Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5 is the 143rd video of SML Movies and the fifth and final episode of Bowser Junior's 1st Grade.


Bowser Junior goes to school to design the hottest planet!


Chef Pee Pee gives Bowser Junior his Doofy O's with Hawaiian Punch (despite Chef Pee Pee's concerns). Doofy the Dragon is then seen doing laundry because Doofy's Ex-wife loves him again, but then abandons him again, leading Doofy to drink the laundry bleach in sadness. The news then interrupts Doofy the Dragon to report that Mr. Winkle escaped from prison. The latter then bursts into the school, impersonating Jackie Chu. Joseph and Cody then proceed to work with Junior (after ditching Toad) to design the hottest planet in order to earn a bag of candy. Junior, however, sets his picture of the hottest planet on fire and Brooklyn T. Guy arrives as a firefighter and police officer to put out the fire and arrests Mr. Winkle, although Junior believed he was actually Jackie Chu. Back at the apartment, Junior hears two knocks on the door and Principal Steinbeck demands him to let him inside, so he can speak to Bowser, who thinks Junior failed. Steinbeck then talks to Bowser about the school burning down, as well as the return of Mr. Winkle. He also promises to pass Junior so that Bowser and other parents don't sue him for the damage. As Steinbeck leaves, Bowser lets him have the Doofy O's and orders Chef Pee Pee to clean up the crumbs on the floor after Steinbeck sampled some.

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  • This episode confirms that Bowser Junior has passed the first grade.
  • This video marks the debut of the "sun is a planet" argument.
  • Junior and Joseph are shown to be very stupid in this episode as they fell for Mr. Winkle's tricks, not knowing that the Sun is a star or that Pluto is no longer a planet and Junior kept on pointing to the ocean and saying that it was hot.
  • The sign that says go to Room 10317 is a reference to Logan's apartment number, which is 10317
  • Running Gag: Bowser Junior and Joseph saying the sun is a planet.
  • This is the first time Principal Steinbeck ever comes to Bowser's house.
  • It is revealed that Principal Steinbeck liked Doofy O's when he was a kid.
  • This episode also ends the three month hiatus of Bowser Junior's 1st Grade.
  • This is the finale of Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!
  • David Winkle's "Get in the corner and panic" in a fire is a reference from Bowser Junior's Summer School 5. Brooklyn Guy even appears to admonish them for making the same mistake again.
  • Since Mr. Winkle is disguised as Jackie Chu, this must mean that Jackie Chu is still in Disney World visiting his family.
  • Logan claimed that the sun jokes in the video were "fucking hilarious"
  • This is the third time Junior burns down a building. The first was Bowser's Thanksgiving and the second was Bowser's House Fire.
  • The plot that was chosen for the episode was one of three proposed ideas.
    • The first idea was Bowser Junior deciding he didn't want to go to school anymore, so he, Joseph and Cody would've burned it down, which sent them to military school for the Bowser Junior Goes To Military School series.
    • The 2nd proposed idea was Screwball kidnapping the kids on the bus, which gets the school shut down for all the pedophile incidents, and having the class pass by default.
  • This video marks the only episode on the 1st Grade series where the apartament is seen.
  • Sept. 1st, 1939 can be seen written on the board, which was the day World War II began (for comedic effect, of course).
  • It reveals that Bowser Junior had AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Logan confirmed that Bowser Junior's 2nd Grade will be made by uploading a picture of a classroom in his Instagram account, that looks more much modern than that used in the Summer School and 1st Grade series, it is also rumored that Jeffy will appear:


  • When Cody told Junior, Joseph, and Toad what he did with Ken; Junior and Joseph both understood it but surprisingly Toad didn't understand it at all even though he is sometimes perverted.
  • Junior and Joseph should have known that it was Mr. Winkle in disguise and not Jackie Chu due to their looks and voice differences between them and Mr. Winkle telling weak lies.
  • It was unknown why didn't Mr. Winkle hear Cody calling him out that he was in disguise.
  • It was unknown why didn't Cody or Jackie Twu tell Principal Steinbeck or any other adult that it was Mr. Winkle in disguise since they were the only ones who knew about it.