Bowser Junior's Broccoli Problem! is the 127th video from SML Movies


Bowser Junior does not want to eat his broccoli, so he makes a big mistake!


Bowser Junior, Joseph and Cody are having dinner. Chef Pee Pee makes Junior broccoli and Junior doesn't want to eat it. Junior decides to secretly hide it, and Chef Pee Pee is tricked until he pulls up the napkin where Junior hid his broccoli.

Later, Junior decides to flush his broccoli down the toilet to avoid eating the broccoli and it works. However, a crocodile finds the broccoli in the sewer and eats it.

He wants more food, jumps out of the toilet and scares Junior, Joseph and Cody. The trio think he's an alligator and the crocodile is forced to explain the difference between a crocodile and an alligator.

When the whole scene is redone, the crocodile asks where's his food, and Bowser Junior replies that it's in the kitchen. This leads the crocodile to go away as Junior finds out that he missed the ending of Doofy the Dragon, causing Joseph to tell him that Doofy "just dies!".

Meanwhile, the crocodile proceeds to eat all of the food in the kitchen. When Chef Pee Pee comes into the kitchen, he suddenly notices the crocodile making a mess in the kitchen and overreacts. He decides to call the Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin), only to find out he died from a stingray attack 10 years ago. He then asks if there's anyone else who could help.

Sometime later, the Brooklyn Guy arrives in his football uniform to help. They go into the kitchen and the Brooklyn Guy is shocked to see an actual crocodile in the kitchen (he thought Chef Pee Pee really saw a lizard). Brooklyn Guy decides to reason with the crocodile, but the crocodile scares him. The crocodile makes a deal; if he throws a football and the Brooklyn Guy catches it, he will leave. This fails of course.

Brooklyn Guy then decides to make a deal with the crocodile. Instead of getting rid of him, he tells the crocodile he can be their new garbage disposal, which he agrees to. However, this causes Chef Pee Pee to yell at Brooklyn Guy for not getting rid of the crocodile.



  • This episode reveals that the Brooklyn Guy has a girlfriend.
  • This is the 1st, last and so far only appearance of The Crocodile.
  • Bowser Junior hiding his food in a napkin and flushing it down the toilet is a reference to how Logan would dispose his food when he would get sick from eating from the Draw My Life video.
  • Logan used a greenscreen for the crocodile part.


  • At 15:17 into the video, the word fuck is uncensored.
  • In previous episodes, Joseph and Cody do not enjoy Doofy the Dragon, but in this episode they seemed to enjoy it.