• Bowser's Drivers License! is the 166th SML Movie.


Bowser tries to get his drivers license because he wants to be able to drive!


Bowser Junior watches a McDonald's commercial with Doofy making his own burger, using glass, a mousetrap, and nails.

Junior then wants to go to McDonald's to try the burger, and asks Chef Pee Pee, who refuses to take him, and tells Junior to ask his dad Bowser to take him. Junior arrives at his dad, who was watching Charleyyy and Friends, and asks Bowser to take him to McDonald's, but he doesn't have a driver's license yet.

Junior convince Bowser to get one so Bowser asks Chef Pee Pee to take him to get his license. Bowser then meets the Brooklyn Guy. Bowser was inform on what he needs to do first so Bowser starts the car and opens the top and turns on the music putting on the shades and much more.

Brooklyn T.Guy informs that Bowser needs to put on a seatbelt first and but he refuses. He is then told to park between cones. He denies this fact that he ran over the cone but Brooklyn T.Guy went out Andrew say he did.

In the next test, Bowser must make a turn without hitting any cones which the Brooklyn Guy pretends that they are orphans. Bowser agains ran them over but again he denies he hit them all. Now, Bowser is currently driving on the street. He saw a stop sign on the road and continues to go because he thinks it means “Spin Tires on Payment”

He is told to make a turn and use a turn signal and states he doesn't know what a turn signal is and use the wrong one. After a couple tries, he did it. After the turn he got a phone call from him mom making spagetti and yells about spaghetti. This got him sidetrack so Brooklyn T. Guy took over it. He comes to another turn and listens and the Brooklyn Guy is actually left impressed.

Just as Bowser is getting back on track, Jackie Chu zips by and Bowser becomes upset. Bowser then tells Jackie Chu to open up his eyes and Brooklyn T.Guy then yell on for the racism. After Jackie leaves, Bowser is told to put the car in park and Bowser and the Brooklyn Guy recap the test and Bowser failed, but the Brooklyn Guy isn't surprised. Bowser tells Junior that he passed, but Bowser Junior realized his dad is lying. Bowser then shoves Junior off the couch as the video ends.



  • This video confirms that Bowser has failed in his first of three attempts at a driving test.
  • Most of this video was filmed at the Toys-'R'-Us parking lot.
  • The scene where Bowser yells at Jackie Chu was filmed here:,-87.226393,3a,75y,219.23h,68.51t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sdoeQq-CcmdTA46lzQ-Eq8Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  • This is the second time that the Doofy the Dragon intro isn't shown before the shows starts, the first time was in The Sticky Situation.
    • This is probably because the Doofy segment was a commercial rather than the actual TV show
  • This video marks the 2015 finale of Doofy The Dragon. The episode title is McDonalds in which Doofy makes a cheeseburger more fun by adding glass, smashing the glass with a hammer, a mouse trap, and nails.
  • This is the first time Bowser (or anyone) shoves Junior.
  • The song that Bowser turned on was sung by Black Yoshi.
  • When Bowser said Stop meant spin tires on pavement, this was actually a reference to a quote from Lance’s 5th grade teacher.


  • At 11:34, Lance's face Can be seen.
  • At 5:56, Chris's face is visible though the mirror.
  • At 5:49, Lovell's face Can be seen.
  • At 5:14, a bit of Lovell's face can be seen in the mirror.
  • While Bowser claims that he is in his 30s, it was revealed in a later video that he was 49 years old. It could be possible that the videos use a floating timeline or that Bowser must have simply forgotten his age.
  • Bowser was seen driving cars in previous and later videos, although in this video, he does NOT have a driver's license yet. It is possible those videos took place after this one, or that Bowser just drove a car without a license illegally
  • At the 9:49 mark when Bowser gets a call from his mom, the contact says "Logan 30".
  • Bowser doesn't understand what STOP means in this episode but perfectly understands it in Bowser's Video Game.