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Bowser Junior's Doll! is the 326th episode of SML Movies.


Joseph gives Bowser Junior a new doll!


This video starts out with Chef Pee Pee cooking but gets distracted by Bowser Junior throwing water balloons at him. Chef Pee Pee tells him to stop, but Junior threw it in his face. Then, a Charleyyy segment went on.

Chef Pee Pee tells Bowser about what happened. Bowser then snaps and begins beating up Junior. Bowser eventually punishes Junior for his actions by confining him to his room for a whole week. Junior starts crying, but Chef Pee Pee pranks him by disguising as Thomas and later surprising him by saying "Nah it's just me, n*gga!". He then disguises as Joseph and pranks him the same way.

Meanwhile, Joseph sneaks in Junior's room and gives him some toys to play with. First Junior thinks it's Chef Pee Pee trying to prank him again and pushes him down the window. Joseph explains that he is the real Joseph and comes up, saying he brought toys for him but can't play with them since he is still grounded. Joseph gives him swiss cheese, a mousetrap, which he gets hurt by, by accident, Joseph's mom's underwear and a voodoo doll. He says that if you're mad at someone, you can imagine that he/she is the doll and you take your anger out on it.


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Chef Pee Pee calls Junior's name which makes Junior tell Joseph to quickly leave. He hides the items behind the couch and Chef Pee Pee comes in saying that he made him Macaroni and Cheese, but it's just him with his head inside the bowl, revealed under the napkin and Junior gets mad at him. Chef pee pee eat macaroni and cheese to himself. Bowser Junior found a Voodoo Doll and hit Voodoo and hit Chef Pee Pee. And Bowser said Junior, what's all noise in here? and Bowser take voodoo doll away to Junior and Bowser loves Joesph's Voodoo Doll and gets clean. And Chef Pee Pee is swim in the sink and got no shirt. Because Junior out of the room and Bowser said Wait, what are you doing out of your room, Junior? and Bowser said one bathroom break and Junior take a Voodoo Doll. Chef Pee Pee out the sink and breathe. Bowser Junior take Voodoo Doll, and Junior put fireworks on Voodoo Doll and see you in space. Because, Chef Pee Pee call 911 and chef pee pee land on space. Bowser said your left your room. Junior apologize to Chef Pee Pee and Bowser take Joesph's Mom's underwear and going apologize to Chef Pee Pee. And Junior thought Chef Pee Pee is in space. And Chef Pee Pee Screaming, Junior!!



  • This is one of the rare episodes where Joseph appears without Cody.
  • The puppet that was under the bowl is most likely the Chef Poo Poo puppet.
  • This, along with "Spoken" and "Jeffy's New Toy!" are the only videos in 2017 to revolve around a scary doll.
  • This is the first SML video with both a blooper and a BTS.
  • When Joseph says "God, is that you?!", it is a reference back to Bowser Junior Sneaks Out. Except in Bowser Junior Sneaks Out, Cody said it instead of Joseph.
  • The same voodoo doll that was used in "Black Yoshi's Mistake!", was also used in this video.
  • The face was edited to make Chef Pee Pee look angrier.
  • It's unknown how Chef Pee Pee was disguised as a bowl of Mac n' Cheese when he left Junior's room.
  • It could be that It was Chef Poo Poo under that bowl.
  • It may be possible that Joseph went to the Loan Dolphin's trade stand to get the voodoo doll.
  • SML actor Chris Netherton's mom gave Logan the doll for the video.
  • Running Gag: Chef Pee Pee dresses as stuff Junior likes, then says "Nah, it just me, nigga!" In the next several videos, this joke was used multiple times.
  • This video is similar to the Doraemon episode "The Puppet Master's Camera" where Doraemon creates a gadget called The Puppet Master's Camera as the cast takes pictures of themselves and tortures themselves.


  • Joseph was fully hurt in "The Bake Sale!" by falling down the roof with a bicycle but he is shown to be perfectly fine falling down the building in this episode.
  • While Junior was beating up the doll, at one point he repeatedly slams it on the back, but when Chef Pee Pee was being hurt, he was being slammed with his face landing.


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