Bowser Junior's Fireworks! is the 137th video from SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends want to play with fireworks!


Harold Wilfred is dancing in his 4th of July underpants while waving the American flag. Mario then comes in telling his grandpa to put on some pants and that guests are coming over and tells him that he can watch some television. He turns to a channel in static and "sees" that there is nothing to watch on TV. He decides to take a nap instead.

Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Cody decide to watch some TV as well. When they see a commercial that advertised huge fireworks and that you must be 18 years old or older to purchase, Junior and Joseph think it's cool but Cody says they look dangerous, thus being called a dweeb (nerd); Cody admits that they do look cool but they must be 18 to buy it, then Junior says that Chef Pee Pee can buy whatever they want. However, Chef Pee Pee says no so when Junior pleaded for fireworks, Chef Pee Pee said that something will go wrong because they are babies and he needs to get Mario's party ready but Junior said that it's dumb. Due to Junior's complaining, Chef Pee Pee decides to give them Pop Its, which pop like fireworks when they hit a hard surface. Junior's didn't work on the sofa and when they learned how to use them they threw it at Chef Pee Pee who traded the Pop It! for Sparklers but regretted it when he learned that the Pop It box was empty. He lit the sparklers for the gang and Junior decides to poke Chef Pee Pee with it which he later called a baby, he sword fighted with Joseph and when they got bored, they decide to put on fake mustaches and managed to trick fireworks black marketer Brooklyn Guy. However, since they don't have $50 they said that they were cops and that they are confiscating the Fireworks as evidence which the Brooklyn Guy said that they were "Candies." Later the trio lit the first firework and thought about the idea of strapping Ken to the second one. They managed to convince Cody to let them strap Ken to one of the rockets and when they lit it, Ken supposedly blew up when the rocket exploded. While Junior was trying to calm Cody down (which Joseph didn't), Ken fell from the sky holding 2 rocks and Cody said that Ken said that the rocks were from Mars. While Joseph and Junior tried to figure out how Ken survived, Junior asked them if they smell something burning as the trio quickly saw that a nearby forest caught on fire as they ran away.

Back at home, Chef Pee Pee, Bowser, Black Yoshi, Mario and Mario's Grandpa are preparing to watch the fireworks on TV. While Mario's Grandpa talks trash about the Nazis, Mario tells his grandpa to be quiet as the fireworks are starting. Bowser asks why they couldn't do the fireworks themselves, but Mario says that they don't have any and Chef Pee Pee informs them that they are not firing any fireworks after last year. However when they get back to watching TV they notice an off-screen caption reading, "BREAKING NEWS: A FOREST FIRE". Bowser admits that it's crazy; Mario later asks everyone "What do you think caused it?".



  • This video marks the second Fourth of July special. Following Bowser's 4th of July.
    • Chef Pee Pee and Mario are also revealed to still remember the accident in Bowser's 4th of July.
  • Black Yoshi is shown to still have the sneakers and the gold chain he wore in Black Yoshi's Money Problem.
  • It is shown that Harold Wilfred is still alive after the events of Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!.
  • It is unknown whether or not Bowser Junior and his friends got caught.
  • It is shown that Mario's Grandpa hates Nazis.
  • It is shown that the Brooklyn Guy is very dumb in the episode as a normal person can easily tell they are not adults because of their size, voice, and not knowing that fireworks cause money.
  • It is unknown how Ken survived the rocket as it was clearly shown that when the rocket exploded something with sparks flew away nor how he reached Mars, as the rocket was not powerful to even reach the stratosphere.
  • Junior is shown to be a master of disguise in this episode.
  • The "forest" is actually just the back of a house.
  • It is unknown why the Brooklyn guy thought that Bowser Junior and his friends are cops, Possibly because the shape of their mustaches associated with The Mafia.
  • From this video and onward, Bowser Junior has a cut on his nose because one of the sparklers hit him as revealed in SLL's my plush collection video.
  • This is the second time that Cody is called a dweeb. First is Bowser Junior's First Grade!


  • Cody said that the first 2 rockets (Challenger and Columbia) both exploded. However, it is shown that they only fired 2 rockets with the first one exploding and the second one having Ken strapped to it, The error is that they never fired up a third one.
  • It was never revealed who the "guests" is nor about where they are in the house.
  • Chef Pee Pee said that they are not lighting fireworks because of the incident from last year. However since it was made on July 3, 2013, it was actually 2 years ago since there wasn't any video on July 4, 2014.