Bowser Junior's Cookies! is the 187th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior wants Chef Pee Pee to get him cookies! But Chef Pee Pee forgets....


Bowser Junior is making train noises with Thomas when he wants to eat his Chips Ahoy! Cookies but, there is no more. Junior goes to Chef Pee Pee, who is reading a shopping list, and tells him that he wants cookies and since Chef Pee Pee is going to the store anyways he says he will get them. 1 Hour later, Chef Pee Pee is back and realizes he forgot the cookies and Bowser's Tampons, Chef Pee Pee says he is going back to the store tomorrow so he will get the cookies then and recommends that Junior eats some Zebra Cakes instead but Junior, being stupid, says that he isn't a lion cake because he doesn't eat zebras as lions do. Junior later puts a sticky note on the fridge saying "Cookies" so that Chef Pee Pee doesn't forget. The next day Chef Pee Pee completely ignores the sticky note when looking for items that he may need to get at the store.

One hour later he is back with groceries and Junior asks if Chef Pee Pee got the cookies but with a forced laughter he says that he forgot and Junior yells at him and points to the sticky note, and Chef Pee Pee makes up excuses when he sees the note. Junior mumbles "He didn't see it" in a dark voice a few times until he walks away and while he is in bed. Chef Pee Pee goes to sleep after a rant about how Junior shouldn't have yelled at him about cookies because he is fat. The next morning Chef Pee Pee wakes up to the whole living room being covered in sticky notes that read "Cookies". Junior comes in asking Chef Pee Pee to get him his cookies so, Chef Pee Pee goes to get them.

Chef Pee Pee goes to the car which is covered in more sticky notes that also say "cookies". Junior comes out to remind him about the cookies, Chef Pee Pee gets in the car and attempts to remove the sticky notes with the wind shield wipers. Chef Pee Pee comes back with "Cookies" but they're not Chips Ahoy! Cookies and are just store brand cookies but, Chef Pee Pee says he didn't say "Chips Ahoy". Junior has to start over with writing "Chips Ahoy! Cookies" on the sticky notes.



  • The word "Cookies" was said about 50 times in the video.
  • Logan confirmed that there were 600,000 sticky notes, which may not be true considering the rest of the cast disagreed
  • This is the second time that Lovell uses Chef Pee Pee in a post-video, first being in SML Uncensored Bloopers/Behind The Scenes
  • Logan actually needed help with the sticky notes as he confirmed it's too much to do it himself.
  • This is the second time Junior wants cookies, the first time was in Bowser Junior's All Nighter!.
  • In post-video the 600,000 Skit happens.
  • A video can be seen on SuperLuigiLogan of the crew cleaning up the sticky notes.
  • Logan confirmed that he actually used about 17,000 sticky notes, as said in the SML livestream, he just said that they used 600,000 sticky notes just because he reached 600,000 subscribers
  • This is the first time that they cover up the whole house with an object. Second is Bowser Junior Goes To The Future!, in which case they used Tin-Foil.


  • During the sticky note scene, this is similar to the Pinky Dinky Doo episode "The Pink Phenomenon" when everything in the Great Big City turns pink, similar to how everything in the house got covered by sticky notes.
  • Chips Ahoy cookies are mentioned in this episode.


  • Chef Pee Pee forgot to buy tampons, and Bowser was gonna be mad, even though Bowser was a male and males can't go on their period, only females. It could be possible that Koopa genders are much different compared to humans.
  • Logan mentioned the answer to the SML Question after the question.