• 2epicworlds

    So this is the 5th day of my Christmas series and the first one being a blog post. I got a lot of support for soul catcher in November and the beginning of December, so I thought I should give everyone small details, facts, and deleted parts to soul catcher. WARNING: there are spoilers to soul catcher enter if you dare or read the story link is right here 👉🏻

    1. Details: i’m Going to start off with some character details

    Agonzo: the Character who causes problems and makes many mistakes. I don’t know if he does in real life but I was going to have a different user to have this trait. But with the storyline I was going for I thought Agonzo would be better to have this trait (under deleted parts I will say…

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  • OcelotGuys224

    (harsh language, bad grammar and cringe)

    Chapter 1: A new robot

    (scene begins to the red couch with junior, joseph and cody.)                                                                       

    Junior: Can we play board games?

    Cody: No, everytime we play board games, we get an argument so no.

    Junior: Well your a nerd right?

    Cody: Yeah!

    Junior: Can you make a Rubik's Cube but this time, it's a robot?

    Cody: I can do that!

    Junior: Really?

    Cody: Yeah, but it's gonna take a month to do it, so you might wait.

    Junior: Ok.

    (A month later)

    Cody: Alright guys! Meet Rubo The Rubik's Cube! It can do anything, like making wishes come true, make foods and more.

    Junior: Wait! It can make wishes come true?

    Cody: Uh-huh!

    Junior: I have one! I wish your mom was a 171,00…

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  • Ast126

    2018 Video Reception Page

    December 16, 2018 by Ast126

    Since the Reception Page is removed from the wiki. Here is basically the reception of all the 2018 SML video based on comments I saw, forums I read, and the like and dislike video ratio. Here we begin

    Jeffy The Rapper 2- This video recieved mainly positive reviews with people liking the concept of this video saying that this is funny and creative. Many people also said the song/rap was cringy and some people find this video to be boring

    Bowser Junior's Allergy!- This video recieved mainly positive reviews with people liking the jokes and the simplicity in the concept as well as the ending. But Many people do think the video is pretty boring.

    Zombie Bowser!- This video recieved mixed reviews with some people liking the concept of the plot, to …

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  • Ast126

    New Projects

    December 16, 2018 by Ast126

    It’s been pretty long since I make a news one. But here is basically an update on some of the upcoming blogs and project I’m going to be working on

    New Blogs - I’m definetly going to be continuing the annual tradition of reviewing the top 10 Best and worst SML video of 2018 and giving my overall thoughts on 2018. Plus expectations and predictions on 2019 - I’m going to be more directly making more informative stuff on blogs too

    New Forums - 2018 Fun or Flunk is coming soon in January 2019. A debate game. More info coming soon - Awful SML Ideas

    New Story -The Festive Tree coming soon
    Luigi’s Date coming on Valentines Day

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  • OcelotGuys224

    Projects i'm making now:


    SML Movie: The Dangerous Rubik's Cube!


    Doomsday! (Series)

    SML Short: Fourth Wall Breaks!

    and more. (I have no idea, but i'm gonna think for some.)   :)

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  • SwagMaster12345

    The character Jeffy is a controversial character in SML. There are people who like him (me being one of them) and people you hate. People already know the problem with some (key word some) Jeffy fans like attacking people who don't like him but what about the haters. Some of the Jeffy haters are good and respect people's opinion about Jeffy but some of them take it too far. This is why I am making the problem with Jeffy haters. Note: this is not all, just some.

    1. Taking it too far: As mentioned above, some Jeffy haters take their hate for a puppet too far. Sometimes when people are just saying they like him, some haters just attack them just for saying they like Jeffy. Not taking down people who don't like Jeffy, not being annoying about, …

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  • OcelotGuys224

    This is a blank page, sorry! :(

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    As you read the title I will put music that fit the battle in question and I explain why I chose that and read to see this it will be updated each day or week or month or year..

    Tournament Arc

    Tony vs Bulbasaur

    Why that Well the two are weak and or forgotten so this was a decent choice

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  • CuldeeFell13

    Hello everyone! While I was planning Toad's Revenge, I had many different ideas with some not coming too the game! So here is some stuff I would like to talk about, in Toad's Revenge!


    These are unused teasers for Toad's Revenge that I scrapped or forgot to upload!

