• HaroldDaSavage

    Okay so I’m going to talk about something that’s very big in the SML community. The demonetization Crisis. Now one thing that was sort of a shock in the community was when Logan said that if he could go back he never would have made Jeffy. Now lots of people I think don’t have the context right because they’re saying that Logan hates Jeffy like the “real” fans do. Now he only said that because if it weren’t for Jeffy his channel wouldn’t have blown up and he wouldn’t have lost monetization on his videos. Now with that out of the way I’m talking about that Logan’s oversaturation of Jeffy makes a lot of sense. I calculated the average Jeffy, Junior and Old character view count and the numbers aren’t shocking sadly. The average Junior video g…

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  • GodScrub1738


    March 19, 2018 by GodScrub1738

    Why are people so rude on media and FANDOM these days?

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  • ItsACatmanFan

    Hey there, so this is my first blog post of 2018 (yeah, I know, I'm pretty late), and I've had these ideas on the back of my head for like a while now. I actually thought about sending these to Logan via a private message, but I never got around doing it for some reason.


    • SML Movie: Cody Comes Out!
      • Junior and Joseph are tired of Cody acting weird and try to make him tell the truth: is he really gay or is he faking it?
      • Characters: Bowser Junior, Joseph, Cody, maybe Chef Pee Pee and Bowser
    • SML Short: Rosalina's Visit!
      • Rosalina finally comes back after being absent for three months!
      • Characters: Mario, Rosalina, Jeffy
    • SML Short: Jeffy's Midnight Snack! (insert Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack! ripoff comment here)
      • Jeffy wants to get something to eat …
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  • Toaster Swag

    Anything you can request

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  • Toaster Swag

    Video ideas for SML

    March 16, 2018 by Toaster Swag

    Any video idea you could think of

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  • 2epicworlds

    Since sml is in trouble i’m not as active at one point I thought about leaving and now i’m Very close to leaving the wiki so i’m Active on new wiki’s like

    Titototter wiki

    Smg4 wiki

    Jelle’s Marble runs wiki

    Marioluigiplushbros wiki

    P.s. only wanted to say that i’m Not as active because I wanted to clear it up

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  • ShrekTheGod

    I'm trying to make an SML Movie on Scratch(Coding Program) and looking for some feedback. I will not be uploading the project anytime soon. I can send anyone an idea of the movie I'm working on.

    Title: Bowser Junior's Cereal

    Main Idea: Bowser Junior's watching T.V and there's an ad for Charleyy & Friends cereal. Bowser forces Junior to eat it, when Junior finds one ticket to go meet Charleyy. While Bowser is gone, the cereal comes alive all demented and stuff revealing a dark secret about Charleyy. I'm trying to include every sml character in this movie, so if the movie seems weird and out of context, that's why. I'm trying to make an audio recording of this with my friends. (One does a really good Jeffy. Not to brag, but I do the best Shrek…

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  • BTLfan4

    If you donate $100 to Logan's Patreon, then you'd likely get a shout out at the end of a video (Like the shoutouts from Cody's 10th Birthday!). If you did get a shout out, who would you want it from? The only rule is that it has to be a character that appeared in at least one SML video that can talk! (This includes one-offs and characters that only appeared in TV shows) Comment below which character you would want a shoutout from.

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  • SuperAndrew418

    There is alot of age-restrictions in SML, they are going downhill, Logan keeps complaining about it, Jeffy videos Everywhere.

    Therefore, I am announcing my retirement on SML Wiki, and I am gonna leave this hashtag here. #RetireJeffy (Just in case if you are sick and tired of seeing Jeffy videos everywhere)

    Goodbye everybody

    From: SuperAndrew418

    (UPDATE: I'm just kidding, I'm not retiring, and this article should exist in the first place #WorstMistakeEver)

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  • 23jcrosby15

    Bad News for SML.

    March 1, 2018 by 23jcrosby15

    Logan just got his monetization completely removed, If you saw the sml is over vlog on chilly's channel. We need to help him, guys!

