Bowser's Parrot! is the 133th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser wins a FREE Parrot!


When Bowser was watching Charleyyy and Friends, Charleyyy was giving away his parrot with his autograph on it. Bowser was so excited that he managed to be the first caller and they said that they said that it will be delivered at the end of the day. Bowser was so excited that he decided to tell Chef Pee Pee. He disagrees with Bowser because he says that that Bowser Junior is already too hard to take care of and the apartment building may not allow pets. Bowser doesn't care and forces Chef Pee Pee to wait at the door until the parrot arrives. Then the scene cuts to Bowser Junior pouring water on Thomas and then sees Bowser walking by. He asks what was he yelling at Chef Pee Pee about. Bowser says that he's not old enough to know, but Junior says that he is old enough. He doesn't want to hear Junior anymore and tells him that he got a parrot from Charleyyy. Junior asks what a parrot is. Bowser replies saying that it's a talking bird. Junior gets excited and asks Bowser if he can play with it when it gets there. He says "NO!" saying that because it's signed by Charleyyy, it's really valuable and if he touches it, he'll strangle him. Bowser then goes back to his room to watch Charleyyy. Junior dries Thomas off. The scene cuts again to Chef Pee Pee waiting at the door for the Parrot to arive. The Parrot finally arrives and Chef Pee Pee takes it inside. He puts the box (where the Parrot is in) on the counter and opens it. After being annoyed by it, Chef Pee Pee takes the Parrot to Bowser. Bowser asks it where's the signature and it says that it's on it's wing. After hearing Bowser having fun with the Parrot, Junior says that it's cool and says that after a while the Parrot will get annoying. Bowser finds the off switch to him by hitting him. Junior then asks if he can invite his friends and play with the Parrot. He says "NO!" again for the same reason. Cody and Joseph arrive and Junior tells them that they got a Parrot. They don't believe them and then Junior shows them the Parrot. Junior lies to Bowser saying that Chef Pee Pee broke a lamp so that him, Cody, & Joseph could play with the Parrot. He believes him and leaves the room. Then they have some fun with the Parrot. Junior then makes the Parrot repeat "Bowser's a retard!" and it won't stop saying it. Then they kill the bird to make it shut up. Junior tries to play as the Parrot to fool Bowser, it works and then he leaves the room. During that time, Junior tried to make it look like it killed itself. Bowser comes back sees it and then cries and gives him a funeral. At the Cemetery, Bowser (barely) digs a hole for the Parrot and buries it. Bowser tells Junior to say something nice. But then the bird wakes up revealing that Junior just knocked it out. Then it tells Bowser that he's a retard and because of that, Bowser kills Polly. Bowser and Junior gets another pet after that. Junior wants a puppy and Bowser wants a kitty.



  • The SML Question is the same question from Bowser Junior's Easter Wish.
  • This is the first time Bowser Junior pours stuff on Thomas, the first was Switching Bodies.
  • At some point, the Parrot did not repeat what they said.
  • This is the second time Bowser killed an animal, the first was Bowser Junior's Pet.
  • When Bowser Junior, Cody, and Joseph are playing with Polly, at one point they make Polly say "Bowser's a retard." a reference to the fact that Bowser is one of the retarded villains in SML.


  • At 3:59 the S word is uncensored.
  • After Bowser killed the parrot, he and Junior got in the car. But the car claims to be Chef Pee Pee's, and Bowser appears to be in the driver's set. (This might implied that he drove to a different place where they bury the parrot) This is an error, because Bowser doesn't have a driver's license (referring to Bowser's Video Game).