    In this section, i'll be talking about some stuff I planned for Toad's Revenge when I first had it come to thought! Here is a list of what originally came up with!

    • Ray Cheesy was supposed to be a secondary atagonist!
    • The power of refusion didn't come to mind back…

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  • 2epicworlds

    I have a new account

    December 12, 2018 by 2epicworlds

    Hi everyone! I have made a new account. You may have seen it already. The user is User:ThatsEpicfam is my test account. I am going to use it for some tests for my edits and stuff (I would use my own bot but I can’t code and I would probably need to be an admin to do that). This account won’t be very active ether. If you have any questions then tell in MY message wall not my test account.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Hello today what is it Well remember those Pokémon fan games where they copy and paste Pokémon from the gens well that what I be doing here the probably the confirmed characters


    Bowser Jr



    Chef Pee Pee







    Ash Ketchum

    The Pokémon

    Treeko ,Charmander ,Froakie ,Pikachu ,Umbreon ,Meouth ,Palpatoad ,Rockruff ,Eeeve, And Poilwhril?

    And here a teaser

    Junior: Ready Joseph

    Joseph: Ready as I ever be

    Junior: Alright go Treeko!

    A pokeball sent out releasing Treeko

    Joseph: Than Let See If he can take on Charmander!

    Another pokeball was sent out releasing Charmander

    Joseph: Let Go Charmander Use Fire blast

    Junior: Dodge it and use quick attack

    A huge stream of fire launch at Treeko who dodge it and hit Charmander in…

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  • InternetProblem

    Hi, I am InternetProblem and The Woody Arc, the first idea under my new studio InternetProblem Pictures comes out this Saturday! and while you get excited, here are the chapter names & release dates!

    You can read it now!:

    Chapter Number Chapter Name Release Date
    1. Woody's Revenge 15th December 2018
    2. Woody's Flossing Virus 18th December 2018
    3. Bowser's Job Interview 20th December 2018
    4. Woody Hacks Call of Duty 21st December 2018
    5. Mario Plane Crash 22nd December 2018
    6. Black Yoshi's Movie Theatre 24th December 2018
    7. Bowser Junior's Scam 26th December 2018
    8 Woody's Convention Centre 28th December 2018
    9 Woody's Bet 30th December 2018
    10 Bowser Junior's Game Night 8 31st December 2018
    • Bowser Junior's Scam…

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  • InternetProblem

    Hi I am InternetProblem and I am making different projects in the future here is all of them including tournaments & ideas there will be more added to this when I have tournaments and ideas I am confirming

    1. The Woody Arc -This will be the only project here to be released in 2018 so the plot of this story arc is Woody has been absent for far too long he blames the Jeffy fanboys so many active users will try to stop the Jeffy fanboys taking over the fanbase and to stop Logan for getting rid of Woody for good.
    Chapters will come out between December 15th-31st there will be 10 chapters with a different story title

    Feel free to read the chapters here:

    2. Detective Bowser - After seeing the news that SwagMas…

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  • 2epicworlds

    New series coming soon!

    December 9, 2018 by 2epicworlds

    User:Endlesspossibilities 2006 has made a user rap battle series and so will I. Credit to User:Endlesspossibilities 2006 for starting it. It will be called world war rap. I will not add myself in it but I might remake the endless vs culdee rap battle since endless made it before and to make it a bit more accurate (i’m Not say endless was bias but i think I should remake it) and it will be under fourm posts. So that is all I wanted to announce and the secret project will be coming in 3 days-2 weeks and yeah.

    Not much time to vote in my sml awards so vote now!

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    As you may possibly know I did a blog on my future projects that I add another project so I will do my best to detail it while this be a bit let dig a bit into my project

    Jeffy Revenge

    Ok what is this about remember my Jeffy hypnotized continuation well this be set in it about a week after that but when will it come out well I start by the end of War world Nerf (which that will also have another story coming from that but I won’t reveal since the details are being work) so

    Date: TBA

    Writer: Me

    Let get to

    The Tournament Arc

    Well this will be a action with a bit of comedy 32 people are fighting it out in a tournament which came to be a Of Goodman plan to see them fight. This I will use series (since the fights the in between could take) will be rel…

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  • Junebug25

    Eras of SML

    December 7, 2018 by Junebug25

    Hey everyone, it's me again.

