Bowser Junior's Caprisun is the 33rd video of SML Movies.


Chef Pee Pee is on lunch break and tries to eat his food, but Bowser Junior comes in and pesters him to get him a Caprisun.


The video starts with Chef Pee Pee, carrying his Wendy's meal to the table. He gets 5 minutes of his lunch break. Junior came to Chef Pee Pee to tell him he wants a Capri-Sun. Chef Pee Pee got Junior his Capri-Sun, but there's no straw. Chef Pee Pee gave Junior his straw, but Junior says it has a yellow straw. Then, he gave Junior the Capri-Sun straw. Junior tries to poke through the hole with it, but he doesn't know how. Chef Pee Pee gets angry. He helps Junior open it, but he's struggling. Chef Pee Pee then gets the drill to open the Capri-Sun, but only to make a mess with it. Junior cries and ran out of the kitchen, and Chef Pee Pee can finally go on his break. Then, Bowser came to Chef Pee Pee about his break, and the mess on the table. Bowser took his meal, and Chef Pee Pee sobs in misery.



This video received generally negative reviews from fans. People criticized Bowser Junior whining to Chef Pee Pee to get him a Caprisun and leaving poor Chef Pee Pee not having his lunch break. Fans also criticized Bowser taking Chef Pee Pee's lunch away near the end of the video as Chef Pee Pee never got a chance to eat leaving him crying in misery. They also criticized Bowser Junior not knowing how to put a straw into a Caprisun. Some fans even said it's the worst SML Video of February 2014.


SML Bloopers- Bowser Junior's Caprisun03:43

SML Bloopers- Bowser Junior's Caprisun


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