Bowser's Biggest Fear is the 22nd video of SML Movies.


Old:Bowser watches The Man with the Banana.

New:Bowser is scared!


SteinbeckstaringatJunior WHAT IS IT?!

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Bowser is seen watching a show called Charleyyy and Friends and it shows Charleyyy trying to find his keys. Bowser laughs at this and while he is still watching it, Bowser Junior comes in and tells him that he wants to watch a movie with his father. The movie is called The Man with the Banana.[1] Junior forces Bowser to watch it, with Bowser only agreeing to prove his "bravery". After watching it, he is left cowering with fear.



  • This video marks the first appearance of Charleyyy and Friends.
  • After this episode, Bowser turns into an Anti-Hero and watches Charleyyy and Friends non-stop.
  • After the video was uploaded, Logan asked on SuperLuigiLogan if the viewers wanted Charleyyy and Friends to become an actual series. Just like Doofy the Dragon with his own YouTube channel.
  • The title card shows a TV with Bowser Junior and Bowser, respectively and Bowser with his face edited to make him have a scared look.
  • At 5:01, you can clearly see Logan pulling Lovell.
  • This is the first dark episode to be uploaded on SML.

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