Bowser's Biggest Fear 2 is the 28th video of SML Movies and the sequel to Bowser's Biggest Fear.


They made a sequel to The Man with the Banana!


The video begins with Bowser exclaiming to watch an episode of Charleyyy and Friends or "The Charleyyy and Friends Show" After those crack ups, Junior comes in and tells him they made a The Man with the Banana 2. Bowser started to deny it, Junior states that The Man with the Banana startled with a Part 2. Bowser denys it again and Junior tells him that The Man with the Banana is on Netflix and tells him he can watch The Man with the Banana 2. Bowser says that his manlyness is already proved but not twice. and Bowser continues watching Charleyyy and Friends, Junior complains and tells him Charleyyy is wierd and stupid and no one likes him, Bowser says "Don't you ever say something that's negetive as that was about Charleyyy and Friends! Charleyyy and Friends is a rated E show and it's for everybody, it's family-oriented and it helps you become a better person!" Junior then states about The Man with the Banana 2 being more scarier than ever. Bowser then tells him the first part wasn't scary enough. Junior says if it's not scary enough, just watch it.

Again. Bowser loudly yells that he is not proving to Junior ever again. and says "Charleyyy is more important."

Junior started to feel sad and says he need some father and son time and Bowser don't want to spend time with him. and he starts breaking into tears. and Junior replies to Bowser by saying he watch Charleyyy 24/7 and Bowser replies again and reveals saying he watches Charleyyy and Friends in 30 minutes. And Junior starts crying and Bowser stops him. Junior finally let Bowser watch Charleyyy, but says that he is gonna upload a video of him from Bowser's Biggest Fear and send it to Joseph and Cody and Junior thinks that they gonna call him a big baby. Bowser says "WHAT secret video?" Junior said he put a camera somewhere. and he dares him to watch The Man with the Banana 2. Bowser then cries and complains. Later, Junior turned on the movie. The movie began with the main character known as Lovell surviving in a garage until he finds a banana peel. He picks it up and smells it and tasted it and threw it under the car. He gets scared and walks away until he found bananas laying on the floor and Lovell says "Babies?!" and he screams. In the next scene, Junior spouted out saying "Dad, Look! they had Babies!!" and Bowser gets dramatic. Back to the movie, Lovell was walking up to the banana babies and putting on a flash light so if he can see that the banana babies were monsters. He lifted one up and got scared, and the Banana shows up and he got extremly scared. Bowser Junior got scared and Bowser zooms behind the pillow and starts crying. Junior tries to get Bowser out from behind the pillows. Later, Lovell got scared and started to slither on the floor as the Banana chases him. Lovell got trapped and getting scared. Junior says that he don't know where to go, and asks Bowser where is he going to go. Bowser gets scared even more. Later, Lovell is very scared of the Banana. Junior is forcing Bowser to watch, Bowser is getting extremely scared. And Lovell is doomed and the Banana kills him. Junior and Bowser exclaims. and then Bowser starts crying again, and the movie finally ended with the message saying "This banana has not been seen in 5 years..This footage was the last known sighting of the banana. The banana continues to haunt the minds of millions of people every day..." Bowser then stops and notices that it happens in 2017 (5 years) and he goes overboard and Junior stopped him and tells him that the movie was from long time ago. Junior and Bowser watches the credits. When a Banana appeared, Bowser started screaming. And he said he is next and again, Bowser hides from behind the pillow and Junior asks him did he find his tooth. And the video ends.



  • The Charleyyy and Friends theme song makes it's debut in this video.
  • This video has the same SML question as Bowser Junior's Halloween.
  • This is the only video on the Bowser's Biggest Fear series which does not have an SML question which is movie related.
  • The thumbnail is the same as in its prequel, but Bowser is hiding and Junior is pointing to the TV screen and it has a 2.

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