"Bowser Junior's Big Mess!" is the 106th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and Toad make a BIG mess with the Diet Coke and Mentos.


The video begins with Bowser watching Charleyyy and Friends, but is interrupted by Junior, who makes Bowser watch Doofy The Dragon where Doofy teaches kids how to not let people steal someone's money by singing the Muffin Man song and ends up shooting his gun and killing himself.

Junior laughs at the show but Bowser views it as stupid and ridiculous and puts Charleyyy and Friends back on. Charleyyy starts the episode by putting Mentos in Diet Coke which formeds an eruption of soda.

Afterwards, Bowser Junior liked the act and wanted to try the stunt out himself but his Dad said that he would strangle him if he made a big mess.

Junior goes to Chef Pee Pee (who is cleaning the fridge) and asks him if they had Diet Coke and Mentos. Chef Pee Pee asks why and Junior explains that he was watching Charleyyy and wanted to put Mentos in Diet Coke and make a big explosion and mess in the kitchen.

Chef Pee Pee disagrees with that idea and makes Junior go play with his toys. We then see Charleyyy and friends on again where passes a kidney stone. Bowser laughs but then gets paranoid that he might have kidney stones and makes Chef Pee Pee drive him to the hospital.

Chef Pee Pee didn't believe him but was forced to do it and called Junior to remind him not to make a mess. Junior is seen talking to his Thomas the Tank Engine toy and complains that he is unhappy that Chef Pee Pee said no to his idea. Junior gets hungry and calls and looks for Chef Pee Pee to cook him something to eat but realizes that he is home alone and decides to put mentos in Diet Coke.

Junior ran into Toad and they agree that they should do Junior's idea but he is worried that his Dad will find out and will strangle him. Toad convinces him to do it and they get the ingredients but Junior was still worried about the idea but Toad promises that it won't make a mess.

Toad puts the mento in the Coke and it makes a BIG explosion and mess. Toad and Junior try to clean it up but his Dad and Chef Pee Pee return and they run and hide. Chef Pee Pee and Bowser see the mess and get very mad.

Junior hides in his clubhouse and finds Screwball and promises to pay him $10 if he pretends to be him. Chef Pee Pee and Bowser find Screwball playing with Junior's toys and won't tell them where the real Junior is. Screwball makes a deal with Chef Pee Pee and he finds Junior in his clubhouse and attempts to make Junior clean his mess.

Junior escapes the clubhouse and climbs to the top of a cat tower and mocks him. Chef Pee Pee throws pillows at Junior and he ends up falling off the tower and landed on his arm and breaks it. Junior begins whining and makes Chef Pee Pee take him to the hospital so he can get a cast.

They return to Junior's bedroom but Chef Pee Pee states that Junior still needs to clean up his big mess and leaves to get Junior apple juice. Bowser comes into the room wanting to give Junior a beating but still hit his arm for making a big mess in his kitchen.



  • This is the first time Toad hangs out with Bowser Junior since Bowser Junior's Halloween.
  • This video marks the final appearance of Doc McStuffins, due to her being burnt in Bowser's House Fire!.
  • This is the first time Charleyyy has been seen performing a skit twice in one video.
    • This is also the 2nd time Charleyyy and Friends and Doofy The Dragon are both seen in one video.
  • Bowser learns and watches Doofy The Dragon for the first time in this video.
    • This reveals that Bowser dislikes Doofy The Dragon.
  • Logan posted a video on his Instagram of the Diet Coke making the eruption in slow-motion.