Bowser Junior's Game Night 3 is the 191st video of SML Movies and the third installment of the Bowser Junior's Game Night series.


Bowser Junior and his friends meet Jeffy! They have a game night together!


The video starts off with Bowser Junior getting ready for game night. Then, it cuts to a scene where Mario is trying to feed Jeffy green beans. But Jeffy screams "I DON'T LIKE GREEN BEANS!." Jeffy then says that he wants to put cheese on his green beans, but he puts all the cheese in his diaper. Jeffy then decides to play with Bowser Junior and his friends. Bowser Junior stated that Jeffy would replace Ken because he's not a real human and he's just a doll, so he cannot move, but Cody denies because he replies that "every friendship needs a sexy friend" and also implies that Ken is holding the trio together as friends but Junior ignores and tells Jeffy to walk in the room. Jeffy walks in and tells them if they want to see his pencil. Cody points out that it might be the one in his nose but Jeffy replies that it isn't, But Joseph wonders how he managed to put it in his nose.

Let's Go Fishin'

The first game then starts. The rules of the game is that there are 2 to 4 players and they have to fish some fish using 4 fishing rods. However, Jeffy decides to use the pencil in his nose instead of a fishing rod. The person that catches to most fish wins. In the kitchen, Mario notices that Jeffy is gone, so he asks Chef Pee Pee where is Jeffy, Chef Pee Pee tells Mario that Jeffy is playing with Junior. Junior then filps the board over causing Jeffy to question why Junior had flipped over the game in a upset way and he starts crying while bonking his head onto the game board and exclaims "My pencil broke off in my brain!!"

What's in Ned's Head?

Junior says that the last game was a complete disaster so they play What's in Ned's Head?, then Jeffy starts patting his diaper and the other's try to copy Jeffy. Jeffy then says that Ned looks like his daddy. The rules of the game ARE that you get a card and whatever is on the card, you have to find in a giant plush head. First, Joesph has to find a stinky cheese. However, he finds a bicycle horn instead. Cody then loses a point, but Cody says it doesn't work that way. They then change the rules and Joesph loses a point. Next is Cody's turn, and he has to find the visiting spaceman. He finds the spaceman and he also finds the stinky cheese. Cody gets double points, Joesph loses four points. Bowser Junior pulls a card for Jeffy and he has to find a worm. However, Jeffy instead finds a gun. Then Cody says "Wha, Wha, Why would this be in a kid's game". Jeffy accidentally pulls the trigger. Bowser Junior says they should keep the gun to use at school if anyone bullies them, they could "teach them a lesson" (meaning they will kill them), Bowser Junior says that the game is stupid and he punches Ned.

The Game of Life

The next game they play is The Game of Life. Joesph is the yellow car, Cody is the blue car (with hunky dudes.) Junior is the green car, and Jeffy is the pink car. They take turns by counter-clockwise which Junior thinks is clockwise. Joesph does not go to college. He can choose between a dancer or an athlete. They both make $50,000 a year. Joesph decides to be an athlete. They spin the wheel and Joesph get two moves. Joseph lands on a Payday and Jeffy gives him $100. Next is Junior's turn. He did not go to college like Joseph. He is a race car driver. Junior gets two paydays. He gets $1,500. Cody goes to college and he is a fashion designer. Cody gets a nine. Jeffy goes to college and he is a doctor and he gets 6 moves. Cody lands on an action card, where he is fired for snoozing on the job. They get into an argument and Cody knocks over the game.

Pie Face!

The rules of are you put whipped cream on a plastic hand and you spin a roulette and the number that appears are the times you have to pull, if you get an very high number you could get slapped in the face with the whipped cream. Junior is the one that puts the whipped cream on the hand but he puts an exagerated amount of whipped cream, Cody goes first, he gets a three and he gets slapped in the face with the whipped cream, and then they quit the game.

Russian Roulette

Junior then decides what they should do with the gun apart from killing bullies in the school. Joesph says they should play Russian Roulette, the rules of the game are you take the gun, put a bullet in the chamber and you put the gun to your head and pull the trigger. Jeffy goes first, he pulls the trigger multiple times and survives. Mario then sees Jeffy with the revolver. Joesph tells Mario that Jeffy found it in What's In Ned's Head. Junior and Mario meet. Mario then introduces himself to Junior.

The episode ends with an message from Brooklyn T. Guy in which he tells the audience to not play with guns.



  • This is Jeffy's second overall appearance.
  • This is Jeffy's first appearance in a Game Night video.
  • This is one of the rare times Mario interacts with Junior.
    • This could also chronologically be when Mario first meets Junior.
  • Chef Pee Pee, Bowser Junior and his friends meet Jeffy for the first time.
  • Mario meets Joseph and Cody for the first time, however he only interacts with Joseph.
  • This is the second time one of the characters of SML teaches the lesson to the viewers, the first being Bowser Junior's Candy Bar!.
  • This is the second regular Bowser Junior video to have a third installment of that video, the first being Bowser Junior's Playtime 3.
  • Jeffy could possibly be part of Junior's group of friends now as Junior and his friends are shown to express interest in playing with him, and they even think he's awesome when he survives russian roulette 3 times.
  • This was Jeffy's most popular video with over 2 million views, but was surpassed by Jeffy's Homework. and then Jeffy The Rapper!, which went to become the most popular SML video ever made
  • Technically, 5 games were played in this video as they played Russian Roulette.
  • This video concludes almost a month long absence of Jeffy.
  • This video is the start of infamous running gag of Jeffy hating green beans.
  • It is revealed that Jeffy likes cheese on green beans.
  • This is the most Viewed Game Night Video
  • This is the longest Game Night Video


  • Chef Pee Pee says that Mario has never met Junior, which is not true since it's been established many times that Mario and Junior know each other and have been in videos together, even as recently as The Christmas Special, just two months prior.
  • Mario somehow didn't had a Koopa Troopa flashback when he saw Joseph.
  • Mario should've been happy when Jeffy was going to shoot himself because his problems would be over.
  • It's unknown why Mario or Chef Pee Pee didn't hear the gunshots from the revolver. They would have easily heard them.
  • Jeffy doesn't like being called a bad boy. But when Cody called Jeffy a bad boy when he says he likes the gun, he didn't cry at all.
  • The hand on the Pie Face game is on the wrong way.


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