• Rh390110478

    Hey, everyone! It’s Rylan Harshman here! So I know it’s 2 days after my birthday, but to celebrate it,I’m going to release every Ending I ever commented on this wiki on this single page. I hope you enjoy it! 😀

    Cody the Vampire: Alternate Ending Junior: Let’s call the doctor so we can make sure he’s dead!

    Joseph: Yeah, Let’s do it dude!

    (Brooklyn Guy rings the doorbell)

    Brooklyn Guy: Hey, did somebody call a doctor?

    Junior and Joseph: Well, We did! Because, we just killed somebody!

    Brooklyn Guy: Wait, Wait, Wait! Hang on, you killed somebody?!

    Junior: Um, Yeah, we did!

    Joseph: Come in, he’s in the living room.

    Brooklyn Guy: Ok.

    (Junior, Joseph, and Brooklyn Guy go into the living room where they find Cody’s corpse)

    Junior: Okay doctor, here is is!


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  • KAPfan9876

    Hey guys, I wanted to show you all my video ideas, alternate endings, and continuations when I first joined the wiki. So here they are.

    1.Video Idea; Bowser Junior's Military School Part 1 (Before The Real One Came Out): In this episode, Bowser Junior is playing trains until Bowser and Chef Pee Pee come in and beat up Bowser Junior for destroying the glass table. Bowser then says that Bowser Junior will be going to military school. Bowser Junior realizes this so he runs from Bowser and Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee sucessfully captures Bowser Junior and ties him up, gags him, and puts him in Chef Pee Pee's car. Also Bowser comes along. 1 hour later, Chef Pee Pee and Bowser arrive at military school. Bowser told Chef Pee Pee to wait in the car …

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  • Leostales

    This is my ranking of all 2018 episodes. Keep in mind this is a work in progress and I will be updating it as new episodes are released.

    1. The Fortune Cookies
    2. Black Yoshi's Job Interview
    3. Finders Keepers
    4. Jeffy's BIG Easter
    5. Cody's Parent Problem
    6. Jeffy's Energy Drink
    7. Jeffy's Clone
    8. The Rings
    9. Cody's Mistake
    10. Jeffy Plays Baseball
    11. The Competition
    12. Cody's 10th Birthday
    13. Hide and Seek
    14. Jeffy's Cavity
    15. Jeffy gets Expelled
    16. Jeffy gets Glasses
    17. Jeffy plays Fortnite
    18. Jeffy's Paper Shredder
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  • GirlPlayerXXX

    Rude Users

    May 9, 2018 by GirlPlayerXXX

    Why are users so mean these days?

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  • Myuacc1Inc.

    Welp... When a Disney-owned network shows your videos as a example of inappropriate YouTube videos on LIVE TELEVISION... You know you're fucked.

    also i got beaten to the punch by the forum again

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  • Cinnimon roll

    Is Cody vegan?

    May 8, 2018 by Cinnimon roll

    Cody may be vegan

    (*)Cody for some reason stated in this episode called” Juniors Stubs toe.Its starts when Junior shares some fish crackers when Cody states quote” I can’t eat those because I’m a vegan and I don’t want to eat fish.

    + +
    'Hints of Cody possible being a vegan'

    The reason I say vegan because we know that Cody had a thing for nature in Bowser Juniors YouTube Channel when he was re-recording nature and a butterfly. Cody says why recording hey there little leaf what are you doing here but your spiky hey there. Cody loves catching caterpillars and butterflies well.

    Is this a hint that Cody may be vegan be he stated he was in Juniors stuns his toe?

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  • 2epicworlds

    The results are

    5th with 0 votes


    Tie for 2nd with 2 votes

    Logan, Pablo (Chris), and lance

    1st with two votes


    Thx to everyone who voted

    Next blog vote

    Who is your favorite retired user

    Any questions tell me on this blog post or under my message wall.

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  • Trikkiboy
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  • Harvey Beaks Number 1 Fan

    It’s been quite a while since any of you have heard from me. Seriously, my last reply was late January. To be quite frank with you, I think I am going to leave the supermariologan wiki. I happen to be losing interest in Supermariologan, and some characters (Mostly Goodman and Jeffy) I used to like, but now I just can NOT stand! And to be honest, I’m glad that Logan is not wanting to do the Jeffy videos anymore as he, along with Goodman, are characters I no longer like. Jeffy is freaking annoying, and Goodman just grosses me out. So yeah, I don’t know if I will be back here or not... okay, probably not, but as of now, I am done with SML. At least the wiki. So... bye.

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  • Leapis

    Hey guys, we are making new thumbnails for The SuperMarioLogan Movie. Here is my first one( don't judge this).

