• Datboi726

    Is chilly ok

    August 17, 2017 by Datboi726

    I hope chilly and her family is ok because there is terriost attacks in Barcelona Spain

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  • AlexKawa

    Potential SML Theories

    August 17, 2017 by AlexKawa

    Hey everyone!  I'm seriously considering starting a new YouTube series called "The SML Theorist," where I, as the name would imply, uncover mysteries in SuperMarioLogan.  I've already done an SML theory on the plot of The SuperMarioLogan Movie!:


    Now, I want to make a series out of this.  I have a couple of ideas in mind, but I wanted to get your guys' opinion on what SML mysteries I should solve.  Post a comment below.

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  • Tyler730

    I'm back with another countdown. I will discuss the worst videos of 2014. As well as the best videos of 2014. Remember this is only my opinion so if there's something you disagree with, just know that it's only my personal opinion. Let's get started!

    • #5 The Koopa Kids!: This video is really bad. The beginning is just some filler with Bowser talking with Sheila on the phone. Then some more filler with introducing the six (yeah there's six in this video) koopa kids. Later, Sheila tries to sexually assault Chef Pee Pee and the Koopa Kids make a huge mess! Fun fact: There was actually going to be a part two of this video but Logan couldn't film at his mom's house anymore. That's why he made the absolutely better remake videos in 2016 instead of …

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  • MegaStaraptor2003

      I'm MegaStaraptor2003, and welcome back to Idiots of Tomorrow(formerly Faggots of Tomorrow due to FANDOM not accepting homophobia). Today's episde, I will discuss my second least favorite character, Rosalina. Let's get started.

    • She is a brat. Whenever she or Jeffy don't get her way, she acts like a brat and complains to Mario, who is justified in most situations.
    • She got Mario arrested in Jeffy's Bad Word. Not only was Jeffy's Bad Word shit, it's even worse because Rosalina accused Mario of child abuse and got him arrested.
    • She is a hypocrite. In Jeffy's New Toy, Rosalina tells Mario to never lie to her by scaring the shit out of him, yet she lies to the police that Mario beats Jeffy all the time.
    • She only cares about Mario because of Jeffy. …

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  • Tyler730

    Why I Take SML Seriously

    August 15, 2017 by Tyler730

    So I've seen some people ask me why I take SML seriously. The answer is I want it to be good. I want Logan to improve. SuperMarioLogan is one of the few YouTube channels that feel like a TV show. Heck it even has its own IMDb page! Much like TV shows, this channel has awful videos. The two worst being Jeffy's Bad Word! and Locked Out. Much like TV shows, SML suffers from seasonal rot. Many people complain that I'm an EnterBot. The truth is I actually like Mr. Enter (don't judge me). I actually got inspired by him to create my blog series (which I will probably no longer make). So in my opinion, he's a good YouTuber. You may think otherwise, but it's my opinion. Now if there's one thing I could fix is my anger. I've been way to angry with m…

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  • Mcalel

    I will be reviewing every 2017 SML Video, this blog will be updated when a video comes out

    • The Quiet Game - Bad
    • Substitute Teacher - Good
    • Jeffy's Pet - Good
    • Chef Pee Pee's Cooking Sucks - Meh
    • The Bake Sale - Meh
    • Jeffy's Parents - Good
    • Bowser Junior's Curse - Meh
    • Inside Jeffy - Good
    • Netflix and Kill - Meh
    • Root Beer - Bad
    • Chef Pee Pee The Robot - Meh
    • Jeffy's Bath Time - Bad
    • The Love Potion - Meh
    • Joseph Moves In - Good
    • Jeffy Gets Stung By A Bee - Meh
    • Bowser Junior Goes To The Future - Meh 
    • Bowser Junior Kinda Goes Comping - Meh
    • Nintendo Switch - Meh
    • 1 2 Switch Bodies - Bad
    • Jeffy The Rapper - Bad
    • Pinch Pinch Pinch - Bad
    • Mistaken - Meh
    • Jeffy's Tantrum - Bad
    • Playtime 5 - Meh
    • Bowser Junior Sneaks Into A Movie - Meh
    • Jeffy's Fun Day - Bad
    • Loch Ness Monster - Good
    • Baby Project…
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  • Mcalel

    I recently felt like reviewing episodes of SML. Since 2017 isn't over yet I decided that I would do last years videos. I have three ratings Good, Meh, and Bad.

