Bowser Junior's Annoying Toy! is the 134th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior has to take the trash out, but then he finds something really cool!


Chef Pee Pee is seen eating baked beans, but it causes him to get a tummy ache, so he rushes to go the bathroom. Bowser then "inspects" the kitchen and says that if there are 3 strikes (meaning if he found 3 things needed to be cleaned up) he will punch him in the balls, and finds out:

  • The dishes weren't washed
  • The stove was dirty
  • He didn't take out the trash

After that, he told Chef Pee Pee to come out of the bathroom and take out the trash, but he convinced Bowser to tell Junior to take it out seeing it as a way to teach him responsibility. Junior refused until Bowser threatened to strangle him with a belt. When Bowser Junior throws out the trash, he founded a corn popper toy near the dumpster and took it home.

He later found out that the toy makes a popping noise when moved around so he played with it until Chef Pee Pee came and told him that it was annoying, but Junior said that nobody else said it was annoying. He told Junior to test it on Bowser who can't find anything to watch as he was done watching Charleyyy and Friends and was annoyed at Junior's toy, but lied to Junior that he liked the sound and that Chef Pee Pee was just "Grumpy" and that he should play it more often near him so he doesn't have to hear the noise. After Junior told Chef Pee Pee what happened, he said that Bowser lied to him and because Junior didn't believe him he told Junior to play it in his room since it was getting dark outside.

He went on to annoy Black Yoshi who after being annoyed told Junior that if he pops it one more time he's going to flush the balls down the toilet. Junior left a short moment. Later, due to Junior's young and naive nature, popped the balls one last time before Black Yoshi took it apart and forced Junior to flush the balls down the toilet. He then put back together Junior's toy, but Junior is sad because the balls are gone, so he asks Chef Pee Pee if there is something loud and annoying he can put inside his Corn Popper. Chef Pee Pee says he knows the perfect thing to put inside his Corn Popper and stuffs Junior into it as he is "loud and annoying" before saying that he couldn't believe he is actually having fun with the Corn Popper Toy.



  • This marks the first time Junior refers to Black Yoshi by his real name.
  • This episode is similar to Bowser's Parrot! As both characters regret having their things: Bowser Junior got stuffed into the Corn Popper Dome and played around by Chef Pee Pee and the Parrot called Bowser a Retard (Even though it was technically Junior, Joseph, and Cody's fault.)
  • Black Yoshi didn't get his Glock 17 to shoot the corn popper like he did to Junior's Xbox One in The Call Of Duty Problem, or his Dinosaurs in Black Yoshi's Job. Either he didn't have it or even if he shot it, It wouldn't destroy the Corn Popper due to it being plastic.
  • This is the 3rd time Bowser Junior and Black Yoshi both have major roles. The first being Black Yoshi's Job And 2nd being The Call Of Duty Problem.
  • This is the first episode to have a blooper at the end.
  • This is the last video were Black Yoshi wears his silver chain and old shoes.
  • This episode appears a year before The Fishing Trip!
  • In the scene where Junior plays with his trains, Imposter Thomas can be seen on the edge of the train table.
  • When Bowser knocks over the trash can, a Denny's and Whataburger bags are seen.
  • After Bowser Junior's toy's balls were gone, he got a Thomas version of that by Joseph on his 7th birthday.


  • There were only 6 balls when they got flushed down the toilet. Before, there were 11. This was most likely done in multiple attempts.