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  • 2epicworlds

    It’s been awhile since I made a vote because I was losing interest but i’m Back

    The nominees are




    Pablo (Chris)

    And Tito

    Poll ends may 7th

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  • Ast126

    There has been a lot of 2017 SML video. Some good and Some bad. With that many video, there will be many non-canon. Now there will be a lot of counter argument like the fact that characters dieing could just be revived by Craig or something stupid but this is just a fun blog I decided to make just to make a fun imagination. Here are the list:

    • Chef Pee Pee’s Cooking Suck: Chef Pee Pee turned into a toast but he seems alright in the following video
    • The Bake Sale: Chef Pee Pee was well... burned. Yet he is still alright.
    • Bowser Junior’s Curse: Bowser Junior turn the world into a Corndog but the world isn’t
    • Netflix and Kill: Bowser Junior, Chef Pee Pee, Joseph, and maybe Cody was killed.
    • Chef Pee Pee The Robot: I doubt Chef Pee Pee will still be a…
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  • DONKEY1433


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  • Human Beaver Enterprises
    • Jeffy's Sister 2

    Jeffy tells Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Cody that he has a sister and Feebee as Jeffy gives Feebee a tour of his new House

    • Bowser Junior's Playtime 6

    (In my eyes i want a End to the series just like the Summer School Series)

    • Bowser Junior's Nerf Battle

    All of Bowser Junior's Friends have a Extreme Nerf Battle along with Chef Pee Pee and Bowser (I also want it to be the mixed Length of Bowser Junior's Nerf Gun and Bowser Junior's Nerf War!)

    • The Last Day of Second Grade

    The Class conclude there Second Grade by doing a Final Exam

    • SpanKEN

    Cody makes Controversy because Junior touched Ken's Butt?

    • Toads Mistake 4

    Toad had killed more Shrimps than Woody so Woody challenged Toad to see who can kill more Shrimps

    • Jeffy gets Injured

    While playing …

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  • Flaggerssuck123

    Plan to save SML

    April 26, 2018 by Flaggerssuck123

    SML,SLL,and Chilly are targeted by the flaggers.It is all SkinDip.SkinDip hates SML.We must tell Logan to go to California in San Bruno.Go to Youtube HQ and tell em about the flaggers!

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  • 23jcrosby15

    What should we do to help Logan? Now he got all his advertisements removed off of SuperLuigiLogan, as confirmed in the latest chilly video, titled: SLL Iost it's Ads. No more Jeffy puppet videos! This must be BECAUSE of the flaggers.

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  • Trikkiboy

    How is your day?

    April 23, 2018 by Trikkiboy
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  • Baby firey
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  • Robyncarter123

    New Characters

    April 22, 2018 by Robyncarter123

    I made new characters like Mario's Ghost mom,a creepy girl,a mean girl,a brain eating demon flower,Bowser Junior's mom,Bully Bill's Mom and Creepy doll twins.I wish SML create a animated series

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  • Mcboy8

    Gosh has it been a while.

    April 21, 2018 by Mcboy8

    I have not been active for a while, and plan on getting back to it. In the mean time, is there anything i should know about that has changed in about a year?

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  • 2epicworlds

    Just to let you know some of these characters should ether appear less or be axed 5-3 should appear less and not be axed but I will put them in this list.

    These 5 characters I may like or hate but theses characters have been around for far to long.

    5. Cody

    “Wtf Cody” is what I say every time he appears since 2016 he ether try’s to have sex with any on or he’s making out with ken. If we have a character like that he needs to be axed.

    4. Bowser

    I can’t believe bowser’s hasn’t changed yet my god axed bowser if you can’t change him Logan

    3. Chef pee pee

    God damnit. chef pee pee is still here he is a asshole for no reason to everyone axe chef pee pee ASAP

    2. Jeffy

    You guys know why

    1. Brooklyn t guy

    Brooklyn t guy just appeared 9 times in a row that’s lik…

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  • Biggie Slam n Jam

    Hey everybody if you love SML then you got to watch my new SML video call SML MAIN EVENT WRESTLING MARIO VS CHEF PEE PEE. Its awesome I'm going to put a link here if u want to watch it. Also subcribe please and like and watch my other videos.

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  • Imthatman

    Make the wiki better

    April 17, 2018 by Imthatman

    What should we do to make the wiki better?

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  • HaroldDaSavage

    12: Joseph

    Joseph is of all the characters the most boring and bland. His only purpose is to side with Junior in arguments with Cody. His characteristics are liking sports and being “cool”. The only thing Logan did to Joseph to give him character development is Kill off his mom. If Joseph could have more traits he could be higher on this list.

