Bowser's Dinner Date is the 27th video of SML Movies.


Bowser wants to kill Mario, so he invites him to dinner.


Bowser comes up with a plan to finally kill Mario. He decides to invite Mario for dinner pretending that he's sorry for stealing the princess all the time. Mario gets Toad to tell Bowser to make dinner that's something with cheese and donuts and that he better not be try something evil. Toad tells Bowser to make something with cheese and donuts but forgets to tell him about Bowser doing something evil. Bowser tells Chef Pee Pee to make dinner and to add something to poison Mario. Bowser thinks up of Mario cherries. So Chef Pee Pee makes cheese covered donuts and adds mario cherries to salsa. When Mario comes in Bowser acts strange throughout the entire meal and Mario purposely resists eating the salsa since it gives him diarrhea. When Bowser reveals his plan to Mario, he tells Bowser that Bowser is actually allergic to the Mario cherries and leaves. Bowser is mad at Chef Pee Pee for not knowing that Bowser is allergic to the cherries. So Chef Pee Pee gets Luigi and Toad to eat the meals.



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