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  • Marc 2kb

    I want the cussing back

    February 26, 2018 by Marc 2kb

    I like the cussing from the past Logan

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  • Badman9676

    What made sml good?

    February 24, 2018 by Badman9676

    During the history of sml, their have been multiple eras or timezones. These times had a little bit of a style to them. For example , the early days were simple and comedic and the recent has more effects. So comment down below what makes you watch sml. For me it's the characters.p.s I'm pretty new to the fandom so don't be too angry at me.

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  • Thebonniewiththebestideaever

    This took me more than a hour to complete, especially because of the backgrounds. I tried to add a bit more detail on the coach, by using the photo as a reference. Program I used was Microsoft Paint, while using the oil-type paint to paint the backgrounds. More pictures coming soon, hopefully...

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well it been a while before you say something about why this took a long time while their tons of videos with new videos coming out so deciding was difficult so I decided to just judge videos from 2012 to 2017 why well 2012 was when I feel Logan gotten better and set the bar for his videos for the future but anywho after careful consideration and long time coming to it time to go in the full list


    Well I guess I should give something well I guess the list for my countdowns but one or two will not be speak of and just be hinted

    Top 20 favorite sml videos

    Top 10 favorite characters

    Top 5 worst things about sml 2017

    Top 5 best things about sml 2017

    going Under

    Top 5 characters who didn’t have lot of screen time (working title)

    Going over

    Top 10 char…

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  • Abandoned222

    my blog ;)

    February 14, 2018 by Abandoned222
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  • Bambismom1234

    This is what he looks like in his original form

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  • 2epicworlds

    I’m back!

    February 13, 2018 by 2epicworlds

    I’m back my vacation was amazing but i’m Happy to be back on the wiki :)

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  • Puzzlebunny64

    Helping the Wikia

    February 13, 2018 by Puzzlebunny64

    I am helping the wikia by cleaning up, editing and making sure that the articles have been cleaned up to follow the SML Wikia's Manual of Style.

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  • BTLfan4

    Counting to 1,000 but every number must be accompanied by a Jeffy quote. Any other character and we start over at the checkpoint.

    Are You Fucking High? 1

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  • Datboi726

    Super bowl

    February 5, 2018 by Datboi726

    do u guys think that sml is making a superbowl video with junior because on instagram logan showed junior on a plane

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  • 2epicworlds

    Going to Disney world

    February 4, 2018 by 2epicworlds

    I’m leaving to Florida (Orlando) so yeah I will inactive for like 8 days and tomorrow i’m Leaving there at like five in the morning I know it’s early so yeah have fun on the wiki while I have fun at Disney world

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  • 2epicworlds

    Top 5 worst characters

    February 4, 2018 by 2epicworlds

    This is my opinion of the worst characters of sml

    5. Joseph’s mom

    I know she was pretending that she died but she didn’t but still that’s the only bad thing about her

    4. Chef pee pee

    Well a year ago I liked him but 3 months ago he has been an asshole to junior, Cody, Joseph, bowser (sometimes) and he doesn’t even like anyone in the sml universe

    3. Mama Luigi

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s just a falling idiot named mama Luigi. I can’t believe people like him all he does is say you touched my nickel and scream i’m So happy zeke left the cast so now we don’t haft to hear you touched my nickel well guess what I don’t care about him and if I could I would touch his nickel

    2. Nancy

    Nancy well you know why

    1. Loan dolphin

    My god loan dolphin is my mos…

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  • MMB The Coolest

    SML Drinking Game

    January 31, 2018 by MMB The Coolest

    For the sake of Logan not being sued a second time, please make sure you are of legal age to try this game.

    "One shots" are for common occurrences, "Two shots" are for rarer occurrences.

    • One if an episode uses the ROBLOX death sound
    • One if an episode uses another meme that has died long before they used it.
    • One if an episode has a reference to a Spongebob episode.
      • Two if the plot is similar to said Spongebob episode.
    • One if the episode has been monetized for more than a day.
      • Two if the episode has regained monetization.
    • Two if the episode lost its age restriction tag.
    • One if it is clear why the episode was age restricted
      • Two if Jeffy was not the cause.
    • One if Logan has modified it to try to fit youtube policies but failed.

