Bowser Junior's Breakfast is the 74th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior goes to Waffle House!


Bowser Junior wakes up wanting the greatest (and biggest) breakfast ever. He goes into the kitchen and wakes up Chef Pee Pee, who is angry at Bowser for making him sleep in the kitchen. Junior explains the details of his elaborate breakfast to Chef Pee Pee, who doesn't want to make a bunch of food. Chef Pee Pee agrees to make Junior eggs, bacon, and pancakes. They go to the refrigerator to find food, only to find it empty. Junior starts complaining and blames Chef Pee Pee, who tells Junior it was probably Bowser who ate the food. Chef Pee Pee enters Bowser's room and finds him watching a turtle video on his laptop (Masturbating) . Bowser yells at Chef Pee Pee, gives him his credit card, and forces him out of the room. After Chef Pee Pee explains that McDonald's no longer serves breakfast, he agrees to take Junior to Waffle House to eat.

Upon arriving at Waffle House, Junior already starts to cause trouble. After Junior insults the waiter, Chef Pee Pee tries to civilize him. Chef Pee Pee tries to make Junior get orange juice or milk, but Junior orders four Coke's. Junior tries to get seven pancakes, but the server explains that the Waffle House doesn't serve pancakes. Chef Pee Pee negotiates with the server and asks him to mash a waffle to make a pancake. Junior then tries to request seven pancakes, but Chef Pee Pee stops him by promising that he will play toys with him later. Junior ends up ordering a large pancake, some eggs, a cheeseburger, and a sausage biscuit (much to the dismay of Chef Pee Pee). Chef Pee Pee gets cheese, eggs, ham, bacon, a hash brown, and a waffle. Chef Pee Pee tells Junior he will never take Junior to another restaurant ever again due to his behavior. He gets even angrier when Junior puts ketchup on napkins and throws them at the waiter. Instead of eating his food, Junior plays with it. While Chef Pee Pee actually eats his food, he orders Junior to eat everything. Instead of eating it, Junior gives some of the food to the waiter and hides the large "pancake" under the chair. After paying for the food, Chef Pee Pee discovers the pancake under the chair and angrily chases Junior out of Waffle House.



  • Thomas reveals that he touches Bowser Junior while he sleeps.
  • The waiter is the same guy who was in the back of Pookie's car in Mario The Gangsta.
  • This is the 2nd time in which Thomas speaks, the first was Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday.
  • This video reveals that Bowser masturbates to turtle porn.
  • At the SML Question, you can see the zoom in close to the waffle pancake seeing that it is actually crying because Junior didn't eat it.
  • This is the first appearance of The Waffle House Employee.
  • When Bowser Junior drops the salt, he does a perfect flip landing with the salt shaker.


  • At the 10:04 mark,Chef Pee Pee gives the waiter Bowser's card to pay for the food, but the man never gives back the card.
    • It is possible that the credit card might've maxed out due to paying for a lot of items.
  • When Chef Pee Pee tells Bowser Junior to stop making it "snow" he refers to Waffle House as a store instead of a restaurant.
  • Chef Pee Pee says that there is no pancakes on the menu, but if you look closely, there are 4 items with pancakes.


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