML might take another 10 years to hit 5M Subs if that channel stays alive and get ads back

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  • AustinDR

    (Jeffy hooked up to an electric chair. In the background, his parents are heard sobbing.)

    Officer: Jeffy, you have been sentenced to death for the contamination you have wrought on Super Mario Logan's channel. You will be given a high voltage of electricity which will rage in your body until you are dead. Any last words?

    Jeffy: What doin'?

    (The officer gives the order, and the electricity is delivered to the chair.)


    (Jeffy combusts from the high voltage, rendering his body to become crispy.)

    Officer: Dead as f@ck.

    (The officers cook marshmallows over Jeffy's burnt remains.)

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  • Kirbymasters87

    I'm Back

    June 9, 2018 by Kirbymasters87

    Today is June 9 and now I am back. So i'll be doing some edits on the wiki somtimes.

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  • InternetProblem

    dont reply

    June 2, 2018 by InternetProblem


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  • Kirbymasters87

    SML Wiki Break

    June 2, 2018 by Kirbymasters87

    Hey guys its me and i will take a break from the SML wiki why? because i cannot stand those Redman X Owl shipping scums going AXE JEFFY!!11!! or WHY DO YOU LIKE JEFFY HE SUCKS!!!!1!!1!1 Chill out its just a character so starting from June 2 to June 9 i'll not be active on the SML Wiki so hope you can know, so Sayo-nara for 8 Days. Looking at you Redman X Owl Shipping Scums.

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  • Trikkiboy

    Moderation Tools

    May 29, 2018 by Trikkiboy

    This is a moderation tools page, this is designed to help staff members navigate the wiki easier. This is not designed for standard users, but it doesn't really matter as standard users cannot edit the links to these pages.


    Home gallery

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  • Robopon 316

    So I found this game on the App Store when I searched ‘’Bendy and The Ink Machine’’

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  • Rh390110478

    Hey, everyone! It’s Rylan Harshman here! So I know it’s 2 days after my birthday, but to celebrate it,I’m going to release every Ending I ever commented on this wiki on this single page. I hope you enjoy it! 😀

    Cody the Vampire: Alternate Ending Junior: Let’s call the doctor so we can make sure he’s dead!

    Joseph: Yeah, Let’s do it dude!

    (Brooklyn Guy rings the doorbell)

    Brooklyn Guy: Hey, did somebody call a doctor?

    Junior and Joseph: Well, We did! Because, we just killed somebody!

    Brooklyn Guy: Wait, Wait, Wait! Hang on, you killed somebody?!

    Junior: Um, Yeah, we did!

    Joseph: Come in, he’s in the living room.

    Brooklyn Guy: Ok.

    (Junior, Joseph, and Brooklyn Guy go into the living room where they find Cody’s corpse)

    Junior: Okay doctor, here is is!


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  • KAPfan9876

    Hey guys, I wanted to show you all my video ideas, alternate endings, and continuations when I first joined the wiki. So here they are.

    1.Video Idea; Bowser Junior's Military School Part 1 (Before The Real One Came Out): In this episode, Bowser Junior is playing trains until Bowser and Chef Pee Pee come in and beat up Bowser Junior for destroying the glass table. Bowser then says that Bowser Junior will be going to military school. Bowser Junior realizes this so he runs from Bowser and Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee sucessfully captures Bowser Junior and ties him up, gags him, and puts him in Chef Pee Pee's car. Also Bowser comes along. 1 hour later, Chef Pee Pee and Bowser arrive at military school. Bowser told Chef Pee Pee to wait in the car …

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  • Leostales

    This is my ranking of all 2018 episodes. Keep in mind this is a work in progress and I will be updating it as new episodes are released.

    1. The Fortune Cookies
    2. Black Yoshi's Job Interview
    3. Finders Keepers
    4. Jeffy's BIG Easter
    5. Cody's Parent Problem
    6. Bowser Junior gets Jinxed
    7. Jeffy's Energy Drink
    8. Bowser Jr's. Daddy Problem
    9. Jeffy's Clone
    10. Jeffy's Sleepover
    11. The Rings
    12. Cody's Mistake
    13. Jeffy Plays Baseball
    14. The Competition
    15. Cody's 10th Birthday
    16. Bowser Jr. Almost Goes to Sleep Forever.
    17. Hide and Seek
    18. Jeffy's Switcheroo
    19. Jeffy gets Glasses
    20. Jeffy's Cavity
    21. Jeffy gets Expelled
    22. Jeffy plays Fortnite
    23. Jeffy's Paper Shredder
    24. Fat Jeffy
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  • GirlPlayerXXX

    Rude Users

    May 9, 2018 by GirlPlayerXXX

    Why are users so mean these days?

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  • Myuacc1Inc.

    Welp... When a Disney-owned network shows your videos as a example of inappropriate YouTube videos on LIVE TELEVISION... You know you're fucked.

    also i got beaten to the punch by the forum again

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  • Cinnimon roll

    Is Cody vegan?

    May 8, 2018 by Cinnimon roll

    Cody may be vegan

    (*)Cody for some reason stated in this episode called” Juniors Stubs toe.Its starts when Junior shares some fish crackers when Cody states quote” I can’t eat those because I’m a vegan and I don’t want to eat fish.

    + +
    'Hints of Cody possible being a vegan'

    The reason I say vegan because we know that Cody had a thing for nature in Bowser Juniors YouTube Channel when he was re-recording nature and a butterfly. Cody says why recording hey there little leaf what are you doing here but your spiky hey there. Cody loves catching caterpillars and butterflies well.

    Is this a hint that Cody may be vegan be he stated he was in Juniors stuns his toe?

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