    • One if Brooklyn T Guy or ano…

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  • SammyNWIKI

    SML Wiki

    January 31, 2018 by SammyNWIKI

    I'm on the SML wiki, cuz I love SML, but I didn't know he had a wiki until now.

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  • More tem

    SML is awesome

    January 29, 2018 by More tem

    i love SML!

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  • Dalek rex


    January 28, 2018 by Dalek rex

    We will never get to see Mama Luigi again because Zeke is permanently done with sml for good so that means the end of character variety in videos just nothing but pure Jeffy and Junior videos forever it is absolutely pure evil it will be just the same characters over and over for all eternity because Zeke backstabbed us 

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  • 2epicworlds

    This list is my opinion

    5 jeffy

    Jeffy has gotten better after October that’s why he made it

    4.bowser junior

    For me he is great because he has those jokes that can be funny

    3. Woody

    He is just great

    2. Judy

    She has those funny jokes one time I laughed for 16 minuets NO JOKE

    1 ...


    You might be like “WHAT” right now but he has been one of my favorites

    Top 5 worst coming soon

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  • St44

    Remember that this is my opinion. You may think otherwise, but this is what I think. Please respect my opinion and don't write something proclaiming that I'm some dumb SML hater (which I'm not). I just want to explain what I do not like about this video. We good? K.

    So, as most of you probably know, the newest SML video as of January 17, 2018 is Jeffy's Pokemon Card!. And I hate, no despise it. Why? Allow me to explain. I also assume that you have seen this video already, but if you haven't just click this and save us all some time.

    I like to collect Pokémon cards (kind of). While my collection is probably pathetic compared to some other collectors, I still have things like Ancient Mew and Base Set Machamp. This section is not me rambling ab…

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  • Skskssjsus


    January 11, 2018 by Skskssjsus


    Jeffy: hey daddy.

    Mario: what is it daddy?

    Jeffy: do you know the jeffynati?

    Mario: the what?

    Jeffy: well, the jeffynati is a special cheesy jeffy that comes every anniversary.

    Mario: its today!

    Rosalina: oh hi mario!

    Jeffynati: oh hi.

    Rosalina: wow its jeffynati.

    Jeffynati: 8 - 8 is 0.


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  • Brooklyn survivor

    10.the bake sell

    9.subsitue teacher

    8.inside jeffy

    7.bowser junior goes to the futre

    6.bowser junior goes  camping 

    5.jeffys tv show yoshi scam

    3.chef pee pee buket list

    2.jeffys bike

    `1.the golden egg 

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  • Kubricker Edmund

    I'm Back

    January 7, 2018 by Kubricker Edmund

    Welp... I was gone for long. I was gone for 3 weeks now for a personal reason.

    But I'm good and back!

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  • TTSAndROBLOXFan Enterprises

    I took a little break from Wikia. Now I'm back. And I will try and contribute to the wiki more.

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  • SuperAndrew418

    I have the greatest idea ever in the history of SML Wiki.

    It's called "The SuperMarioLogan Timeline"

    Here's an example

    November 1st, 1986: Mario is Born.

    December 8th, 2007: SuperMarioLogan was created and the Super Mario Got Milk video was Uploaded

    January 23rd, 2017: Jeffy's Age is revealed and he gets is adopted by Mario and Rosalina.

    what do you think guys?

    Support or Oppose


    From, SuperAndrew418

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  • RangerStinger

    Since 2017 is over, I wanted to see what everyones favorite SML video was for 2017. Personally, I liked the "Toad's Mistake!" remake the most.

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  • NicksOdyssey

    I created this and if you are gonan sharen it give credit!