    • Mario's Turtle Problem - Meh
    • Bowser Junior's Candy Bar - Good
    • Truth or Dare - Meh
    • Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket - Meh
    • Black Yoshi's Girlfriend Problem - Meh
    • Cool Cody - Good
    • Mario The Babysitter - Meh
    • The Ouiji Board - Meh
    • Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel - Good
    • Cody's Sister - Meh
    • Bowser Junior's All Nighter - Meh
    • Mario's Valentines Day Problem - Good
    • Bowser Junior's Clown Car - Good
    • Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend - Good
    • Bowser Junior's Cookies - Good
    • Cody's Birthday - Bad
    • Mario's Hobo Problem - Bad
    • The Alien - Meh
    • Game Night 3 - Bad
    • Cody's Revenge - Good
    • Who Wants To Be A Millionare 3 - Meh
    • The Koopalings - G…
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  • MegaStaraptor2003

      My name is MegaStaraptor2003, and I have a topic to talk about. Faggots of Tomorrow 2 is coming soon. Anyway, I would like to rant about the fanbase, NOT THE WIKI'S FANBASE. Here are some reasons I tend to dislike the SML community

       The fanbase, mainly Jeffy fans, is ungrateful towards what Logan spends his life making. The Jeffy fans see a video without Jeffy and beg for more Jeff, more Jeffy, and more GODDAMN Jeffy. Also, they tend to dislike a video if it has tropes Mysterious Mr. Shitwad(Mr.Enter) points out.

      The fans often take SML too seriously. For example, some are saying that SML is rotting, while the fans make it rot. I seen blog posts from users like ranting on every joke Logan makes. I just wish that the community would lea…

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  • BreakingCyborg


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  • DoodleDoodlePencilFart

    Ok, seriously folks, I need your help to find a Kung Pow plush, or where to order one! If you are a SML oldie, you might know who I'm talking about. He was kind of a precursor to Jackie Chu. I've been searching for almost a month and I need your help!! I would appreciate any tips on locations to buy online. Thanks, DDPF

    Here is the link to his page on le wiki.

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  • Alliascorneye
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  • AzUrArInG

    Blog Test

    August 10, 2017 by AzUrArInG

    this is blog test made by me, and I want to say thanks for everything.

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  • Cyborg Boy

    In my opinion(sorry fans)its Bowser Junior.Who is more dumber and whinier than Jeffy?Him.Personal torture to Cody and Chef Pee Pee.Whines like a shit when(similar to Jeffy)he doesn't get his way.You know what he loves the most other than annoying chef pee pee and Cody and Doofy the Dragon?!His goddamn Thomas.He TRIED TO KILL HIMSELF OVER A FUCKING TOY TRAIN.Im done.Whats yours?

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  • DoodleDoodlePencilFart

    he likes hop hop alot

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  • ScratchU90

    How can i go in SML discord if I cant chat in ANY channel.

    Heres a screenshot for proof

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  • Cco09082001

    My SML Idea

    August 4, 2017 by Cco09082001

    MY SML IDEA: Chef Pee Pee cooks a huge meal for all the main SML characters (similar to the Big Thanksgiving), and when there's only a slither of food left, everyone in the house goes into an all-out war over it.

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  • MegaStaraptor2003

    I'm MegaStaraptor2003, and welcome to Faggots of Tomorrow! I discuss my least favorite characters. Today I will discuss the Angry Birds. Let's get Started! 

