Bowser's Christmas Problem is the 31st video of SML Movies


Bowser was watching Charleyyy and Friends in his room as usual, until Bowser Junior comes in and starts annoying him because he wants to see Santa. Bowser tells his son that Santa does not exist, and Bowser Junior starts crying nonstop. Bowser has to try to figure out a way to make his son feel better.


The episode begins with Bowser enjoying himself and watching Charleyyy and Friends. The episode in Charleyyy and Friends is that Charleyyy trying to teach the audience how to rap. It ends with Charleyyy saying "Work."

Bowser burst out laughing at what he saw and Bowser Junior pops up and Bowser complains. Junior states that Santa is in the mall, and Bowser flat out saying that Junior is too grown for Santa. Junior then started roasting about Bowser stating that he's too old for Charleyyy and Friends. Bowser gets dramatic about it.

Bowser Junior begs for the 2nd time and states that he is a good boy. Bowser brags about it and saying that he is the worst and not getting any presents.

Bowser Junior says that he is joking and says "Santa loves kids all over earth!" Bowser tells Junior what did he want for Christmas, and Junior replies that he wants a Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, etc. Bowser states that Santa's bank account is going down. Junior then confesses that Santa has elves instead of money.

Junior begs for the 3rd time and Bowser says that he's not going to take him and he is going to watch the Charleyyy and Friends marathon. Bowser Junior complains and says that Charleyyy and Friends gets on air every single day and Santa comes every December and he begs for the 4th time. Bowser states that Charleyyy and Friends is popular than Santa and he is going to have Junior watch Charleyyy and Friends with him, and Junior refuses and states that he hates Charleyyy. Bowser got angry and almost left Junior in tears. He begs for the 5th time. And he begs 4 times in a row and in the background, Bowser loudly saying "No!"

Bowser reveals that Santa is not real. This resulting in Junior very hurt by it and he breaks in tears.

Bowser again, relaxing and watching Charleyyy and Friends. and Chef Pee Pee appears and asks him what did he need. Bowser says "No I'm good./I'm pretty full." Chef Pee Pee notices that Junior is in his room crying and guesses that Bowser told him Santa isn't existing. and Bowser explains, and Chef Pee Pee was unsure about it. Later, Bowser continues watching his show and then Bowser Junior was heard, crying loudly, making Bowser complain. Later, Chef Pee Pee was bored and has nothing to do. Bowser pops up and then tells him what's happening. Chef Pee Pee laughed at him and says that he is not a good father. Bowser tells him no abruptly and orders him to put on a Santa costume and say "Ho ho ho" and Junior is gonna cheer up and be happy. Chef Pee Pee laughs again about it, leaving Bowser staring at him about 6 seconds until Chef Pee Pee is wearing a Santa costume. He is mad about it, and Bowser accepts it and Bowser went in the bathroom. This shows Junior crying in the bathroom and Bowser telling him to come in the kitchen and says that he lied. Junior doesn't believe him and continued crying for 1 second and Junior stopped crying and he and Bowser gets hyped about it. Junior screams "SANTA!!!"

Chef Pee Pee says "Oh god...." and Junior jumps on his lap and asks him that he want a Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, etc. The part that he says Wii U, Chef Pee Pee confuses and end up saying "Who's we"

Bowser Junior corrects himself by saying Nintendo Wii U and he continued.

He asks Chef Pee Pee that did he have a surprise, resulting Chef Pee Pee giving him a candy cane. Junior made Chef Pee Pee nearly promised that he is going to give Junior the presents. And Junior saw a piece of his mustache fall off and Chef Pee Pee explains a lie. Later, Bowser took a picture of the two. And so finally, Santa is Chef Pee Pee in disguise. Chef Pee Pee was crying because of Junior. And the video ends.



  • This is the last episode to have a couple of things:
    • The final SML Movie of 2013.
      • This also makes it the final video of the following year.
  • This is the only episode to have a couple of things:
    • Junior going purple with rage on his own father.
    • The only time Bowser yelled at Junior very mad, and causing his son to cry.
  • This is the first episode to have lots of things:
    • The first time Junior cries non stop.
    • The first time Chef Pee Pee cares for Junior.
      • Which is also the first time he laughs at Bowser.
    • The first time to hear a character cry in the background.
      • Which is also to hear a character’s voice in the background.
    • The first time Chef Pee Pee cries in anger.
      • Which makes him, and Junior be the first, and second characters to go purple with rage.
    • The first time Bowser speaks to the viewers.
    • Which also makes him be the first character to speak to the viewers.
    • The first time Chef Pee Pee dresses up, or (disguises as someone else).
  • Bowser is shown to be mean as he says his son is the worst boy and he's not getting any presents.


  • In the video's description, the word "Jr" is uppercase as "JR"

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