Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!
Bowser Junior's 1st Grade Part 1


Logan Thirtyacre




Logan Thirtyacre
Lance Thirtyacre
Lovell Stanton
Chris Netherton
Chilly Jimenez
Elaina Kim
Daisy Tahan</br>


Lance Thirtyacre


75 minutes

Release date

August 5, 2015


United States

Preceded by

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (December 12, 2014 -)

Seceded by

American Idol (October 23, 2015 - )

Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! is the third SML Movie which is a sequel to Bowser Junior's Summer School.


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Bowser takes his son to 1st grade, and while at school, Junior encounters many events, including meeting a girl, his first teacher breaking his hip, teacher replacements, having a pedophile for a teacher.


Movie Parts

No. of Part Name Air date
1 Part 1 March 12, 2015
This is the First day of school
2 Part 2 March 26, 2015
A lot of weird stuff happens during Junior's second day of school!
3 Part 3 April 9, 2015
The teacher gets in trouble!
4 Part 4 April 23, 2015
Bowser Junior and his friends get to draw today at school! But something backfires!
5 Part 5 August 5, 2015
Bowser Junior goes to school to design the hottest planet!