    With SML being out for a decade now, 11 years as of the day after this post, the channel has been through a numerous amount of changes. With these changes come time periods that certain videos or years can be classified in. There's always been a bit of a debate on how to evenly spilt up the times of SML, so I just wanted to share my input on it. This is my opinion of SML's timeline.

    Early Era/Stone Age (2007-2010):

    At this point in time, Logan was just starting out Youtube, and was just another kid goofing off with his family and friends. The guys didn't stick to a certain formula of videos, and the crew just did whatever they wanted. The crew never took themselves too seriously, which gave the show a unique charm…

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  • Rantatbook3om

    Affected Chat Threads

    December 6, 2018 by Rantatbook3om

    Here's an incomplete list of all threads affected by the recent bouts of vandalism:

    (I'll add more later, the ones that were added were ones that have been resolved)

    Please comment below or you know any other affected threads or if an offending thread listed here has been taken care of so I can edit this blog accordingly.

    Thank you!

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well you read the title so let me show the project I will just get a part done but remember those mediocre tournament arcs for shows (I.E. Anime’s) well.....

    Butler: What!?

    Goodman: Easy host a tournament which the winner get 2 billion dollars

    Butler: What the reason

    Goodman: Well to test each person performance and skills also to see them kick each other asses

    Mario: I joining

    Bowser Jr: Are you Serious

    Joseph: Not gonna live in porverte or what was that the right I feel like a misspoke

    Cody: Well For Ken

    Luigi: Been awhile

    Endless Productions Presents....

    SML (Stupid) Idea: The Tournament Arc

    So what will be anything I reveal well this is just my ideas so far but still you might at least expect the page to go up in December 10 for part 1 and maybe p…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Endless: Okay go Jigglypuff

    Jigglypuff: Jggly Puff

    Endless: Use sing

    Jigglypuff sings

    Toad: You thin..k t...h….a…….t w…..I…..l………..l

    Toad fall asleep

    Endless: Return Jigglypuff

    Endless: Let switch you with my friend and let continue the list

    Okay well I will put a Christmas special here so what will it be……………..

    The Christmas Special (2015)

    This video have everything the comedy with the respectable actions from the characters and have the action to go the distance with it great acts of interaction and if you may not know for the rest be even more great so…..

    Toad sucker punch me to the ground

    Toad: Okay for that I will give you props but that won’t stop me

    Endless: Okay go Infernape!

    Endless sends Pokémon ball which released Infernape

    Infernape: Great wh…

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  • Ast126

    Wow, it’s been a while since I made a blog. Anyway, I was just recently looking back at SML’s channel especially during 2015. 2015 is a really amazing year with a lot of cool things in it. So here are basically 5 of the main reason why 2015 is the best year for SML

    No Jeffy- Pretty Self-Explanatory

    Fanbase Control- At this year of 2015, Logan felt happy in the content he was making. He was able to make video about whatever he want without toxic fanbase. He doesn’t have to deal with demonetization or age restriction. And it was also the year where his production started to get better with camera and he does try to help on and sustain what the fandom wants

    Character- This season has introduced a variety of character. Something although are pret…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Endless: Okay after that we’re are ready to continue with part 3

    Len: Sure Go don’t interrupt me

    Endless: Why are you here! Ug anyways let’s Continue

    Well the newest one on the list it had the jokes,the characters,and the action it is………

    Attack of the Killer Shrimp

    Okay for this I practically about everything Woody return to glory check. Nicely done actual jokes Check. Good interaction Check E Check Check. Okay still it great than the usual videos it gave us hope which was destroyed………..

    Toad burst through the door and attacks me

    Endless: Help me

    Roommate: No let me go to third base

    Toad: Is he having sex with a bed

    Endless: Yeup

    Toad: Why is he doing that

    Endless: Cause her girlfriend dumped him and the bed is the only reminder

    Toad: That stupid


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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Welcome to part two people

    Well even though I HATE at hand like Jeffy he do have this video and that is….

    Bowser Video Game

    Well to be simple at the time it show how good the editing can be also Bowser is funny here not to mention it kinda parodies of video games especially at the end where Junior defeated the game in five minutes and at the game was rated M so…. there that but still this is good to me

    Well around a bit ago I say I probably will have to put a birthday episode on here after rewatching I got it. It gave my childhood nostalgia for all the right reasons have great jokes and that is…….

