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Bowser Junior's Game Night 5 is the 230th video of SML Movies, and the fifth installment of the Bowser Junior's Game Night series.


Bowser Junior and his friends have another game night!!


This Video starts out with Junior setting up his board game. Chef Pee Pee told Junior to clean up Chef Pee Pee's dog poop but Junior refuse. Chef Pee Pee said that Junior should clean up his own dog poop for responsibility and Junior said he will before night and Chef Pee Pee said he better. Joseph and Cody went in Junior's house automatically . Junior ask if they want to play board game and they responded yes.

Bubble Talk:

The first game is Bubble Talk. Joseph thought this game involve blowing bubbles and Junior told him that you're suppose to choose a picture and each players are suppose to choose a caption card and match it on the picture and whoever' the funniest wins. The first picture is shows someone like a police holding a bottle in front of a kid. These are their card that each player draws.

  • Cody: "How come you don't do this when anyone else is around"
  • Junior: "Let's Just call this our little secret"
  • Joseph:"Hold up, I thought we were just friends"

Then decided that they both win and move on to another picture which shows someone surrounded by 2 naked men.The following are the drawn cards

  • Cody: "Not sure my parents are going to approve"
  • Junior:"I eat people bigger than you for breakfast"
  • Joseph:"When does this start to feel good"
  • Cody:"Personally, I prefer a tighter fit"
  • Junior:"Gimme some blueberry pancakes"
  • Joseph:"Not what I have in mind for a first date"

They argue who's the funniest and they decided that this will be another tie. The Last picture shows a cat licking his butthole. The following are the drawn cards

  • Cody:"The thing I'll do just for some chocolate"
  • Junior:"Taste like Chicken"
  • Joseph:"It's bigger than I thought"
  • Cody:"I like my meat a little bit leaner"
  • Junior: "Dude, I can do this all day!"
  • Joseph: "Does Anybody have a wet nap?
  • Cody: "That reminds me. I need to buy some grapes.
  • Junior: "That bean burrito was a big mistake.
  • Joseph: "That was in my mouth 5 minutes ago!"
  • Cody: "For $100, all this can be yours
  • Junior: "Ew, why is that sticky?"
  • Joseph: "Got some gum?"
  • Cody: "It's big for my age"
  • Junior: "I'm gonna need some new underwear."
  • Joseph: "Thanks but I just ate."
  • Cody: "This is why I'm single
  • Junior: " I can't stop it from shrinking."
  • Joseph: " I'd say that operation was a success."
  • Cody: "This better help my rash go away"
  • Junior: "Something smells like rotten egg?"

The laugh saying that this one of the funniest game. They ran out of cards to play. Then they said that they can't choose the winner since all of them are good. They are going to move on to the next game which is Loony Bin.

Loony Bin

Cody asks why is the bin so loony, which Junior responds when you press a button, it starts to spin like crazy, going completely loony. When Junior tells that they must throw paper balls, he makes fun of Cody's mom. Joseph puts a paper ball in the bin, but Junior tells him that he can't put the balls until the bin goes loony. They decide to take the bin to the kitchen and Junior tells Cody to start the Loony Bin. They start throwing the balls until the bin goes out of the apartment.

Prove It!

The third game is Prove It!.

Bucket of Doom

Yeti in my Spaghetti



  • In the description, Logan reveals that he's finally moving out, possibly foreshadowing another Moving Out video.
  • This is the final Game Night video to be filmed at the apartment.
  • This is the fourth video of 2016 to be panned by SML critics and fans. The first being Cody's Birthday!, second being Black Yoshi's Blank Check! and the third being Jeffy's Bad Word!
  • It is revealed that Junior supports Donald Trump, but he was mentioned in Bowser Junior's Game Night 2.
  • This is the first time Bowser Junior calls Cody's Mom a Whale.
  • This is the first time that Junior goes on a swearing rampage.
  • Lazlo was mentioned in the video.