    • In SML Shorts, they seem unnecessary and are probably the equivalent of Junior in SML Shorts.
    • They destroyed the old house. I know they cleaned it, but they didn't really have to do that.
    • They're annoying. This phrase mainly applies to Tony and Chad. I'm not homophobic, but their relationship kind of ruins the meaning of the Angry Birds.
    • They got their own series. While I did find it entertaining, I didn't really see this series necessary, kinda like the Pokemon series.
    • They're forgettable. Whenever you think of classic SML, people usually think of Woody, Shrek, Tony The Tiger, and Mama Lui…

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  • Vitomikespersonality

    1. The time machine: I know it sounds like a past machine ripoff but it really spoofs on back to the future, also we see at a point bowser adopting junior, also Mario undoing Jeffy's bad word, and locked out. But also seeing a part where we learn what caused Jeffy to be so unintelligent.

    More to come

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  • Mcalel

    A video idea

    August 2, 2017 by Mcalel

    I had this idea for a video that I commented on Logan's video. The comment got 200, almost 300 likes before it was deleted so I'm talking about my idea.

    Basically this idea is inspired by an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball called "The Pizza", where a character that does all of the job quits and the city goes into anarchy. Before any of you say that this would be copying, Logan has copied Spongebob episodes before. Anyways this episode would revolve around Brooklyn Guy quitting his job. The anarchy would be on a much bigger scale since Larry from Gumball only did retail jobs, when Brooklyn Guy does important jobs such as cop, fireman, doctor, etc. Everything would go into anarchy since there's no one around to do the jobs that Brookl…

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  • Eplays10

    SML Fav character poll

    August 1, 2017 by Eplays10 for vote

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  • Sixkngdm


    July 31, 2017 by Sixkngdm

    Recently, Logan has said in a vlog on Chilly's channel that the SML Movie will not be able to come out in July, due to Lovell getting help with an issue he has had for a while and he is not to be contacted or able to finish his scenes, Logan stated that he might not be out of the facility until late August or early September. If you would rather wait for Lovell to get out comment, #Pray4Lovell #Wait4Lovell

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  • NoSauceNoPaperNoCloutNoJuice


    Usually SML ideas suck, but mine are amazing. Please get these ideas to Logan. Jk

    • The Murderer- Bowser JR and his friends prank call a random number, and they soon find out it was a serial killer close to their house. He comes over and tries to kill Bowser Jr and his friends.
    • Luigi the babysitter- Mario was walking down the street and finds Luigi his brother homeless, he offers him 1,000 dollars if he could babysit Jeffy for 2 nights while him and Rosalina go on a vacation. Luigi, unlike any charecter, gets along very well with Jeffy. So when Mario comes home Jeffy persuades Mario to let Luigi stay until he gets on his feet. ( This video would also get a lot of Jeffy haters to like him again )
    • Mr. Nice Guy- Brooklyn T Guy's bro…
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  • Scout Trooper 164


    July 30, 2017 by Scout Trooper 164

    Hi, folks.  It is I, Scout Trooper 164.  As you may know, I have been a member of the SuperMarioLogan wiki for quite some time, even when Toonami 1997 was an admin and not some crazy human being.  Why I'm writing this blog post is simple, because I want to explain why I don't make lots of edits to the wiki.

    Firstly, I don't want my edits to be considered weak and useless, especially to damage the wiki.  I would never try and continue something unless if I was an idiot, or otherwise it was desparately needed.  I usually let folks do other edits because I'm not much of a person who watches the videos, and I also skip over many of the Jeffy videos as possible.

    Secondly, my viewing of SuperMarioLogan on YouTube has gone down a lot, especially wi…

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  • SMLFan2017

    My Take On Jeffy

    July 26, 2017 by SMLFan2017

    I'm one of the moderates of the SML community. Not an overly huge Jeffy hater, or not a guy who worshipps Jeffy to the point where I literally attack and insult people who have even a slightly negative review on Jeffy.

    Now, the SML WIki, as I can see, is much more respectful than most of the other fans out there. So good job, SML WIkia.

    But I don't want to talk about the SML community. I'm talking about Jeffy.

    Jeffy is the most polarized character out there. On the SML Wiki, he is pretty hated. But on SML videos, the Jeffy haters are much less powerful on their influence on SML(except for some cases) like for example, Jeffy's FIdget Spinner, which many on this wiki find trash but many Jeffy lovers find good.

