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  • [the video starts at the school at the parent teacher conference. Principal Steinbeck groans as the kids' parents were waiting]
  • Principal Steinbeck: I don't know what to say. Um, we just goofed, guys. We let a pedophile in the class and... we goofed. So, um, we can start off with your questions.
  • Bowser: How did you not know he was a pedophile?! Did y'all not do any background checks?
  • Principal Steinbeck: Whoa, y-you see, we tried, but we didn't get to finish the background check. (Goodman was there) Goodman, can you explain it for me?
  • Goodman: Yes. Certainly.
  • Principal Steinbeck: Thank you.
  • Goodman: Well, when we did run the background check, he did not pass it. Mkay? But during the interview process, he kept saying that I was hot.
  • Principal Steinbeck: W-wait... what? He called you hot?
  • Goodman: Yeah.
  • Principal Steinbeck: He called me hot, too.
  • Goodman: (gasps) No he didn't.
  • Principal Steinbeck: He do does.
  • Goodman: He do does!
  • Principal Steinbeck: Can't believe this guy!
  • Bowser: Well, who's gonna be the new teacher then?!
  • Judy: We need somebody who's not the pedophile for once.
  • Tyrone: It's someone that's gonna teach my child how to be an upstanding citizen in this community!
  • Principal Steinbeck: Look look, I completely understand if you want a non-pedophile as your child's teacher next time. But can anybody give me some suggestions of who could be the next teacher? (Joseph's mom raises her hand)
  • Maria: Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me!
  • Joseph: Mom, just say it.
  • Maria: We need more Windex.
  • Joseph: What does that have to do with a teacher, mom?
  • Maria: We have to clean the counters!
  • Principal Steinbeck: (makes a Joker's laugh) I know who the next teacher is gonna be! And he's PERFECT!

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