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  • SeptumNeptune

    DELETED Moved to new account User:NotNickelodeon

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  • Matteso586

    My Own Episode Ideas

    January 1, 2018 by Matteso586

    The title says it all. And I'm too lazy to go on SML's Patreon.

    After settling a debt with the bank, Mario calls a meeting to announce a new policy. No more wasting perfectly good food. No more spilling food and drinks. No more MARIO PLEASE. No more bringing electronics to the bathroom. And from now on, purple kool-aid will be solely used on cups. Imagine how each member of Mario and Bowser's respective families will react to the new money saving policy.

    They really need to finish this series. Maybe with Bowser and Junior now living on the street, and run into Chef Pee Pee.

    Cody and Joseph bring up the fact that Junior may be growing up and losing interest in the things they use to do all the time. When was the last time Junior watched Doofy …

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  • Ast126

    Review of SML 2017

    January 1, 2018 by Ast126

    Happy New Year Everyone! Since 2017 ended, I decided to review 2017. A user named Swagmaster12345 made a similar blogpost too. Like Swagmaster, I will be splitting them in categories. I will be rating each categories as from 1-10 and average them out. Here the list goes.

    Characters: Most of the characters in 2017 are just Junior and Jeffy. There is only 12 SML video that are non-Jeffy video. 2 of those are remakes. 3 of them being a mixed episode (Mario's New Hat, The Bet and The Golden Egg), 4 Black Yoshi video, 2 Shrek video , and 1 Woody video. And there are a total of 95 episodes. That means about 1/8 of the video are not a Junior or Jeffy video. And most time when they appear in a Junior or Jeffy video, it's only like 20 seconds. This …

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  • Brooklyn survivor

    10.chef pee pee the robot

    9.the baby project


    7.jeffys trap

    6.the bet

    5.jeffy gets help yoshi call of dudy spicael edtion 

    3.jeffys bad chritmas 

    2.jeffys figet sipnner

    1.jeffy gets sting by a bee 

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  • SwagMaster12345

    Bowser Junior- Eric Cartman                                                     

    Cody- Kyle Broflovski

    Joseph- Stan Marsh

    Toad- Kenny McCormick

    Mario- Randy Marsh

    Bowser- Stephan Stotch 

    Chef Pee Pee- Chef

    Jeffy- Craig Tucker or Timmy'

    Patrick- Tweak Tweak

    Rosalina- Liane Cartman

    Goodman- Mr. Mackey 

    Bully Bill- Scott Tenorman or Nathan

    Woody- Jimbo or Ned

    More comming soon

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  • SwagMaster12345

    SML 2017 Review

    December 30, 2017 by SwagMaster12345

    Hey guys, its Swag and today I will be reviewing SML 2017. Like what I did when I reviewed SML 2014, I'll be going over the characters, episodes, and the series so lets get reviewing.

    There aren't that much new membreble characters. i mean, theres Drawing Jeffy, Melvin, and Shitass but there not that membreble. Also, a lot of characters appeances have decreased. Screwball, Felipe, Doofy, and Woody only appeared once, Toad and Charrley only occasinally appeared, Black Yoshi and Shrek's appearences have increased but they still don't appear that often, and characters like Jackie 2, Tony, Goomba, Peach, Luigi, the Aliens, Margrant, and more didn't even appear.

    Their were some really good episodes like Jeffy's Parents and Toad's Mistake but ther…

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  • AlexKawa

    Best of SML 2017

    December 26, 2017 by AlexKawa

    Hey everyone!  I'm back with the top 5 best SML videos of 2017!  If you haven't seen my list of the top 5 worst videos of 2017, here it is.  Anyway, if these episodes aren't particularly your cup of tea, I respect your opinion.  As I said in my top 5 worst list, any video released before 2018 after today will be eligible for the 2018 year-end lists.  Anyway, let's kick this off with...

