Bowser Junior's Cellphone is the 42nd video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior wants a cellphone so he can be cool!


When Bowser Junior was talking to his friend Joseph on the phone, who was hanging out with Tanner. Joseph says that Junior is a loser because he doesn't have a cellphone. After complaining to his dad for a while, Junior gets his own iPhone and later prank calls people with Toad. The first few prank calls are at random places like Gamestop. Then Junior and Toad prank call Jackie Chu, who says that he would kill Toad, Junior and their families. Terrified, Junior and Toad hang up and decide to call another random person, who happens to be Shrek taking a crap. After being disgusted by the sound of Shrek's fart, Junior and Toad decide to call 911, but after hearing that the police is coming to their house since prank calling 911, the two panic and hide. Later, Officer Goodman arrives at their house and arrests Bowser for prank calling 911. After that Toad tells Junior that since Bowser was arrested, they could make more prank calls and the episode ends.



This episode has gotten negative reviews from many fans. Many people hated this episode for its stupid prank calls, and the only time that Bowser doesn't deserve to get arrested for doing absolutely nothing, however, Bowser haters praised that part. Dafawfulizer and Yoshi Player stated that Logan thought that just because they make prank calls makes it automatically funny when it isn't. Many people consider the prank calls to be the worst prank calls they have ever heard.


There was some major criticism and controversy when Junior said the line "I bet Asians eat cats." People found this joke to be very offensive and racial. Because of this, Logan and his friends stopped using the line, with the exception of Bowser Junior's Dog! in which Jackie Chu mentions that he eats dog for dinner.


  • This video marks the first appearance of Tanner, Joseph and Jackie Chu.
  • In this episode, Jackie Chu works as a Chinese Restaurant owner. In some of his early appearances, he works as a fly exterminator, and in the Bowser Junior's Summer School and Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! series, he works as a teacher. He also owns a laundry place in Bowser's Chinese Food.
  • There was originally gonna be a sequel which was called Bowser Juinor's Cellphone 2, but remains unreleased.
  • It was revealed that Bowser gets in trouble several times a week by officer Goodman.
  • If you look closely at the scene where Bowser Junior and Toad prank call 911, a different phone number can be seen. This because Logan took a phone number and named it 911, so it would be disguised as 911, but you can see the original phone number that is pretending to be 911.


  • In this episode, Junior says he's 4 but in Bowser Junior's Homework, he said he was in kindergarten. If he was in kindergarten, he would be 5 or 6. If he's 4, he would at least be in pre-school. this is an error because in real life he would be 5 and a half. However, it is possible that this episode was takes place in May of 2013 when Junior was only 4.
  • At around 0:33, the camera made Deliveryman Charleyyy's red shirt slightly glitched.


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