Bowser's Goldfish is the 201st video of SML Movies.


Bowser wants a goldfish just like Charleyyy's! But Junior starts to play with it.


Bowser starts watching Charleyyy, and sees that Charleyyy has a goldfish and is taking it for a walk. Charleyyy then states that his fish can do tricks. His fish jumped out of the water and gave him a kiss. Bowser now wants the exact fish Charleyyy has. Chef Pee Pee takes Bowser to get a pet goldfish that just looks like Charleyyy's fish.

Bowser then begins to feed the fish. He gives the fish a mini powder donut while fake kissing it to attract it. Bowser Junior goes toward Bowser and asks what Bowser is doing. Bowser tells Junior that he is taking care of his goldfish, and with Junior excited saying he has never seen a goldfish before. Junior then asks if he can play with the Goldfish. Bowser answers "No, No you can't play with it." reason being it is his own fish from his favorite show. Junior then tells Bowser that fishes do not eat donuts. Bowser put in the donut anyways. Junior still clarifies that he can't play with the fish, Bowser gives him a set of consequences if Junior does play with the fish.

With Bowser leaving, Junior looks at the fish, wishing Junior was a fish himself. Then Bowser Junior thinks that the fish is lonely, so Junior gives the fish a bath tub to swim in, giving the fish even more area to swim.

Bowser Junior then has an idea of reenacting the movie "Jaws" with Bowser's fish behaving as a shark.

After the scene of Jaws, Toad comes into the bathroom. After telling Toad how fun it was to play in Jaws, Toad replies with "Kind-of fun". With Junior being confused with the Kino-of Fun statement, he then asks what's more fun to do with the fish. Toad answers taking the worm on a waterslide. Toad captures the fish with the fish net, and while Junior asks what waterslide to let the fish ride, Toad suggests the flushing of a toilet.

Junior then states that he'll die if he were to be flushed down the toilet, but Toad says that he'll only go around and around the water flow of the toilet. Toad tells Junior that there is a mechanism of a toilet that if it detects fish, the fish don't go down the toilet.

Toad then puts the fish inside the toilet and seeing that the fish will have fun. Junior proceeds to flush the toilet, but is scared to flush it, so Toad flushes the toilet. The fish has went down the drain and is no where to be seen. They both start to freak out, but Toad then suggests that the fish will arrive from the sink. They begin hoping the fish will come back out of the sink.

Toad then starts blaming Junior for having an old toilet because Toad's toilets have that mechanic of catching flushed fish of a toilet. Toad now suggests to get another fish. They proceed to go to the pet store to replace Bowser's fish.

While in the pet store, Bowser needs to look for Charleyyy Junior (Which is the name of Charleyyy's fish) , but Junior had another idea of getting a black fish to replace Bowser's Fish. Toad disagrees with Junior getting a black fish, but Junior already bought the black fish already. Toad leaves, predicting that Bowser will get angry at Junior, Toad himself as well, but Junior thinks that Toad is being racist.

Bowser then arrives to the room where the fish bowl is, Bowser then find something a little odd about the fish bowl, he thinks that the fish has finished with the donut, and gives the fish 2 donuts.

Later at night, Bowser Junior is about to go to sleep, still remembering about the first fish, thinking that he fish made it to the ocean., also hoping that he's okay. With Junior now sleeping, Charleyyy Junior begins crawling out of the toilet, and going into Junior's room. Junior starts waking up slowly, and gets jump scared by the fish, then Charleyyy Junior kills Junior.

Then the video goes to the scenes of the 2 actor fish, where that Charleyyy Junior was never really flushed down the Toilet. Instead they edited the motion of the fish so that they could make it seem like the fish was actually flushed down the toilet and announce to the viewers to not flush their fish down toilets.



  • Logan and Lovell explain to the viewers that they edited the fish to look like it was flushed, no fish were really flushed away in the video.
  • It is revealed that Bowser Junior watched the 2003 film Finding Nemo and knows that drains end up in the ocean.
  • This is the first time we see Charleyyy and Friends, since The Christmas Special!.
  • According to Logan, he used AfterEffects for the 'fish in the toilet' scene.
  • Charleyyy's fish and Bowser's fish and their tanks strongly resemble the one from Fishy and Friends in Bowser's Depression. It is possible that Charleyyy's goldfish is that fish.
  • The ending is similar to "Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem!", where The Goldfish sneaks into Bowser Junior's room to scare him.
  • This is one of Charleyyy's few appearences on 2016
  • Jeffy was originally going to appear on the video, in the deleted scene, Jeffy appeared to be tapping the bowl where Charleyyy Junior was.


  • As Bowser Junior is correct on fish dying when flushed down the toilet, the Fish somehow lived when flushed.
    • Also when the fish was about to kill Junior, Fish wouldn't breath in air.