    Overly huge Jeffy haters are almost …

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  • Only4Lanterns

    Hello Everyone!

    July 25, 2017 by Only4Lanterns

    Hey Everyone! I am new to this lol.

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  • Pichu8boy

    If I did a request for Super Mario Logan (or Logan Thirtyacre). I would let him make (This won't happen, it's just an idea, or fandom)

    Episode ideas:

    • Bowser Junior goes to Universal Orlando Resort
    • Jeffy, and Bowser Junior watches Steven Universe
    • Bowser Junior goes to Chicago
    • Bowser Junior goes to Six Flags Great America
    • Bowser Junior goes to The Loud House (crossover)
    • Chef Pee Pee visits the Griffins (crossover with Family Guy plushies).
    • Bowser Junior, and Jeffy's Cruise vacation
    • Edward Feldson visits the SML House
    • SML meets the original character counterparts
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  • Aeon2

    We have a page for Logan and SML but there should be a 2007-2017 timeline of the history of his account. We can add the videos he was making and some updates he made on his SLL account. There is a brief history of his channel on SuperMarioLogan but it needs to be expanded on.

    I made an idea for an article here Template:TimelineA, this was one of the channels that was involved with logans channel. I know some stuff about the early years of Logan before he started his Bowser Jr videos so I can add more.

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  • Savitar300

    Hello, and welcome to SuperMarioLogan's Agents of S.H.I.T.! This blog series will discuss Wikia user Savitar300's least favorite SML characters, and the reasons why he hates them! Please note that all the characters Savitar300 selects for SuperMarioLogan's Agents of S.H.I.T. are his personal opinions, so please respect them. Now, let's the show on the road!

    Today, let's discuss a very polarized character who divided the fanbase into thirds. One third of the fandom is fond of him, while another third of the fandom despises him. The final third, however, adores him to point of hating videos without the appearance of him, such as Toad's Mistake! (2017 Remake). To me, this character is not an agent of S.H.I.T., but the director of S.H.I.T. His …

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  • Tyler730

    WARNING! High use of the word asshole!

    You know, whenever I think of an awful SML video, this immediately is the first one to come to my mind. If you thought SpongeBob's I'm with Stupid and Family Guy's Seahorse Seashell Party were bad, you haven't seen Cody's Birthday! yet! So this is a series where I review crappy videos of SML! I've already reviewed two Jeffy videos, so why not a Junior video? This is the worst of all Junior videos, and I can't wait to tear it apart! Let's do this! So the video starts with Bowser and his son playing foosball.

    • Bowser: I was a pro at hockey!

    Hockey? Are you that dumb? It's called foosball! Anyway, I'm gonna skip ahead because that scene was just some unnecessary filler!

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  • ThomasandFriends7

    Okay, so I feel like making more SML ideas. I have a few more right now. Here they are.

    1. The Angry Birds Return!: The angry birds Come back to Mario's house and they WANT revenge on Mario!

    2. Jeffy's Addiction: Jeffy gets addicted to Watching TV

    3. Whatever Happened to Tony the Tiger, Woody, and Mr. Pig?: Today, we get to know why tony, Woody, and Mr pig haven't had an appearance ever since.

    4. Joseph's Birthday!: Its Joseph's birthday and he goes to the day out with Thomas event!

    5. Unlucky Joseph: Joseph gets cursed by a storm!

    6. Summer School!: Patrick and the others who failed go to summer school.

    7. The last day of school!: Its the last day and it's time for report cards!

    8. Rosalina's House!: Today, we get to see what rosalina's House is…

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  • ChristinaGrimmieLove

    The opinions in this blog have been expressed by ChristinaGrimmieLove in a nice and loving way. She is not responsible for any harm caused by this blog. Well, she kind of is.

