Bowser Junior's Cheeseburger is the 26th video of SML Movies.


There's a pest messing with Chef Pee Pee!


Bowser is sleeping in his bedroom when Bowser Junior enters and wakes up his dad to wake up Chef Pee Pee to make Junior a Cheeseburger, even though it's 6 in the morning. Bowser wakes up Chef Pee Pee and orders him to make Junior a Cheeseburger, giving him 3 minutes to make it, Chef Pee Pee breaks the fourth wall mentioning how Bowser only gives him 3-4 minutes to fix food, but the videos are 8-9 minutes long, or 10 on a good day. A very annoyed Chef Pee Pee starts making the Cheeseburger, complaining the whole time. Chef Pee Pee starts the stove and gets the ingredients, before turning to the camera and deciding to 'Cut to the chase'. One Cheeseburger later, Chef Pee Pee finishes cooking the meat patty and places in on the bun, he places the cheese on the burger before going to get some ketchup, but when he returns, the cheese is gone. Chef Pee Pee gets another slice of cheese, but when he turns away for one second, the cheese is gone. Chef Pee Pee gets a third piece of cheese and tries to put on the ketchup without taking his eyes away from the cheese, but when he realizes the lid is still on the bottle, he turns away and the cheese disappears again. Chef Pee Pee loses his patience but gets one last slice of cheese and places it on the burger before hiding to see what keeps happeining to the cheese, and discovers that a rat has been stealing the cheese, Chef Pee Pee asks The Rat to give back the cheese, but the Rat is too stubborn to give it back. Chef Pee Pee decides to kill the rat so he can finish the Cheeseburger and uses a mousetrap, but the rat notices the trap and is able to take the cheese without setting the trap off. Chef Pee Pee tries to check the trap, only for his hand to get caught in the trap. Junior comes in demanding his Cheeseburger, Chef Pee Pee places the burger on the trap and tells Junior to get the burger, when Junior complains that the burger has no cheese, Chef Pee Pee tells him to check, and Junior ends up getting his nose caught in the trap, Junior goes to tell his dad while Chef Pee Pee goes to the hospital to treat his injured hand. Junior complains to his dad, but Bowser grounds Junior for whining.



  • The Rat indirectly mentions Chris the Cucumber as "Talking Cucumber" as a way to distract Chef Pee Pee to escape from him.
  • The flashbacks shown when Junior is talking about Chef Pee Pee are from Bowser Junior's Macaroni, Bowser's Salad Wrap, and Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake.
  • Bowser mentions he brought a shotgun in case "that" banana tries to get him while he's sleeping. He's referencing Bowser's Biggest Fear where he watched a scary movie with a banana as the killer.
  • This video was originally going to be called "SML Movie: Where's My Cheese"
  • This is a rare time where Junior gets called by his full name (Bowser Junior).
  • This is one of the Times when Chef Pee Pee tortured Bowser Junior.
  • This is the first time Junior starts crying.


  • Bowser states that it is 6 in the morning. However, when Chef Pee Pee goes and makes the cheeseburger, the clock states its 3 o'clock.

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