    Bowser Jr. 7th Birthday

    Now why this one Easy nostalgia well Sure jokes are real good but still why here Easy even though nostalgia may be poisonous b…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Ah a few will be wonder what is this Well this series I be looking as characters which has similar parts of each other or a rehash Video comparing it to the original to see if the original did it better or if the new can pull the stops and go the extra mile and be the better one so what be the topic of today

    Bowser’s Driver License vs Jeffy’s Driver License

    Oh we be in for a treat.

    Yeah as well as you know I dislike the two and dislike is a understatement but still how I am going to do this easy by having 5 categories like Jokes,Characters,Actions/Reputations,The plot(not important but just adding it),And Which was more worth watching (putting here just to get 5 categories) There also for those saying this is a rip-off of nostalgia Critic heh…

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  • Addycakes2

    SML Wiki has no Birdo?

    November 26, 2018 by Addycakes2

    Birdo? Why no Birdo?

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  • Rh390110478

    2000 Edits!

    November 26, 2018 by Rh390110478

    Hey, everyone! It's me, Rh390110478! I have reached 2000 Edits!

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  • TheShinyLucarioMaster

    As you can tell, SuperSquidwardPepe has made a few sockpuppets this month.

    Here's the sockpuppets he made:

    • PepeSquidward
    • GoldenSquidwardPepe
    • TheSquidwardPepe
    • SquidwardPepeReturns (He made that one today)

    SuperSquidwardPepe made these sockpuppets to post spam messages on wikis we haven't contributed to, making spam pages on this wiki about Squidward, and other spam things like in his SuperSquidwardPepe account.

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  • 2epicworlds

    Future Projects

    November 25, 2018 by 2epicworlds

    These are my future projects coming up on this wiki. Let’s start with some story’s. After breaking point wasn’t popular enough so I ended it because NO ONE READ IT.....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHBHBHVHGYY. I am making different stuff.

    1. Soul catcher. This is one of the only future projects that are coming soon (soon being from now-the next 3 months) it’s about some of the users on this wiki are on an island and one of the users for a unknown reason try’s to catch the other users souls........yaaaaaay. This should come in December 1st-20th.

    2. Finding Danzxvfan. So this user on the wiki named danzxvfan has randomly went missing from the site so Trikkiboy and his friends (I will be using some of the users on his friend list right now i don’t have the li…

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  • MarioFan2009

    Before I begin this post, I want to let you know something. I do not send hate or anything bad against the people in my screenshots/photos in this post. Everybody in this post will have their name censored.

    Alright, so I have seen a video that involves Jeffy that is upload like 2 years now. You may know this. Locked Out, the overhated controversial episode. Now, why did I make this post? It is like a review BUT I will talk about the controversy behind it and why it is very unnecessary and completely butthurt. But first, I will talk about my opinion then get on with the hate.

    This episode was very overall... AMAZING! It proves a classic controversial Jeffy and Mario video and it has a good concept in my opinion. Jeffy trolling and kicking Mar…

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  • 2epicworlds

    This is 5 sml characters who sworn.....just kidding it’s actually 5 most popular sml characters.

    I’m going to be using a point score from:

    Fanbass: how popular the character is

    Video appearances: the amount Logan using the character and how long there in each video

    Wiki likeness: this will affect the characters since it seems like this wiki is very picky about characters

    Points are 0-1000

    This is my opinion btw

    5. Black yoshi: he was one of the most popular character but now a days is starting to fade away. The total score of 731

    4. Bowser junior: of course junior in my opinion he has made up for his bratty self but the wiki can’t forgive him it seems. The score is 733 (it would have been 802 if this wiki could forgive him)

    3. Chef pee pee: holy sh…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    While World War Nerf is my main project right now I want to do a multitude of projects after that but I guess I might as well give you sneak peaks here project 1

    ???: Aw the old group such memorable memories

    Clips from SML videos appear with him in it

    ???: As much I like the old times

    A light cast onto him revealing him as Jeffy

    Jeffy: Now they will have to burn

    Endless productions presents...

    We see Nancy with cuts and buries

    Nancy: Ready...

    A zombie Jaques appears with decaying skin and bones showing with rotting flesh,teeth,and hair

    Jaques: Or...