    How's your day, guys? You're probably wondering who the hell I am, and that's normal! I'm not a big person at all. So you can probably produce the assumption that I joined this wiki because I like the YouTube channel, SuperMarioLogan. You're actually correct, even though I became a fan last month. But I got into this channel because I like gaming and Mario, so it was pretty nice to see a Mario plush channel. Now don't get me wrong; I love the channel, the content, and the questions at the end. But there's a downside to SuperMarioLogan, which is a list of problems. So, …

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  • Dalek rex

    Shrek wants to learn how to take a karate crap from Jackie Chu so that He can literally destroy the toilet 

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  • Dalek rex

    With Jeffy's Hamster sold Jeffy now wants Mario to get him a new pet and Shrek has clogged up the toilet yet again forcing Mario to clean it but then Mario sees a penny and remembers how Shrek made a wish with a penny to turn him into a donkey so Mario decides to use the penny to turn Shrek into a pet dog for Jeffy

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  • Dalek rex

    Here is a Idea for a SML Movie that I want to have happen 

    Jeffy watches the highly infamous two part Mario Is Mental video(s) by Game Theory which highly offends Jeffy for portraying his Daddy as a murderous and irredeemable sociopath so Jeffy goes on a swearing fit over it and then plans out to prove Mario's innocence and prove Game Theory wrong with help such as Shrek, Black Yoshi, Bowser, Bowser Junior, Chef Pee Pee, Cody, Joseph, Tony, Woody, Mama Luigi, Luigi, Rosalina

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  • ZackDAVIZ!

    The movie

    July 16, 2017 by ZackDAVIZ!
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  • ThomasandFriends7

    My SML Ideas.

    July 15, 2017 by ThomasandFriends7

    Now, it's been a while since I made a blog post so here is a new one! I have some cool ideas for SML And I hope ou might like them. Here they are.

    1. The Life Of Thomas: Today, we get to see what goes on in thomas' life when Junior is not around.

    2. Cody's Nightmare: Cody has a nightmare about having his ken doll stolen by Wario

    3. Mama Luigi's Return!: Mama Luigi returns to the SML Series again!

    4. The Koopaling Life: Today we get to see what the Koopalings do in North Korea.

    5. Joseph's Mistake!: Joseph accidentally destroys Bowser Juniors Thomas Train!

    6. Bowser Junior's Night Shift!: Bowser Junior Takes the Night Shift at Freddy Fazbears pizza!

    7. The Nature Walk!: Mario, Rosalina, and Jeffy go on a nature walk!

    8. Bowser meets Charleyyy!: Bo…

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  • NintendoBro12


    July 14, 2017 by NintendoBro12

    i don't have permission to chat on discord, how can i fix this?

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  • Datboi726

    3. Cody (sometimes)

    2. David winkle

    1. Ken

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  • Tyler730

    Welcome to my second From Bad to ROTTEN! blog post. For those of you who don't know, this is a series where I discuss SML's biggest trash heaps (terrible videos) and their flaws. You guys wanted me to review Jeffy's Favorite Song!, so I will do that. Oh boy, this video is pretty bad. I watched it and I hated it. Anyway, on to the review! So the video starts with Mario and Rosalina putting together a puzzle with 1,000 pieces. Jeffy asks a pretty disturbing question.

    • Jeffy: I got a question about the puzzle.
    • Mario: What is it Jeffy?
    • Jeffy: Um, what would happen if a girl was sitting on a coffee table, and I was sitting underneath it, and she decided to poop on the table and smeared across the glass, and ran up her back, what would happen?

    That que…

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  • Red The Red Bird

    Hi, my last post received mixed reviews since the majority of people thought I wanted to block Jeffyistheworst17 because he hated Jeffy, which is not true, I only wanted to block him because of trolling and because he insulted users, but at circa 12:11 pm (I live in Costa Rica so the time could be different in USA), I said to Mcalel about how everybody misunderstood what I meant and I said the true causes of why I wanted to block Jeffyistheworst17, so Mcalel warned that Jeffy hater, after that, I told him that Jeffyistheworst17 once called me this wiki's equivalent of an user called Cysde65, which caused me to have this reaction:, I couldn't believe my biggest enemy on this wiki insulted me, but after some…

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  • MegaStaraptor2003

    My name is MegaStaraptor2003, and welcome to my first blog post! I will be talking about SML problems(I'm not an Enterfag nor a nostalgist). Let's get started!

    Overused jokes are a main problem for one reason. They are getting old. Here are some examples of overused jokes in SML.