    11: Rosalina

    She’s a lot like Jospeh where she’s just the dumb blonde stereotype who likes stars and space. She was annoying at first but I started to like her as it gave Mario lots of motives to impress her which was funny. Rosalina’s Ex-Boyfrined was a great video. Now her only purpose is just to contrast Mario when he wants to punish Jeffy. Hopefully after Elaina’s Break Logan will have thought of ne…

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  • Ast126

    Mario- Pretty Basic. But decent for being the main character.
    Bowser Junior- Although Annoying and cruel, I find him interesting and decent.
    Chef Pee Pee- I like him but he’s kinda cruel in a way
    Jeffy- Just Die please.
    Joseph- Pretty boring, uninteresting and Similar to Junior but not bad.
    Cody- GAYYYYY! And kinda annoying, but I don’t dislike him
    Bowser- Agressive and boring, but again, I don’t dislike him
    Brooklyn T.Guy- I like him but he has TOO MANY JOBS!!!
    Black Yoshi- Black Sterotypical and Gets away with everything.But he’s decent.
    Shrek- Disgusting! He’s meh.
    Rosalina- Better version of Peach but I guess she’s passable?
    Goodman- Why isn’t he still a cop?
    Charleyy- Weird I guess. He’s pretty cool though.
    Toad- Annoying, Boring and poorly execu…

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  • SkipDipTheUltimateHater

    This will most likely get a huge amount of hate, but I'm up to debate.

    10. The Hitman

    9. Mario the Babysitter

    8. Jeffy Takes a Shower

    7. Jeffy Gets Glasses

    6. Jeffy the Rapper

    5. Jeffy's Tantrum

    This video is extremely unfair and one-sided, however, even after causing a child on the news to nearly kill himself, there are a few loopholes Mario could have executed, such as beating Jeffy before he breaks everything. He didn't keep as much watch on him, so it would have worked out better if Mario was more alert.

    4. Locked Out

    While it shows the very menacing side of Jeffy, there were some hidden loopholes that Mario never realized, such as calling the authorities and reporting an adolescent house theft. If these loopholes were non-existent, this video …

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  • HaroldDaSavage

    10. Jeffy Green Guy 9. Jeffy Cop 8. Jeffy Friend Dad 7. Jeffy Gay Dude 6. Jeffy Chef 5. Jeffy Asian Teacher 4. Jeffy Fat Guy 3. Jeffy Redneck 2. Jeffy Devil 1. Jeffy Black Guy


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  • Robyncarter123

    New SML Ideas

    April 8, 2018 by Robyncarter123

    I create new SML Ideas like Ghost Baby's Day Out, When Rosalina Meets Marilupe, Marilupe's Mommy Dearest and Misadventures in Ghostsitting

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  • HaroldDaSavage

    Okay so I calculated the average views a Video got in 2017. The average Jeffy Video got 11 million views, the average Junior video received 6 million and the average old character video got 5 million views. It really shows why Logan made so many Jeffy videos as the majority were drawn to those videos. Though today I redid the averages of Logan’s videos from January-March 2018. His video views are overall decreasing. If you’re wondering what channel I went with because some of Logan’s videos are on SML and SLL I went with whatever had more views. I can see that Logan has lost views compared to December 2017 even. The average Jeffy Video gets 9 million views and the average Junior video gets 5 million views. This may be a very small differen…

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  • Robopon 316


    April 3, 2018 by Robopon 316

    Memes then:

    Memes now:

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  • 4321angus


    April 3, 2018 by 4321angus
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  • Ast126

    Top 5 best Jeffy Video

    April 1, 2018 by Ast126

    Jeffy, the most iconic Sml character in Sml. If you ask literally almost any Sml fan to name a Sml character, chances are they are going to say Jeffy. While Jeffy has many panned video “Jeffy's Bad Word, Locked out, Jeffy's TV Show, Jeffy's kid, Jeffy Cat Piano Problem, Jeffy Wifi Problem, Jeffy Loses His Arm, Jeffy sister, etc.” but as many bad-mediocre Sml video Jeffy has, he does have some video that are...good for a Jeffy video. Today, I’m gonna be counting down the Top 5 best SML so far which I doubt there will be any better. Keep in mind that these video are specifically focus on Jeffy so videos like Shrek the Babysitter or The Golden Egg won’t count

    5: Jeffy Plays Minecraft- This video feels much calmer than a normal Jeffy video. Je…

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  • ThatYoshiGuy1
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  • Ast126

    I’m back

    March 30, 2018 by Ast126

    Sorry for the inactivity. I been doing a lot of things recently like the school work and working on my new YouTube channel. I just came to say that I’m back.

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  • Robopon 316

    Sliver war

    March 30, 2018 by Robopon 316
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  • Leostales

    Why does Logan hate Big Hero 6? This has come up numerous times.