    A zombie Sonic appears with just bones and a bit of flesh remaining

    Sonic: Not...

    Wario appears with a deep gash in his stomach Also with Wario. Waluigi with multiple cuts and a bloody eye

    Wario And Waluigi…

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  • InternetProblem

    3000 Edits!

    November 18, 2018 by InternetProblem

    I just reached 3000 edits This is the first ever wiki I have ever been on that I got 3000 edits, the Titototter wiki joins as the wikis I have 1000 edits on but still 3000 is very brilliant and I am even closer to the top 10 of the wikis most edited users! :D

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  • OcelotGuys224

    (Warning: Bad grammar, cringe and cussing. And i’m sorry for the typo at otamatone!)

    Chapter 1: 

    Jeffy: Hey daddy! Wanna watch Ass Pounders 4?

    Mario: Not right now Jeffy.

    Jeffy: Aw, ok!

    Mario: Wait aren't you gonna scream?

    Jeffy: Oh no daddy, I have the DVD version of the movie.

    Mario: WAIT WHAT!?

    Jeffy: So let's watch it!

    Mario: Oh no...

    Ad pop ups*

    Otamatone: PWAN PWAN PWAN PWAN? (Are you tired of being bored and want to kill yourself?)

    Otamatone: PWAN PWAN PWAN, PWAN PWAN PWAN PWAN!!! PWAN PWAN PWAN PWAN PWAN!!! (Then you need to get, the Otamatone!! It's one of Japan's best selling music toys!!! )

    Jeffy: Daddy what is that note looking fuck doing in that tv?

    Mario: I don't know, It's some type of instrument or somethi-

    • return to ad and otamatone show…
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  • CuldeeFell13

    Hey Guys! Culdee here! I decided to make some art to keep you guys hyped about my story called Chef Pee Pee's Robot Invasion.

    Read it here!

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  • TheEpicPees

    Welcome to my next fanmade episode!

    Bowser Junior falls asleep and he has so much crazy dreams!

    Jackie Chu: Alright class! Today we have Big Exam! BIG EXAM! BIIIIIG EXAM!!!

    Bowser Junior: Oh man, not exams!

    Cody: Heh, that's called "Life" L I F E Life.

    Joseph: Don't be a jerk cody!

    Bowser Junior: Yeah Cody!

    Cody: J j j Junior! I am not a jerk, exams are cool!

    Bowser Junior: What a nerd!

    Joseph: Yeah, what a nerd!

    Jackie Chu: My eyes are so slang so I can't see what is on the exam! Can someone help me?

    • Junior falls asleep


    Joseph: OMG IS HE DEAD?

    Cody: I DON'T KNOW... Isn't he sleeping?


    • Dream 1*

    Bowser Junior: Yawn! Why am I in the bed? 

    • hears knocks on the door

    Bowser Junior: Who could that be?


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  • Rh390110478

    1000 EDITS

    November 12, 2018 by Rh390110478

    Hey, everyone! I have reached 1000 edits! 😀😀😀😀😀

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  • Teh Crazy Acorn


    November 11, 2018 by Teh Crazy Acorn

    Welcome to my blog.

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  • Pokefan700

    there's something that kinda bothers me about jeffy videos.

    they're so dang predictable. ever since "jeffy's tantrum," things started to be exactly the same. jeffy wants something or does something, cussing and screaming, things go back to normal. the end. logan just seems to run out of ideas nowdays and he doesn't seem motivated to actually develop any characters anymore. you guys don't have to agree with me because this is just my opinion. but you can share your thoughts in the comments. :)

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  • 2epicworlds

    I have barely contributed last week and in my opinion it was quite random but I have some reasons for why I have been inactive.

    One of these reasons are that I needed a bit of a break from the wiki because I have Been contributing all most every day for the past year and it gets very tiring.

    A different reason is that i am learning editing, photoshop, etc because i’m going to be uploading videos to my YouTube channel soon.

    And one of my biggest reasons is that it’s been hard to be on this wiki when there is always drama and vandalism. Not only that Logan has been an idiot and it’s hard to say that i support someone that is an idiot plus his issues aren’t changing.

