Bowser's Doritos is the 28th video of SML Shorts.


Someone ate Bowser's doritos!


It once starts in the kitchen where Bowser looks around to see who ate his Doritos. He thinks it's one of them, then he accuses Chef Pee Pee of eating his chips. When Junior came to the kitchen, he has Doritos all over his bib. Bowser explains to Junior about Chef Pee Pee eating his Doritos. Chef Pee Pee pointed out that Junior ate Bowser's Doritos, but Bowser doesn't believe Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee shows Bowser his fingers that don't show Doritos crumbs. Bowser brings out a piece of paper as a polygraph to give Chef Pee Pee a lie detector test. Bowser writes down a question and Chef Pee Pee said no. Then Bowser scribbles the paper and tears it apart. Bowser gives him orders as punishment and calls him a liar. Junior tries to tell Bowser the truth, but he doesn't need him to cover Chef Pee Pee. He walks away when the video ends.



  • This video marks the second Super Bowl themed special. Following Dorito's Commercial and eventually by Super Bowl Commercials.
  • This episode reavels that Bowser Junior is kind of smart since he tried to tell the truth, but since Bowser is idiotic, he still blamed Chef Pee Pee.

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