    5. The Magical Button! - This video was a treat, particularly because I had just finished suffering through Jeffy's Brain!, which, if you haven't seen my top 5 worst list, came THIS close to making #1.  But even if it wasn't off the heels of such an atrocious video, this is still a freaking solid video!  The plot was very creative.  It almost felt like The Lo…

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  • AlexKawa

    Worst of SML 2017

    December 26, 2017 by AlexKawa

    Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a great Christmas!  I sure did!  Anyway, it's time to go over what I personally consider to be the top 5 worst SML videos of 2017.  Overall, this was a pretty good year for the channel.  I know Logan is going through a difficult time right now, what with the majority of his videos being age-restricted or demonetized.  But I absolutely give him credit for doing the best he can in this situation.  Despite this, SML has had its flaws this year, and there were 5 videos bad enough to make this list.  Now, out of the 5 I dislike the most, there's actually only 4 I really think are terrible.  Keep in mind that all of this is just my personal opinion, though some of you probably dislike these videos about as much as…

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  • Jj2016


    December 26, 2017 by Jj2016


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  • ChristianRed97

    The Koopalings Part 3!

    December 23, 2017 by ChristianRed97

    Someone knocks on the door. Junior opens the door. It appears to be the Koopalings from North Korea. How they got back from North Korea, why they came back, or even found the new house is unknown. Junior was very happy. He let them in the house. But then they make a mess, again. Jeffy saw them making a mess. Jeffy decided to join. Chef Pee Pee saw the mess. And called Bowser. Bowser came to the living room. He was mad. He said “Why are these kids in my house?!” “They look familiar.” Mario came out and said “What was that noise?” He saw Jeffy part of the mess. Mario screamed “Jeffy!” Junior explained “They came out of nowhere.” Bowser and Mario didn’t believe Junior. Bowser said “Go to your room, Junior!” “I will whip you with my belt after…

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  • SpongeBobSchwammkopf2003

    Ah, SML, the channel hat has been the direct competition to the crappy SMG4 (Believe it or not, I hate SMG4), and by far the best plushtuber, Many of the chracters on this channel, such as Mario, Jeffy, Junior, Chef Pee Pee, and Shrek are some examples that you can use the image of a popular character and change everything about him, however, not all SML characters have been good, and today, I am going to count down my top 10 worst SML characters (sorry because of my ortography, I am German).

    10. Mickey Mouse : SML's Mario is a perfect example that you don't necesariley need to make a character act exact like the real thing, however, this one is by far the only character I wish he retained his original personality, when I hear the words Mic…

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  • Aja22

    SML Movie: Cody’s Music Video

    December 19, 2017 by Aja22

    The song is: Boys’ Best Friend, It is performed by Cody. Cody said “Exciting Dance Break”, the sound effects from AudioMicro is TAPE, CUEING 2.

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  • SpongeBobSchwammkopf2003

    The video should start with Mario about to take Rosalina to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi as a part of their honeymoon, but suddenly, a knock is heard, it turns out to be Tony the Tiger, and Mario starts getting emotional, and asks him why he wasn't accompaning him for 2 whole years, Tony says that he worked for Kellogg's and he was too busy to go visit him, but he was recently fired, and then, Mario decides to go in his car to go watch the movie, but then, they find out about which person is gonna babysit Jeffy, as Chef Pee Pee is in a chef competition in Japan, Bowser is in a Charleyyy and Friends convention in New York, Shrek went to Universal Orlando Resort, and Woody is shrimpo hunting alongside Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse, then,…

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  • St44

    Firstly, let me just say this: I am not some worthless hater/troll. I understand that Logan is going through a lot right now, with YouTube screwing him up and what not. Rather, I would just like to share my opinion on why I think Logan got demonitized, so this is more of a theory rather than a fact. This also sheds some light on his true ideals, and how he can improve his life (in my opinion).

    So, I can agree on the fact that Logan's earlier videos (pre 2010) getting demonitized was stupid, mostly. But I'll get into that later. For now, let's talk about when this all started: July 24, 2016. That was the day Jeffy's Bad Word was released. For all six of you who have not seen the video, basically Jeffy keeps profounding around bad language ab…

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  • IsaiahLinsey10

    I think this is why

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