Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4 is the 120th video of SML Movies and the 4th part of Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!


Bowser Junior and his friends get to draw today at school! But something backfires!


In the conference room, Principal Steinbeck tells the adults that they goofed when they realized Mr. Winkle was a pedophile. When Bowser asks how they didn't know he was a pedophile, Officer Goodman said that when they did a background check, he didn't pass, but kept saying that he was hot during the interview, which surprised Steinbeck, saying that Winkle called him hot as well. When the parents ask who the new teacher will be, Steinbeck says he knows who it will be while laughing evilly. The parents say goodbye to their kids, and the kids find a piece of paper on their desks. The new teacher comes in, and it's Jackie Chu.

Jackie Chu tells the class that it's art day, which why they have a piece of paper on their desks, and guides them to the art room. Once there, they are told to draw what they want to be when they grow up while Screwball will be their instructor for now. Junior brings in dinosaur crayons, but gets jealous when he sees Cody's box of 64 crayons with a sharpener and Cody won't let him borrow one. Screwball shows the kids he wanted to be a kidnapper and shows the mess behind him, because he got high last period while doing meth in the bathroom. Junior and Cody discuss what they want to be when they grow up and draw them.

Jackie Chu returns and goes over the seven elements of art. He calls Cody to show his drawing, and Cody says he wants to be a hunky firefighter, so Jackie gives him a B-. Junior comes up and tells Jackie he wants to be a helicopter, but Jackie says it's not possible, so he gives Junior a wooden F. Joseph says he wants to be LeBron James, so Jackie gives him a C-, but changes it to a C+. Toad says he wants to be a singer, so Jackie gives him an A.

Patrick shows his drawing of a green bear that's a captain of a hot air balloon, over an island, which is on fire, as well as a rainstorm and the sun, so Jackie Chu gives him a C-, because Patrick is crazy. Phillipe says he wants to be a taco, so Jackie tells Junior to give him his F, but changes his mind and gives it back to Junior and gives Phillipe a D. Emily says she wants to be a police officer, but Jackie says it won't happen, so he gives her a C-, but changes it to a B-. Samantha says she wants to be Thomas the Tank Engine, which makes Junior excited for she likes Thomas, but it disgusts Jackie, since she is dumb, so he gives an F. Logan says he wants be a YouTuber, but Jackie tells him to sit down, since he thinks it's dumb.

D-Money shows his drawing of money raining from the sky and a woman dancing on a pole with a big butt. When Jackie asks what his occupation is, he says he wants to be a pimp, so Jackie gives him an A. Jackie Twu says he wants to be a giant floating brain, which disappoints Jackie Chu. Jackie tells his son that he can't be a brain, but he can have one. The bell rings, so Jackie tells them that their homework is to show their parents their drawing and see if they are dumb, and the episode ends.



  • This video marks the first appearance of Joseph's Mom in her alive form.
  • Cody and Junior can draw really well despite being in first grade.
  • When Jackie Chu is talking the class, the month of September, the day 11 and the year 2001 can be seen on the whiteboard depicting the 9/11 attacks (although this is only shown for a comedic effect).
  • This is the second video in the series where Bowser Junior's house is not shown.
  • Principal Steinbeck demonstrates his more sane side, when he admits to the parents that he and the school goofed up.
  • In scene 11:52 Logan made a cameo as a puppet (playing as himself). 
  • The series went on hiatus after this episode due to Logan going to Disney World. Also due to some other problems. 
  • despite D-Money talking about how he wants to be a pimp, his shirt says "Life is short, Pray hard"


  • The N word is uncensored in this video.
  • Also yet again, Jackie Chu says most of his students are from summer school; although Cody, Toad, Junior and Joseph are the only students that attended summer school.
  • At 10:02 the word Shit is uncensored