    • Cody's Mom Jokes: One of the earliest jokes in which Junior call Judy a pig. It was funny at first because Judy is Jewish, but now it's insulting! The latest appearance of this gag is in Sunken! in which Junior called Judy a fucking whale!
    • Joseph's Mom Jokes: Another mom joke making fun of Joseph's dead mom. The latest appearance of this gag is in The Magical Button!
    • Freakouts: These are swearing outrages mainly from Jeffy and Goodman. The latest appearances of these …

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  • Red The Red Bird

    This is my first blog post so it could have mistakes, but continuing, lastly, Jeffyistheworst17 has started becoming a lot more like the opposite version of Papayathefruit, he is an downright Jeffy hater that tries to find every reason to hate him, the only GOOD part about him is that he likes Junior, but he previously hated him, so it has lower points in my friend list, Jeffyistheworst17 also wants to shot Jeffy just because he exists, it is like hating Sausage Party (my favorite adult animated movie) just because they curse on it, Jeffyistheworst17 also is known for insulting users on this wiki, he once insulted FlandreandTakane333 (which would everybody blocked), but, since FlandreandTakane333 ruined some of my pages on the SML Fandom w…

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  • YTNick15

    The teaser for the SML Movie was pertty good and made the movie super interesting in what plays out. the kidnapping part seems most interesting 


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  • ChristinaGrimmieLove

    Okay, first thing to tell you: I'm not sure if somebody already did this. I'm a bit new here, and I haven't stayed in the cycle of SML as early as you guys. Therefore, if somebody already did this, I apologize for somewhat completing such an action. 

    Welcome to SML Character Reviews! Today, I'm looking at the character Rosalina! She is Mario's girlfriend, Jeffy's adopted "mom" (if only Mario would pop that damn question), and a character who somehow is quite annoying. She was introduced in the American Idol remake, and that... well... she was quite annoying in that one. How the hell does a kids song make you cry? Was she that concerned about stars? I usually like the character, but that was a start I don't know how to explain. 

    Next, she app…

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  • Gensomura

    Jeffy hatedom rant

    July 9, 2017 by Gensomura

    Before you say anything, there is nothing wrong with opinions, it's just that people tend to be very vocal about what they hate resulting in annoyance.

    So you know Jeffy? You know, the guy who debutted in  Mario The Babysitter!? He pratically DIVIDED the fanbase in two: One wants to get rid of jeffy, and one who wants jeffy to stay. This got worse as videos like Jeffy's Bad Word! and Jeffy's Tantrum! got released. I didn't really care...until a few days ago.

    Basically, when Jeffy The Rapper! got more popular than Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures episode 2 and as of recently, Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation, there has been shitstorms on the discord over Jeffy's existence, citing he is "ruining" SML and should be killed already.


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  • FlandreAndTakane333

    He told me on discord that he is sorry for harassing Stalkergames1

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  • Aussie McQueen

    I'm back!

    July 9, 2017 by Aussie McQueen

    Hey everyone! Just letting y'all know that I am back after being inactive for a long time, but don't worry, I won't be inactive for a long time. :) 

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  • Minecraft02200


    July 8, 2017 by Minecraft02200
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  • Thebonniewiththebestideaever

    Took me a hour, but here it is.

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  • Tyler730

    Welcome to From Bad to ROTTEN! where I talk about terrible videos from the SML channel. Some old and some new. Today's video I'll be talking about is none other than the infamous Jeffy's Bad Word!, the big middle finger of SML Movies. The plot of the video is Mario says a cuss word and Jeffy repeats it. But trust me, it get bad later on! So the video starts with Jeffy spanking his diaper like he usually does in his 2016 appearances. Mario appears and tells Jeffy that he's going to Walmart, and tells Jeffy to behave when he's gone.

    • Jeffy: Can I poop in the sink?
    • Mario: No.
    • Jeffy: Can I poop in the bathtub?

    Typical Jeffy toilet humor. Mario then decides to take Jeffy with him. Later, Hansel jumps up to the window of Mario's car, demanding change. …

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