Bowser Junior's Flu Shot! is the 167th SML Movie.


Bowser Junior is getting sick so his dad makes him get a flu shot!


Bowser Junior is playing ice hockey with Thomas and prepares to win. Since Thomas is a toy, Junior wins and says that Thomas sucks multiple times. Bowser comes in and decides to play ice hockey with Junior. As Bowser plays with his son, he hears Junior coughing and gets nervous that he might have the flu and that he didn't get his flu shot, so he calls the doctor to give him a shot.

The doctor says that Junior needs a flu shot, but Junior refuses. The doctor gives Bowser the shot to show Junior that it's not bad at all. But when the doctor sticks the needle is Bowser's arm, Bowser freaks out and says that he's seeing angels. After Bowser gets his shot, he says he's invincible and that he's never getting the flu again, and the doctor says "You need one again next year." Since Bowser freaked out over the needle, Junior gets scared. He then runs towards the kitchen and hides behind Chef Pee Pee. After hearing Junior complain, Chef Pee Pee insists on also having a shot too, but Junior is still scared and hides on the couch.

Junior then ends up being cornered, and the doctor is getting frustrated on how Junior is refusing to get his shot. Junior makes a deal that if the doctor pretends to give him the shot, he'll give him 75 cents. The doctor tries to trick Junior by pretending to see a blue hippo, but at first Junior insists he isn't falling for that, but the doctor say that there really is one, and Junior tries to look for the blue hippo as he gets tricked and the doctor gives Junior the shot in his leg while not looking. After getting the shot, the doctor asks Junior is if it wasn't so bad after all, however, Junior screams very loudly in pain and horror.

Two weeks later, Junior is sleeping in his bed and has a nightmare where the Brooklyn doctor repeatedly stabs him in the leg using the syringe, and Junior screams. He then wakes up and sits up in bed.

Later, a depressed Junior is staring at the neighborhood, sitting in a wheelchair and having a fake cast on his leg saying "he can never walk again." Chef Pee Pee and the Brooklyn doctor complain to him about this and Chef Pee Pee knocks the cast off of Junior's leg, and Junior forgets that he got a flu shot and claims that he was shot (like shot by a gun), even though the other two say that he wasn't shot at all and only got a flu shot. Chef Pee Pee decides to get Junior's friends to visit in an attempt to cheer him up because Junior is acting like a stupid retard like he always does.

Joseph and Cody later come in the house and notice Junior with the cast and wheelchair, and they ask what happened. Junior tells them that he and Bowser were playing ice hockey when the Brooklyn doctor came in holding a gun and shot Bowser, and he runs screaming "Ahh! I got shot!" (since Bowser Junior is always retarded, he doesn't think that his Dad was dead after he was shot, he thinks he's still alive and runs away screaming, and if someone shot you in real life, you would be dead). (In the story,) Junior then ran to the kitchen and hid behind Chef Pee Pee, just before the doctor shot Chef Pee Pee as well. Junior then was the only person left in the house and was cornered on the couch and the doctor whispered something to him, before shooting him in the leg. When Joseph and Cody ask what happened next, Junior says that he lost consciousness, going in and out and that he could only remember the doctor walking away, as he was gaining consciousness; Junior then says other things that weren't related to the story at all, like saying that he met Barack Obama. Junior then asks Joseph and Cody to get him some chocolate milk.

When Joseph and Cody see Chef Pee Pee, they ask him if he was shot, and Chef Pee Pee says no. Joseph and Cody then tell Chef Pee Pee about Junior's story, and Chef Pee Pee tells them that Junior lied and got a flu shot. However, the duo thinks that Junior's story is true and not Chef Pee Pee's. Then they agree on Chef Pee Pee's story and Cody and Joseph decide to get revenge on Junior. The duo goes back to Junior and they lie and pretend that Chef Pee Pee is out of chocolate milk and that they have to "go to the store and get some."

Outside, they try to get Junior to tell the truth, but Joseph and Cody say "Too bad, Junior." However, Junior still desperately wants his chocolate milk. Declined to tell the truth, Junior says the Sun is a planet (Retarded moment because everyone knows the Sun is a star and not a planet), and Cody pushes Junior down the stairs as expected, he calls Junior stupid by not telling the truth, and the credits roll.



  • This video got demonetized around November 2017.
  • This is the first time Bowser Junior has a nightmare.
  • This video reveals that Bowser and Junior both freak out and go crazy over getting stuck by even the smallest syringe needles although in Bowser's Milkshake Bowser was seen with an IV in his hand. It is possible that the videos use a floating timeline or that the events of that video were so traumatic that Bowser became afraid of needles for the remainer of the SML franchise.
  • This is the first time the Brooklyn Guy attempts to shoot Bowser Junior in the nightmare.
  • This is the 4th time when Bowser Junior acts differently, the first being Bowser Junior's Punishment!, the second being Bowser Junior Loses Thomas!, and the third being Bowser Junior Needs Glasses!
  • Ken still has his 1961 shirt from Bowser Junior's Playtime 3.
  • To Junior, a flu shot is either a person named "Flu" getting shot, or Flu shooting you.
    • The name Flu doesn't exist on real life.
  • This episode further adds to the fact that Junior is very stupid as after he got the flu shot, he actually thought he HAD been shot.
    • This no longer happened in mid-2016 videos.
  • Bowser Junior, Bowser, Chef Pee Pee and Brooklyn T. Guy might have the flu.
  • It reveals that Bowser had a history of heroin abuse.