Bowser Junior's Bubble Bath is the 61st video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior smells really bad and everyone wants him to take a bath!


Bowser Junior and Joseph are playing basketball until Joseph smells something, and it's coming from Junior. Joseph tells Junior that he needs to bathe but Junior tells him no. Bowser is watching Charleyyy and Friends where Charleyyy gets eaten by a shark! Toad is playing with Junior but since Toad doesn't have a nose he can't smell Junior so they keep playing trains and Toad doesn't complain. Chef Pee Pee has cooked dinner for Bowser and Junior, and then he discovered that Junior was dirty so he forces Chef Pee Pee and Junior to take a bath and Junior gets to bring his mac and cheese but Chef Pee Pee tells Junior he's just going to watch him take a bath but Junior wants him to take a bath to protect him from sharks. Chef Pee Pee yells at Junior saying they're are no sharks in the tub. He asks Junior why he's scared of sharks in the tub and he says that they only appear when he gets in the bath and Chef Pee Pee sarcastically asks if they are imaginary sharks and Junior says yeah. Chef Pee Pee tells Junior to take a bath...but it was missing something—BUBBLES! He asks Chef Pee Pee for bubbles, but he doesn't want to. After asking so many times, Chef Pee Pee finally puts the bubbles in the tub and Junior takes his bib off but he says he's not doing it then he accidentally drops his mac and cheese then Chef Pee Pee forces him to get in the tub Junior finally says ok and then goes in and starts swimming. Junior asks Chef Pee Pee that the mac and cheese is done for and Chef Pee Pee says behind his back whatever. Junior asks why Chef Pee Pee isn't looking at him when he talks to him and Chef Pee Pee says that would be classified as gay and he's not a homosexual. Junior is having fun but there was one problem—there were sharks in the water. And they ONLY appear when he gets in it! But it's just fine and Junior enjoys his life—until a shark appears and gets eaten by it. Chef Pee Pee looks and then walks away saying he's out.



  • In a dabhdude livestream, Logan revealed that the original idea for the video was that the shark was supposed to talk to Junior, but since Logan did not get the shark puppet before the scheduled upload date and needed to get a video uploaded, he had to scrap the idea which disappointed him.
  • This is the 3rd time Junior dies.
  • Even though this episode revolves around the plot of taking a bubble bath, Bowser Junior doesn't actually take a bubble bath.
  • This is similar to the Baby Looney Tunes episode "All Washed Up" when Taz doesn't want to take a bath, so he hides while Granny and the babies try to make him take a bath, which Junior does the same thing as Taz in this episode.
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