Bowser Junior's Happy Meal is the 34th video of SML Movies.


Bowser is going to a Charleyyy and Friends convention, so Chef Pee Pee has to babysit Bowser Junior.


Bowser is laying in his bed watching Charleyyy and Friends. An advertisement then appears for a Charleyyy and Friends Convention. In the kitchen, Chef Pee Pee is cooking seafood. Bowser tells Chef Pee Pee that he needs to watch Junior while he is at the convention. Chef Pee Pee tries to convince Bowser to take Junior with him but disagrees claiming that he doesn't like him and that his horrible son might ruin his experience. Bowser threatens Chef Pee Pee that if Junior did not have fun, he would "put him under the sea!", and leaves the house.

Chef Pee Pee thinks it will be a good day when all of a sudden Junior comes in and says he wants to play with toys. Chef Pee Pee tells him to go run along and play with his toys, then Junior starts throwing a tantrum and says that he has to play toys with him. Chef Pee Pee, acting too soft, lets him get his own way.

Junior then says that he wants to play trains. Chef Pee Pee touches a bell and Junior freaks out and tells Chef Pee Pee not to touch it. Chef Pee Pee then decides to be Thomas, but Junior won't let him and says that he's Thomas, since he's #1 and convinces Chef Pee Pee to be The Ugly Red One. Chef Pee Pee does not want to be the red one and says there is another Thomas, but Junior says that it's Tommy the Tank Engine, then Chef Pee Pee decides to play with a toy cow and Junior freaks out and throws a tantrum. He then decides to play dinosaurs instead.

Chef Pee Pee observes the dinosaurs and Junior freaks out and tells him not to touch his dinosaurs. Junior decides the dinosaurs that he wants to play with. However, he selfishly takes all of them and there are none leftover for Chef Pee Pee. Junior decides to give Chef Pee Pee a tiny pipsqueak dinosaur and Chef Pee Pee complains that it is unfair that he only gets a tiny dinosaur while Junior has a whole squad of them, but Junior says that it was fair and that there are "levels" to the dinosaur game. Chef Pee Pee gets ready to play, but while he's getting ready, Junior beats him and stupidly says he "sucks" at playing dinosaurs and that Junior is the master of dinosaurs. Chef Pee Pee tells Junior that he's a cheater, because he is!!

Afterwards, Junior is hungry. Chef Pee Pee is now excited to cook something for him and asks Junior what he wants. Junior says he wants a happy meal, but Chef Pee Pee says he can't cook one and that it has to be something in the kitchen. Chef Pee Pee then tries to convince Junior about having something else to eat, and then Junior throws another temper tantrum which causes Chef Pee Pee to furiously scream at Junior's face and Chef Pee Pee lets Junior get his own way again.

They arrive at McDonalds and Junior is still yelling impatiently that he wants a happy meal. Chef Pee orders a chicken nugget happy meal with a toy for Junior.

They finally get home and Chef Pee Pee is furious when he learns that Junior only wanted the toy out of his happy meal. Junior looks for his happy meal toy, but he can't find it. Chef Pee Pee says he doesn't deserve a toy and Junior starts crying. Chef Pee Pee says he left the toy in the car and decides to use a pair of scissors thinking it might look like a toy and gives them to Junior. Chef Pee Pee explains that the scissors are used to be thrown in the air and to catch them in his mouth. Junior throws the scissors in the air but ends up getting stabbed in the eye.

Bowser comes home and sees Chef Pee Pee laughing at Junior crying and asks why that is. Chef Pee Pee nervously asks Bowser why he came home early and Bowser explains that he came home early because the convention was cancelled since Charleyyy was sick that day. Chef Pee Pee lies to Bowser telling him that McDonalds gave Junior scissors in his happy meal, but Bowser knows it isn't what they get. Bowser decides to give Chef Pee Pee a punishment and forces him to play trains. Bowser takes Thomas and forces Chef Pee Pee to use the Ugly Red One. Chef Pee Pee then asks Bowser to kill him.



This episode received mostly largely negative reviews from various YouTubers and viewers. Many people criticized the video for Bowser Junior's annoying and stupid personality, and also criticized the Chef Pee Pee torture in the video. Yoshi Player also listed the video as his #1 worst SML video, describing it as unfunny content, constant Chef Pee Pee torture, filler, and Junior's bad behavior.

Despite the negative reviews, this episode has reached over 6 million views, making it one of the most successful SML movies in terms of view count.


  • This video is the best example of Bowser Junior's main personality.
  • This is shown that Chef Pee Pee is too soft with Junior's tantrums, letting him get what he wants.
  • Junior's tantrums reappear in Bowser Junior's Summer School 7 and Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation. So far he hasn't done another tantrum since.
  • This video marks Thomas' and The Ugly Red train's first appearance.
  • This video used to hold the record for the most views on an SML Movie, but lost it's title to Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation
  • The other Thomas train Bowser Junior has is actually called 'Tommy The Tank Engine'. However, Tommy is short for Thomas.
  • On April 28, 2015, this video has reached 3 million views. The seventh SML video to reach that amount.
  • This is the 2nd time in which Chef Pee Pee yells furiously at Bowser Junior. The 1st being Bowser Junior's Macaroni.
  • This video marks the first time Bowser Junior doesn't let anyone play with Thomas.


  • Chef Pee Pee said Junior made him yell at the lady at the drive thru, however the person at the drive thru was a man!
  • It was unknown of how Bowser went to go meet Charleyyy at the convention since he can't drive, it's possible he walked there or took a bus or train there.
  • There was never any information on where or when the Charleyyy and Friends convention was going to take place.
  • The commercial for the Charleyyy and Friends convention says to hurry because tickets are selling out fast. A convention is not a seated event, however, so it wouldn't sell out.
  • There wasn't ever a toy in the happy meal bag, but somehow Chef Pee Pee has a plastic toy wrapper from Mcdonald's when presenting the scissors to Junior.
  • Usually Junior doesn't let anyone play with Thomas, but he lets Bowser plays with Thomas at the end. It is possible though that Junior wasn't in the room at the time this happened.


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