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  • Robopon 316
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  • HaroldDaSavage

    Okay so I’m going to talk about something that’s very big in the SML community. The demonetization Crisis. Now one thing that was sort of a shock in the community was when Logan said that if he could go back he never would have made Jeffy. Now lots of people I think don’t have the context right because they’re saying that Logan hates Jeffy like the “real” fans do. Now he only said that because if it weren’t for Jeffy his channel wouldn’t have blown up and he wouldn’t have lost monetization on his videos. Now with that out of the way I’m talking about that Logan’s oversaturation of Jeffy makes a lot of sense. I calculated the average Jeffy, Junior and Old character view count and the numbers aren’t shocking sadly. The average Junior video g…

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  • GodScrub1738


    March 19, 2018 by GodScrub1738

    Why are people so rude on media and FANDOM these days?

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  • ItsACatmanFan

    Hey there, so this is my first blog post of 2018 (yeah, I know, I'm pretty late), and I've had these ideas on the back of my head for like a while now. I actually thought about sending these to Logan via a private message, but I never got around doing it for some reason.


    • SML Movie: Cody Comes Out!
      • Junior and Joseph are tired of Cody acting weird and try to make him tell the truth: is he really gay or is he faking it?
      • Characters: Bowser Junior, Joseph, Cody, maybe Chef Pee Pee and Bowser
    • SML Short: Rosalina's Visit!
      • Rosalina finally comes back after being absent for three months!
      • Characters: Mario, Rosalina, Jeffy
    • SML Short: Jeffy's Midnight Snack! (insert Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack! ripoff comment here)
      • Jeffy wants to get something to eat …
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  • Toaster Swag

    Anything you can request

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  • Toaster Swag

    Video ideas for SML

    March 16, 2018 by Toaster Swag

    Any video idea you could think of

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  • 2epicworlds

    Since sml is in trouble i’m not as active at one point I thought about leaving and now i’m Very close to leaving the wiki so i’m Active on new wiki’s like

    Titototter wiki

    Smg4 wiki

    Jelle’s Marble runs wiki

    Marioluigiplushbros wiki

    P.s. only wanted to say that i’m Not as active because I wanted to clear it up

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  • ShrekTheGod

    I'm trying to make an SML Movie on Scratch(Coding Program) and looking for some feedback. I will not be uploading the project anytime soon. I can send anyone an idea of the movie I'm working on.

    Title: Bowser Junior's Cereal

    Main Idea: Bowser Junior's watching T.V and there's an ad for Charleyy & Friends cereal. Bowser forces Junior to eat it, when Junior finds one ticket to go meet Charleyy. While Bowser is gone, the cereal comes alive all demented and stuff revealing a dark secret about Charleyy. I'm trying to include every sml character in this movie, so if the movie seems weird and out of context, that's why. I'm trying to make an audio recording of this with my friends. (One does a really good Jeffy. Not to brag, but I do the best Shrek…

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  • BTLfan4

    If you donate $100 to Logan's Patreon, then you'd likely get a shout out at the end of a video (Like the shoutouts from Cody's 10th Birthday!). If you did get a shout out, who would you want it from? The only rule is that it has to be a character that appeared in at least one SML video that can talk! (This includes one-offs and characters that only appeared in TV shows) Comment below which character you would want a shoutout from.

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  • SuperAndrew418

    There is alot of age-restrictions in SML, they are going downhill, Logan keeps complaining about it, Jeffy videos Everywhere.

    Therefore, I am announcing my retirement on SML Wiki, and I am gonna leave this hashtag here. #RetireJeffy (Just in case if you are sick and tired of seeing Jeffy videos everywhere)

    Goodbye everybody

    From: SuperAndrew418

    (UPDATE: I'm just kidding, I'm not retiring, and this article should exist in the first place #WorstMistakeEver)

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  • 23jcrosby15

    Bad News for SML.

    March 1, 2018 by 23jcrosby15

    Logan just got his monetization completely removed, If you saw the sml is over vlog on chilly's channel. We need to help him, guys!

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  • Marc 2kb

    I want the cussing back

    February 26, 2018 by Marc 2kb

    I like the cussing from the past Logan

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  • Badman9676

    What made sml good?

    February 24, 2018 by Badman9676

    During the history of sml, their have been multiple eras or timezones. These times had a little bit of a style to them. For example , the early days were simple and comedic and the recent has more effects. So comment down below what makes you watch sml. For me it's the characters.p.s I'm pretty new to the fandom so don't be too angry at me.

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  • Thebonniewiththebestideaever

    This took me more than a hour to complete, especially because of the backgrounds. I tried to add a bit more detail on the coach, by using the photo as a reference. Program I used was Microsoft Paint, while using the oil-type paint to paint the backgrounds. More pictures coming soon, hopefully...

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