    Thank you for understanding. (Note: i’m Not leaving the wiki i’m Only putting t…

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  • Rh390110478

    Hey, everyone! It's me, Rh390110478! Here are some pictures of the upcoming SML and SMG4 crossover series I'll be doing soon. I hope you enjoy them! More pictures coming soon!

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well it been a while before you say something about why this took a long time while their tons of videos with new videos coming out so deciding was difficult so I decided to just judge videos from 2012 to 2017 why well 2012 was when I feel Logan gotten better and set the bar for his videos for the future but anywho after careful consideration and long time coming to it time to go

    Okay please keep in mind the two videos coming up but this video is able to make me laugh with the dark humor although a person may disagree let’s reveal the winner for this spot

    Bowser Jr playtime 5

    Okay this video even this video have dark humor (and offensive joke) which can either greatly work or absolutely terrible but this video for me it passed with flying col…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Ah this been building up for a while so for you know that it be astonishing about how much I hate Jeffy from my subtle hints


    Well everyone is not shock but the reasons why he my worst character.

    Okay who am I kidding everyone knows that on my top 10 worst characters list on the wikia but for the people who wonder why am I doing the review well I guess I just want to go even more in-depth so for those who like Jeffy here the warning and for those extreme Jeffy fanboys who would be shock by people who dare to say a flaw of their god and if you try to attack I won’t care and get you off so just stay away until your take off your rose scented glasses and I will not try to shove my opinions down your throats but with those out the way I …

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  • MarioFan2009

    Sorry if I come to this wiki only for just a few minutes/hours, but I am in high school and studies are bit ruff plus I am more active on YouTube, Google+ or Roblox. I am planning to be a bit more active now.

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Okay time to say it I putting the top 20 SML videos on the back burner but I am going to make it up by doing a character review and who is the character well I already talk about it but not in “depth” so I going to hold a contest for a avatar just one things the hair will be a blonde (a light one but still) Okay randomness is here now time to go

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  • Thomas vs YTP

    An OC, ok?

    October 25, 2018 by Thomas vs YTP

    This is one of the SuperMarioLogan's OCs.

    This is Reginald, he's a young magikoopa who was adopted by Cody and Ken in the 2010s, he was the one of the younger magikoopas, Reginald was later exported to Pensacola, where Cody (after Kamek died) purchased him as the replacement for Phoebe, but unlike Phoebe, he would not cry.

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  • Kirbymasters87


    October 16, 2018 by Kirbymasters87

    This wiki had a HUGE change now that i have returned if you were asking why i wasn't active is, that i was busy with other stuff so i'm bacc.

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  • Kandarailway

    My family tragedies

    October 15, 2018 by Kandarailway

    1984- My twin brother has died at young age. He was 4 years old.

    1987- My great-great-aunt has died of old age. She was 87 years old.

    1992- My great-grandmother has died of old age. She was 92 years old.

    Summer 1995- My parents adopted a 7-year old little girl from China.

    16th September 2001- My mother has died of a heart attack. She was 45 years old.

    2006- My great-grandfather has died of old age. He was 107 years old.

    2017- My grandmother has died of old age. She was 91 years old.

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  • Jeffysfood


    October 13, 2018 by Jeffysfood

    Highlighted text here.

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  • TheEpicPees

    Bowser Junior's Teasing

    October 11, 2018 by TheEpicPees

    Welcome to my Fanmade stories.

    This is Bowser Junior's Teasing!


    Bowser Junior gets teased and tortured by his friends!


    Alright kids! It's time for... DOOFY THE DRAGON!

    Doofy: Oh hey kids! I'm doofy the dragon! And today, I got affected by bad luck! So I'm gonna make a four leaf clover!

    First, you need to take a bar of soap! Then get a knife! Cut it into a four leaf clover! Pretty!

    Now add some oil, And eat it!

    • chokes*


    Bowser Junior: AHAHAHA! Doofy you are so funny!

    • junior hears knocks on the door*

    Who's that?

    Cody and Joseph: Hey junior!

    Bowser Junior: Oh hey guys! What do you want to do today

    Joseph: I wanna watch some TV!

    Cody: Yeah, me too!

    Bowser …

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  • LimingGreen
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  • Datboi726

    lets face it

    October 8, 2018 by Datboi726

    A new pokemon video luigis mansion the space shrimpo and the sml movie are never coming out due to logan failing to keep promises

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