Bowser Junior's Broken Leg! is the 136th video from SML Movies.


Bowser Junior goes to the park with his friends and gets hurt.


Chef Pee Pee is seen trying to rest, but Bowser Junior bothers him and asked him to accompany him with Joseph and Cody to the park. At the park, Junior and Joseph race against each other and while Junior saw Patrick Coleman on the top, Joseph accused Junior of cheating because he pushed him down and challenge Junior to a chute race, however, Junior fell down breaking his left leg, and screamed so loud that the earth shaked. The Brooklyn Guy as a doctor said that Junior's Leg is snapped clean in half while saying that he need to stay in bed the whole time while people can give him stuff which Junior was seen thinking about but also told him to not be a dick about which Junior didn't listen to, Joseph and Cody gave Junior flowers but Junior didn't know how flowers are going to help him feel better, In order to make Junior feel "better," Junior told Joseph to give back the basketball hoop he took and ordered Ken to give him a back massage. Shortly after Cody talked to Ken and asked him if he didn't cheat him for another men and when he said he didn't Cody gave him a kiss while Chef Pee Pee was watching. Bowser gave Junior a horn and said that when he need something he just need to honk the horn after getting a lot of stuffs as he became more and more greedy while getting (The TV Remote, Xbox One, Hawaiian Punch, Xbox Games, Coloring Book, Jolly rancher Cherry Pillow, Chunky Monkey ice cream, he even told Chef Pee Pee to bring Him a cup for him to pee in). 3 weeks later, the Doctor checked in to see how Junior's Leg was doing, but after telling the doctor his secret he said "Didn't I told you not to be a dick?, Yeah I told you that exactly 3 weeks ago), However when Junior tried to Deny it but the Brooklyn Guy reversed time to 3 weeks ago proving Junior wrong. He then said that Junior can do whatever he want but also warned him that "karma can be trouble." When he left he told Chef Pee Pee that his leg never healed at all and they needed to re-break it. Junior immediately demands Chef Pee Pee for more ice cream and a PS4 since his Xbox One controller kept dying. 2 Weeks later Junior got Legos, dinosaurs, avenger toys, video games, Hulk hands and other stuffs and he was happy that he get a lot of stuffs that he wouldn't have gotten just by saying that his leg is broken however Karma kicked in and the T.V. Said that there was a Doofy The Dragon meet and greet and that it is literally a once in a lifetime experience, Joseph and Cody came to Junior's house and asked Junior if he is going and they refused to carry Junior and even Chef Pee Pee refused, Junior then revealed that he's a big fat liar and when he saw the anger in Chef Pee Pee he quietly said that the first 3 weeks were true and the last 2 weeks was a lie. Chef Pee Pee bursted into anger and brutally beats Junior until he accidently broke Junior's right leg. He ended up getting a cast for his right leg and when The Brooklyn Guy asked him how he received his injury, he said that he told Junior about Karma and Again proved him wrong by rewinding time to 2 weeks ago. At the end Logan announces that he is going to Disney World and thanked for 400,000 Subscribers before going to a Blooper which they found a bug with very big eyes which scared them when it flew towards them.



  • The park where Bowser Junior and his friends played is the same park Chef Pee Pee trained at in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 2. It could also be the same park that was seen in the distance in Woody's fifth video of Shrimpo Hunter, and also the park in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5.
  • This video marks the second time Junior breaks one of his limbs, the first being Bowser Junior's Big Mess.
  • The Magical Button! was uploaded 2 years after this video got released.
  • Junior asking Joseph for his basketball hoop back is a reference to Switching Bodies.
  • The full SML Question that Logan asked is, "How did you find my YouTube channel, what was the first video you watched on my channel, what made you subscribe, and how long have you been subscribed for?"
  • This is the second time Junior has to stay in bed, the first being Bowser Junior's Sickness.
  • The Brooklyn Guy has the ability to rewind time like Max from the game Life is Strange as shown here.
  • Logan got 400,000 subscribers while making this video.
  • Chef Pee Pee was Junior's slave for 5 weeks (in other words, 35 days, or 1 month with 5 days).
  • Running Gag: Brooklyn T. Guy saying Bowser Junior received Karma.
  • Junior's scream from pain is shown to be very powerful, as it shook the Earth.
  • Since Logan is going to Disney World there was a possibility of a video about Bowser Junior going to Disney World.
  • The Part where Junior had a horn to get attention is similar to the Rugrats episode called "Angelica Breaks a Leg"
    • Coincidentally, this video and the Rugrats episode mentioned above are both about a character breaking his or her leg.
  • It was also mentioned the Disney World videos will probably be on SuperLuigiLogan.
  • This is the third time where Cody calls Ken "hunk of man" or "hunky", the first being Cody's Sleepover and second being Bowser Junior's Train Table.
  • This is the second time Bowser Junior is seen playing Call of Duty, the first time being The Call Of Duty Problem.
    • Coincidentally, they are the first two videos to feature Bowser Junior playing on an Xbox ONE.
  • Even though Junior wanted a PS4, he didn't seem to get one afterward.
  • Junior could've just said that his leg had healed rather than saying he lied.
  • This is the second and currently last time Chef Pee Pee is seen beating Bowser Junior up, the first being Bowser's House Fire.
  • This is the first time the word “broken” is used in a video, the second time is in Broken!



An error, Lovell's face can be seen on top-right corner screen

  • At 4:29 when Junior was attempting to score a basket, Lovell's face can be seen.
  • Doofy said that the Meet & Greet was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but in The Elevator!, there was another Doofy The Dragon Meet & Greet. Doofy likely changed his mind and decided to do more meet and greets in the future presumably after how successful the first one went.


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