Bowser's Biggest Fear 3 is the 37th video of SML Movies and the sequel to Bowser's Biggest Fear 2.


Bowser has a NEW biggest fear...


The video begins with Bowser saying Charleyyy and Friends 3 times in the row, waiting for the latest episode of Charleyyy and Friends. It began with Charleyyy kissing a showerhead and saying "Hi!" to the audience. He then tells everyone what he is doing, and he asks the audience how do the audience wash their hair. Bowser laughs at Charleyyy for him not knowing how to wash his hair, and Charleyyy knows that Bowser said "Shampoo!" and pulls out a bottle of it.

He began to drop it and think, making himself an idea and and he finally got it, resulting in Charleyyy, spraying his hair with Windex. Bowser again laughs at Charleyyy for him puttting Windex in his hair. Bowser Junior then comes in and Bowser complains, Junior tells Bowser that there's an new movie came out, Bowser now mentions the previous part of the Bowser's Biggest Fear series. Bowser Junior corrects Bowser as saying that theres's no banana movies but it's an new movie named "No Milk". Bowser thinks it wasn't scary, and Junior corrects Bowser again by saying the movie is scary and tells him to watch it with him.

Bowser denys it and continues watching Charleyyy and Friends. When Bowser Junior looks at it and Junior dislikes it and throws an tantrum. Bowser denys it again and Junior says he watches stupid stuff and he asks again. Bowser says that if Junior stays until 5 minutes, he getting sent to his room. Later, Bowser Junior turns on the movie, And the movie finally began with Lovell preparing his bowl of cereal and then he notice that there's no milk, and he began yelping. Later. He runs away from the table to the bathroom, jumping in the tub and pulling the curtain.

He calls emergency and the milk was talking on the phone and he later appears on the toilet. Bowser and Bowser Junior screams and Bowser pushes Junior to the front. In the movie, Lovell jumps out the bathtub.

Junior forces Bowser to watch the movie, In the movie, Lovell runs from the bathroom to closet. The gallon comes and beats the door, and Lovell finds a way to kill the gallon. He prays and opens the door and he saw a toy dinosaur, He kicks it and finds the gallon until he got hurt by it, The gallon teabags him. Junior and Bowser screams and says that they are not gonna eat cereal. The teabagging stops and then the movie finally ended, Bowser yells at Junior saying he better not turn on another movie ever again. He turns on Charleyyy and Friends and now it has a fun trivia saying "Did you know that Charleyyy's favorite drink is milk." This causes Bowser to scream very loud, ending the video. 



  • After this episode, Bowser shows no fear towards a milk jug in future episodes. It could be possible that he had overcome his fear from milk, but the banana fear still remains.
Luigi in bowser's biggest fear

Look closely inside the red circle

  • When the protagonist of no milk runs into the pantry, Luigi is spotted on a chair.


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