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Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake is the 21st video of SML Movies.


Bowser wants a special cake made for his son's birthday, so he asks Chef Pee Pee to make the cake.


The episode starts with Chef Pee Pee beating up a cat and then he cooks it in a pot. Bowser arrives and tells him that today wants a Junior's birthday, so he asks Chef Pee Pee to make Junior a cake. Chef Pee Pee gets out a boxed cake mix but then he decides to get the cake from Cake Express. He then dials the number 555-5554 to get the cake, the delivery guy delivers the cake to Chef Pee Pee and he decides to take the lid off and put it on a plate so Bowser will think he made it. While getting the plate, Toad comes in and asks Chef Pee Pee for a slice. Chef Pee Pee tells him no, so Toad tries to grab the cake which makes Chef Pee Pee knock the cake off the counter. Chef Pee Pee blames toad for ruining the cake and toad tries to fix the cake using bandages but Chef Pee Pee stops him. He also stops Toad for the idea of making a balloon cake and starts beating him out of anger but Bowser comes in. Bowser asks for the cake so Chef Pee Pee explains it's still in the oven. Bowser leaves so Chef Pee Pee is forced to work with Toad on creating a new cake. Toad gets the idea to make a cake with a hamburger bun and other ingredients. When they take it to Junior's party, Junior says that wasn't the one he wanted. Toad then arrives and strips for Junior thinking he is 18. Bowser then sings Happy Birthday but he sings Feilz Navidad. Chef Pee Pee then sings:

  • "Happy Birthday to the bastard"
  • "Happy Birthday to the bastard"
  • "Happy Birthday to the bastard"
  • Eat your fucking cake.



  • Chef Pee Pee was trying to explain to Bowser that he can't bake cakes because of the awful cake he baked for Bowser's birthday. 
  • This is the first time Bowser Junior has a birthday.
  • According to continuity in the future, this birthday is Bowser Junior's 5th Birthday. Any appearance before this, Junior was only four years old.


  • This video was uploaded on June 16, but Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday,Bowser Junior's 7th Birthday! and Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday! was uploaded on September 27 & 30, meaning that his birthday actually takes place on September, but the date of Junior's birthday remains a mystery.
  • At 10:39, Lovell's mouth can be seen.
  • When Toad and Chef Pee Pee are making the cake, Bowser can be seen sitting on the stove.
  • The cake says "Happy Birthday Baby Bowser" instead of "Happy Birthday Bowser Junior."
  • When Toad causes Chef Pee Pee to push the cake off the counter, Lovell accidentally screamed, "YOU WHORE!" in Toad's voice, yet not even 30 seconds later, Chef Pee Pee calls him a 'fucking whore'.

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